Expanding Medicaid a win-win

As multiple studies have shown, adopting expanded Medicaid in Nebraska is a win-win from almost any perspective.

Nebraskans' federal taxes are put to work back in Nebraska.

A reduced burden of uninsured patients helps our hospitals and doctors.

Steady cash infusions help stabilize our economy and create jobs.

Then there are the thousands of working poor Nebraskans themselves, who could finally have access to care.

But another perspective will win the day: that of Gov. Pete Ricketts and his Tea Party allies in the Legislature who say, "We can't afford it." And when it is pointed out that, in fact, we not only can afford but will profit from expanded Medicaid, the backup argument is deployed: "We don't trust the federal government to release the funds they've promised."

Neither argument has merit. The U.S. government has never failed to fund its social programs as promised. And if it did, the proposed legislation allows for pulling the plug on the Medicaid expansion program.

Common-sense progress like Medicaid expansion will not occur in Nebraska as long as Nebraskans insist on voting Tea Party ideologues into every major office.

G.A. Wees, Omaha

Their constitutional duty

The unexpected death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is exposing again what a poor job voters do in choosing our leaders.

Senators fearlessly tell us how little they care about the serious business of finding a well qualified justice, choosing to fight for a partisan of their choice.

Voters should be aghast. The Constitution clearly wants the process to be a collaborative deliberation that results in excellent legal minds appointed to the Supreme Court, not predictable conservative or liberal judges. Sadly voters think the court should reflect their politics rather than its real function as a check on the other branches to ensure constitutional rights regardless of politics or public opinion.

The problem in this country is not that we're too conservative or liberal. The problem is that voters keep electing partisan politicians who tell them what they want to hear rather than choosing leaders.

David Gaines,Omaha

A Republican vote for Sanders

I have been a lifelong Republican and have faithfully voted in every election since I turned 18. However, I am so concerned about the future of our country I recently registered as a Democrat to vote in the primary election for Bernic Sanders.

I believe Bernie to be honest and genuine, and I know what to expect with him as a candidate.

Hillary Clinton is dishonest and sways with the wind to get what she wants. She is a ruthless politician who will bring this country down. We all need to open our eyes to the truth Bernie Sanders is the true leader of the Democratic Party. As a Republican, he has my vote.

John Cavanaugh,La Vista

the flaw in free college for all U

Will our benevolent government allow all of us, young and old, to attend a college, university or other special education facility at no cost to us? How great will that be?

But who will decide who will go? Will there be enough classrooms, books, dorm rooms and parking lots for all of us? Will professors donate their time to save government money?

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says everything will be paid by the taxpayers. That means every graduate will be paying for everyone else's college until they're old.

That doesn't sound free to me. Sorry, I can't afford to pay that bill.

William Kallmer, Omaha

OPEC hits Islamic State where it hurts

World-Herald editorial cartoonist Jeff Koterba is one of the better political cartoonists out there, in my opinion. His Feb. 18 cartoon depicting OPEC log-rolling on a slippery barrel in a sea of (surplus) oil could also have shown The islamic state doing the same thihng.

The OPEC-generated oil surplus is playing a role, along with Allied military force, in the significant economic problems the terrorist organization is experiencing. Thank you, OPEC!

Scott Yahnke, Omaha

Get ready to show your green

As winter is fading away, the 2016 parade season will soon begin. I would like to invite all of Omaha to come and enjoy the oldest parade in Omaha.

The 148th annual St. Patrick's Parade, which is put on by the Ancient Order of Hibernians, will be held in the Old Market at 10 a.m. March 12. Let's make this the biggest and best parade ever. Any organization or group can sign up to be in the parade.

What a great way to bring business back to a vital area like the Old Market. Enjoy the parade in the morning and shop and dine in the afternoon. The Old Market needs your green. And the Irish need you to help us give back to Omaha.

Tim Lonergan,Omaha

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