10 New Year's resolutions for a music-filled 2020


HAPPY New Year! It's time, as always, for another set of New Year's resolutions. But you can do stuff like save money and lose weight somewhere else. These suggested resolutions are all about music: listening, playing, enjoying and experiencing.

Let's get into it.

Tell more people about your favorite music. Remind yourself to post on Facebook every time you have a new song. Document your year of listening on Instagram. Start a blog. Whatever. Let's all talk more about the things we like.

Hunt down that thing you always wanted. The record. The T-shirt. The poster. Whatever piece of musical memorabilia you always wish you had, go get it. The Internet makes it easier than ever to find these things, so it's time you go for it.

Start a record club. People have book clubs and Bible studies and all kinds of stuff. But what if you and your friends each picked a record (old or new), gave it a good listen and then talked about it after? You could do it all together, or you could do it all at home and discuss online.

Learn something. Loads of rock documentaries and genre histories are out there talking about your favorite tunes. And look, you don't have to read an autobiography or watch a stale concert film. Peruse the documentary section of Netflix (they have tons of music docs) or pick up an easy-to-read oral history on your favorite genre, band or festival.

Bring back the band T-shirt. Am I the only one with a collection of T-shirts bought from hastily assembled folding tables at the back of rock clubs? Let's all bring our tour T-shirt collections out of the closet. I'll be wearing mine on Fridays in 2020.

Dust off the stereo. Streaming has made music an on-the-go experience. But there's something more involved when you select a song, a CD or a record and put it on the stereo. Strive to be a more active listener.

Listen to something new. Break out of your shell. Try that new band your friends are talking about. Actually listen to pop radio sometimes. Go to the record store on a Friday and ask about that week's new releases.

Listen to something old. We all have those albums we listened to on repeat in our younger days and barely remember now. Dust them off. Wipe them down. Put them back on and revel in the stuff that formed your current tastes.

Buy front-row tickets. Look, this might not be financially reasonable for some shows, but do your best to treat yourself to being right in the action once this year. It's worth it. (Alternately, go to a GA club show and get there early enough to stand right by the stage.)

Support local music. Go to shows. Buy a CD. Go to the record store. Help the musicians and business owners in your town. They'll appreciate it.

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