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Just as my last trip to a Huskers vs Buffs football game that I went to in Boulder, I have the same feeling forwards there coaches, players and fan base and it's simply put, I just don't care for the vibes of it.

My last trip to Boulder was horrid in that my Wife and I had to change our waredrobe to anti red colors and no N's on anything to be able to tolerate the rest of the weekend there. From Employees of hotels to restaurants to shops we were at it was constant heckling and very vulgar gestures thrown at us until we changed our attire.

I also have customized license plates that read "HUSKRED" and I paid additional fees to park my vehicle in an underground garage area that weekend.

Directly after Saturday's game I see with my own eyes a Buffs player throwing up the "bird" finger to us and all the Huskers fan base in the crowd and now hearing CU Officials stating the Martinez play In which he was injured was a clean play and they are moving forward. If that's the case I'm not sure why the player continues to wrench on our QB's knee after the whistle is blown...

Too many warning signs for me on it all as well as slim to little chance I make the trip to Boulder next year ... just not worth it for me. Husker Ed, Sioux City, Iowa

Thanks Ed. There's passion on both sides of this "rivalry," but clearly Colorado has always been more into it, and the stuff you say happened at a hotel or shops does not happen in Nebraska. At least I've never heard of it. Don't those people like money? Nebraska money is good, always has been. Do what you need to do next year. Personally, I'd be in favor of dumping this series after next season, and replacing the CU games several years from now with another Big Eight team. Just because I'd like the variety. 

* * *

Congratulations OWH sportswriters for your articles right out of the Woody Paige playbook. Instead of writing about the game to be played on the field, we have the old, tired rehash of mistreatment, hatred, etc.Oh well, you've got to sell papers.

You guys should get out of the press box every once and a while and sit with he fans. As a CU fan living in Nebraska and veteran of over 15 games at both stadiums, I can tell you this nastiness was always overblown. The vast majority of fans on both sides are great yet you make it sound like I was sitting in the middle of a riot all those games. Yes there were isolated incidents but not nearly the picture you paint. All you've done these many years is take Woody's bait and stoked the fire.

Mr. Heady reports that coach Darlington had recieved a scouting report left by a CU coach on a plane. I wonder what would've happened if the guy had forgotten his wallet? I'm surprised that the NU staff would even look at it and once discovering they had, offer to forfeit the victory! I smell an NCAA investigation. Mark Chase

Thanks Mark. Congrats on the win last week. I don't think anyone has ever painted CU fans with a broad brush but this series got nasty a long time ago, and that's on CU and Coach Mac. By the way, whatever happened to Woody?

* * *

What gives with the way the NU/CU volleyball game was handled on Thursday night? Although the majority of the crowd was wearing red, the game evidently was a home game for the Bluejays. We were under the erroneous impression that the match was being played on a neutral court, since CHI is the home court for neither team. Spectacular introduction for the Creighton team, and not even a mention that the opponent was the defending national champion. Big Red had no student section, no pep band, and not a single cheerleader or mascot. We never heard even a chant of Go Big Red until the fifth set! Meanwhile, the Creighton students and fans were going nuts. Sixteen cheerleaders on the floor! Couldn’t the NU athletic department have spared some coin to send a spirit squad 50 miles down I-80 to this game? Don’t our students care enough to show up? Hubby and I have been to many Nebraska games in multiple sports over the years, and we have never seen anything like this. That our girls managed to pull out a victory is amazing, indeed — and congratulations to them and their coaching staff! They deserved better support than they received. Paula Wilson, Omaha

Thanks Paula. That game was, indeed, a Creighton home game. The Jays agreed to move it to the big arena — CHI Health Center now — in order to attract more fans and revenue and to boost volleyball in Omaha and the state. What a great scene. I don't see Coach Cook agreeing to make it a "neutral site" game every year, he's going to want CU to come to the Devaney Center, where the Huskers do make money. What will be interesting to watch in the future is if Coach Booth demands the game be played in the smaller Sokol Arena on campus or if she keeps the series in the big arena when it's Creighton's turn to host. 

* * *

So glad Voice from the grandstand is back! The last time I wrote was the year prior to John Cook winning the 2006 Championship! I was so excited you could see the potential from Cook & Company!! What treat we’ve had the last 12 years of Husker Volleyball!! And now we have 2 Top 10 Division 1 Volleyball Programs in Nebraska! Welcome back Voice, Oh how we’ve missed you!!!! Tricia Kasper, Lincoln

Thanks Tricia! Good to have it back, and what a time for sports in our state. Lots to talk about. See you back here soon.

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