Former Creighton standout Anthony Tolliver 'excited' about fit with Portland Trail Blazers

Anthony Tolliver signed with the Portland Trail Blazers for his 12th NBA season.

Anthony Tolliver is an 11-year NBA veteran, but he still says free agency is “stressful.”

“I figured I’d have a job and just wasn’t sure where it was going to be,” Tolliver, who signed with the Portland Trail Blazers, said during an appearance on “The Bottom Line.”

“And now it’s just a really good situation to be able to go to, to be able to hopefully play on a team that’s going to be a contender.”

Tolliver talked about being inducted into the Creighton hall of fame, his fit with Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum, the success of his basketball camp and much more. See a transcript of select excerpts below or check out the full interview at the top of the page.

On being honored with a spot in the Creighton Athletics Hall of Fame:

“I’m really, really excited about it. ... I’m just really, really honored. It’s not something that I really expected or, went for, or anything like that, it was just more: they called me up, like, ‘Hey, we want you in the hall of fame.’ I’m like, ‘Oh, OK!’ Like I said, I don’t play for those reasons. To get notarized or to get a recognition or awards or anything like that. So whenever I do, it’s really cool.”

On NBA free agency:

“It’s a little stressful. ... But at the same time, it’s a part of the business. I’ve been a free agent eight or nine different times. So it wasn’t really anything new for me, more so just another time around. But, having as much experience as I have now, I figured I’d have a job and just wasn’t sure where it was going to be. And now it’s just a really good situation to be able to go to, to be able to hopefully play on a team that’s going to be a contender. So I can really show, not only am I somebody that you want your locker room, but I’m somebody that can help you when on a big level.”

On how he fits with the Portland Trail Blazers:

“They have a good combination of young guys and veterans. Obviously, they went to the Western Conference Finals last year and surprised a lot of people. So I think one of the biggest deficiencies was having enough shooting around Dame (Damian Lillard) and CJ (McCollum). And they had some really good athletes, but the shooting was not as good. So Golden State, every time CJ and Dame touched the ball, they would just blitz them. And they wouldn’t have an opportunity to really affect the game on the offensive end. ... I’m really excited about the prospects of the team that we’re going to have, the guys that I’m going to be particularly playing with coming off the bench. Yeah, I’m really, really excited about it.”

On the success of his basketball camp:

“I think we had the biggest turnout we’ve ever had. And we’re just continuing to try to do more and more on the sponsorship side to get more kids that can’t necessarily afford it to be able to come to the camp and enjoy it. As of right now, we’re looking like for next year, hopefully we can get the entire camp. Maybe we still have a few spots where everybody — some people have an opportunity to get in to secure a spot, maybe for a month or so. But then after that, we’re going to give the rest of the spots to underserved youth of Omaha, from different areas of Omaha where it’s a bunch of kids that can’t really afford a camp like that. So far the response for sponsorships have been mainly for individual people. And so next year, we’re going to really expand it out and do some more sponsorships with businesses in Omaha and do some really cool activations and stuff like that to where ... getting the community more involved — not just the kids — but the whole entire community. We have some pretty big plans, so we’re excited about it.”

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