Gas company full of hot air

The Metropolitan Utilities District chief executive says the MUD response to the gas leak in the Old Market was acceptable. He could not be more wrong. Workers arriving at the scene of a gas leak should know exactly how to turn off the gas to any building or any block. After all, it is their system and their equipment. In this case, they didn't know how to turn off the gas quickly enough, which is totally unacceptable.

Unfortunately, with the CEO's attitude, it sounds as if MUD won't take any meaningful actions to improve. After all, if there is no problem, nothing needs fixing.

John Brandeau,Papillion

Mother Nature is the one in charge

I have been a resident and homeowner in Omaha for nearly 40 years. It has been a great place to live, work, raise a family and retire. The city has been recognized as a top-10 location in a number of categories over the past several years, all well-deserved.

However, we obviously must be in the top 10 in another not-so-pleasant category — number of whiners per capita. The recent snow event has brought them out in droves with great assistance from the media, mostly television. We all should be aware of a few facts. We live in Omaha. Omaha is in Nebraska. Nebraska is in the Midwest. The Midwest has four seasons, one of which is winter. With winter come cold temperatures, sleet, snow and other conditions. Mother Nature, the one in charge, does not always chose the most convenient times to unleash her fury.

She always wins. So maybe it's time to give up the battle. As a late friend of mine always said, "The horse is dead! You can stop beating on it!"

Paul Suhr,Omaha

Sanders' plan not that expensive

People say Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders' plan to provide all Americans health care is too expensive. However, if the U.S. were to adopt a plan like Germany or France (which are not that much different than Sanders'), we would all pay less. The average health care cost per individual in the U.S. is nearly twice what it is in almost every other industrialized county. In 2013, France spent $4,124, Germany spent $4,819 and the U.S. spent $8,713. We can thank the 10,000 health industry lobbyists for the extra $4,000-plus a year we pay per year for health care and health insurance.

Mike Jones,Omaha

Cruz is American; check the facts

I have noticed increasing public clamor ever since "The Donald" brought up the idea that Ted Cruz might be legally challenged regarding his citizenship status. I would think Trump would check constitutional definitions before making such ridiculous statements after being proven wrong about President Barack Obama.

Ramifications of not allowing the children of American citizens to retain citizenship would create huge problems for our foreign services, ambassadors, consulate employees, soldiers, etc. This would not mean, however, that a foreign-born American with no residency or ties to the nation could run for president. The Constitution specifically prohibits this, as stated in Article II, Section I. Those founding fathers thought of just about everything.

John S. Robison, Syracuse, Neb.

Look deeper than guns

Guns are not America's problem. Sin is America's problem.

Alice L. Kahnk,Kennard, Neb.

Gun control failures pile up

Despite failures and costs to taxpayers, gun control groups keep pushing their measures even when evidence indicates such policies do not benefit public safety. Among the proposals that have failed: registration, licensing, gun bans, background checks, policies limiting purchases by time, bullet databases and more. As with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's ballistic fingerprinting program, experience proves such proposals do little more than fleece taxpayers, unfairly burden firearms manufacturers, retailers and law-abiding gun owners. The facts show that citizen self-defense reduces crime and protects innocent lives.

E.J. Ford,Springfield, Neb.

Mourn loss of all dogs, not just K-9s

Omahans are expressing sympathies, thoughts and prayers for the Omaha Police Department and the handler of a K-9 dog that was shot by a man with an outstanding Board of Mental Health warrant. Some people are calling the shooter a coward. What about Omaha citizens' dogs that have been shot by police? Sending a dog in to do your job? Who are the real cowards?

Bonnie Price,Omaha

Police, dog saved lives

How refreshing to read of a standoff situation that ended peacefully. I'm sure it could have ended in an entirely different way were it not for the professionalism of the law enforcement team. One doesn't need to know all the details of what happened to recognize that everyone walked away alive, except for the K-9. A truly fine achievement, if you ask me.

Bob Adams,Omaha

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