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OK, I know Rutgers, along with Maryland, was brought into the Big 10 to gain access to east coast TV outlets. But when they have no fans that really care what is that really worth. Rutgers especially seems to add zero value to the Big Ten in any major sport. Since joining in 2014 their conference records to date are: Football 7-32; Men's Basketball 9-62; Women's Basketball 30-37; Volleyball 1-93. I'd say their greatest value is to add a game to the win column of the other conference members. Fred Hall, Lincoln

Will someone please send me back to the Big 12? Better yet, Big 8.

* * *

Tom, I can’t remember what Mike Leach’s nickname is, but his name keeps popping up all over football every time I do an internet search trying to figure out Bill Moos’ hiring coaches, pass oriented offenses, Patrick Mahomes, links to Kentucky coaches who seemed to have out-recruited us for 4 star homebred players (homebred is the term for race horses who are racing in the state they were born), flops and failures of his QB’s in the NFL. Mike Leach seems to win and entertain, doing something outrageous and move on, and I wonder how long he will stay on the Palouse out in Washington. Also wikipedia says he has a law degree, but never played college football. I wonder what is was like for Bill Moos negotiating a contract with Leach. Then there is the flow chart links of Bill Moos to Oregon football to WSU to hiring Leach as coach to NU to hiring Scott Frost. You don’t need seven degrees of separation to find Leach’s connection to modern football. Moos is also sure associated with high flying offensives.......and they seem to be winners. Didn’t we once lose to Texas Tech by 70-10 ? Here is a link of Leach at WSU answering a reporters question on planning a wedding. Ask Bill Moos if he got the same advice for his daughters wedding. A fascinating, if weird guy. That’s not news to me or anybody else in college football. Maybe thats why our AD decided to move to Lincoln. Keep keeping us informed on sports Tom. Bob H in Omaha

Bill Moos is a big fan of "The Pirate" — Mike Leach. And he's taking some pride in what the Cougars are doing this season. 

* * *

Having coached high school athletics for 32 years, one of my many disappointments of the Riley era was the lack of progress. Players never got better from week to week and day to day. These players are getting better and better, everyday. GBR! Ken Thomas

That's been the most encouraging thing about this season, with the defensive issues and special teams and early losses. This team is getting better with each week. Will definitely want to see some wins here these last three weeks, but I have to believe if this team keeps improving, they will come. 

* * *

I find it rather amusing that NU Basketball Coach Tim Miles refers to four of his starters as NU's "Fab Four".

The phrase "Fab Five" was coined for the Michigan, Wolverines 1990 recruiting class, considered one of the best ever. Here are their names and years in the NBA. Jalen Rose, (13); Chris Webber, (15); Juwan Howard, (19); Jimmy King, (2); Ray Jackson, (0). This squad played two consecutive years for the NCAA Championship.

I wonder if Miles' kind of hype will only serve to motivate Husker opponents as well as putting too much pressure on the team. I can see this phrase as being fodder and motivation in the opponent's locker room. Let's tone down the rhetoric and let NU's win/loss record do their promoting. Jim Condon, Omaha

I remember when Danny Nee had the Woolridge-Boone-Strickland recruiting class, and I called it the Fab 3. I got a lot of snickers for that one, and I learned that trying to apply an original brand like that to your team is never a good idea. I don't think opponents will care about that. Lot of players today weren't even born when the Fab 5 were playing. 

* * *

Tom, I know Urban Meyer says he’ll be back in 19’ as the Buckeyes coach. What do you think? I can see him going back to work for ESPN. Regg Carnes

I think he had to say that, for recruiting and all that. And he might very well mean it. But he sure doesn't look like a coach with a lot of energy or drive. He looks very distracted, and that could be the pain he's in. We'll see. He left Florida for health reasons, and throw in his suspension earlier this year and the emotions from that, you could see him leaving after the season.

* * *

Hi, Tom. Love your stuff.  I've always thought that Wisconsin's tradition of playing "Jump Around" between the 3rd and 4th quarters in Madison is very fun. After listening on YouTube just now to "Come a Running Boys" by the Killigans (as recommended in Voice from the Grandstand by Travis Hedlund) I think we have a song that is equivalent, if not superior, and uniquely ours! (Thanks, Travis!) Give a listen fans. If you like it, start a letter writing campaign to Bill Moos promoting this idea. What a blast it would be to see 90,000 Husker fans dancing around and clapping to this fun, fast Irish sounding song. I could really see it catching on and becoming a long-standing tradition. (I don't see it being quite as good a fit for a Tunnel Walk song, but it's very cool nonetheless.  Should definitely be cranked at some point during every game, I agree.) Mitch Barr

Thanks Mitch. I'm always up for new traditions, especially ones involving fans. I'll put this out there and see what the "Grandstand" thinks.