The "Voice from the Grandstand" is a weekly feature with Tom Shatel that allows fans to ask questions or share their thoughts on the latest local sports news. It will be posted every week on Thursday.

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I don't remember needing to make a decision on who my favorite football team would be, as the Big Red was all I knew and loved, thanks to my grandpa, "Ol' Leroy" Lebsock, who lived in Omaha but started most game days at the Tam O'Shanter in Lincoln. I think it was the KU game in 1978 (I was 8 years old) when a friend of his picked us up from that era-defying locale and dropped us off on 10th street with tickets in hand.

Aaron Sears' grandpa

'Ol Leroy, after retiring from Wilson Meats after perfecting the art of the sale, traveled with my grandmother Marie to every game, home or away, for 7 years straight, whether they had secured tickets or not. The stories he told about those trips (Barry Switzer at the lounge in Norman on Friday nights working the crowd, Junior Miller's teddy-bear alter-ego ) were so well told that they sound fabricated, but I know their true.

The memories of being able to go to a game maybe once a year or listening on KRVN in the pickup while chasing coyotes with my other grandpa in Burwell are magical and endearing. Win or lose, bad play call or not, they were "our boys, and we always root for our boys out there, don't we?"

I hope there are still folks that connect with this photo, and what a great scene those game days provided. If my cousin Dennis (Grand Junction, CO) didn't have me by about 30 pounds, I'd be the curator of those red zipper boots, but I proudly display and dust off the felt hat as needed, at my place in Mobile, AL (ugh) Aaron Sears, Hometown, Shelton NE

Thanks Aaron. I love these kinds of stories and hope that fans today are able to make them, too. You didn't have a iPhone did you? 

* * *

You wrote about watching the Bud Crawford knockout at the sports bar in Chicago. Did you know that ESPN showed Warren Buffet in the crowd ? I thought that was interesting. I still picture Warren eating reubens at the Crescent Moon with Lebron James. Wouldn’t you have loved to been the fly on the wall there or his talks with Ndamagang Suh ? He has said the conversations were about investing and told them to invest in stock indexes (e.g. S&P 500 indices) and I read about Suh’s real estate investments. Warren has always recommended in diversified, productive assets, and to always invest in your self ( Suh, James, and Crawford are uber athletes and off the scale in self investment and dedication).

In Harvey Penick’s golf book ( Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book), he quoted Jackie Burke, a Master’s winner in the 1950’s, as saying golf was “controlled violence”. Everyone has heard boxing called the “sweet science” Bud Crawford is a master of the sweet science of controlled violence. Isn’t he ?

I read a story one time that the sports made for radio are baseball, horse racing, and boxing. I love them all. What would you have paid to hear one of those great radio announcers from the 1950’s call Bud Crawford’s knockout round ?

Anyway, let’s hope Scott Frost masters for the Huskers his own sweet science of controlled violence. It takes a while to do that. I think he will. Don’t you ?

Love your columns, Bob H in Omaha

Yes. Frost may not win this round, but he's setting things up for future rounds. 

* * *

The group that runs husker vision and the other displays in the stadium on game day are awesome. However, there is one item that bugs me, when showing scores of other games, why are the home teams listed on the left??? Even on the main husker vision screen, the Huskers are listed on the left and their opponent is listed on the right. No other place does this but Lincoln. This cannot be that hard to fix and I am sure it has just been overlooked. Please help in getting this corrected. Tim H, Omaha

I never noticed that, Tim. But I will pass it on. Like you, I'm used to the home teams being on the right.

* * *

I probably have a one of a kind piece of memorabilia that I’m very fond of. My daughter was a broke college student and she was Big Suh’s TA in an English class. I told her I wanted his autograph. She bought a Roy Helu jersey and asked Suh to sign it! He asked her if she wanted him to get Roy’s autograph on it too and she said no. Ndamukong asked her why she bought the Helu jersey then and she answered it was cheaper than yours!! GBR! Chris Patzner, Omaha

Ha, I would have asked for both autographs. I don't believe the price of Suh's jersey today (Rams) has gone down any. Thanks Chris.

* * *

The 2 point conversion late in the first half should not have been counted, the holders knee was on the ground when he received the ball and then got up to run. BY all counts it should have been whistled as down. Why was it allowed? Thanks, Larry Austin

I assume because he wasn't touched or the official was not watching for the knee and expecting a run. Great question. I'll see if NU coaches saw the same thing. 

* * *

Love the return to the grandstand, Tom. Look, I think that having a variety of songs for football games is great, but seriously, how is "The Cornhusker" (Come a Running Boys) by the Killigans not played around the start of every game?!?! For the uninitiated, this song is a reimagining of an old Nebraska fight song, and has a rocking Irish feel to it. A fun song that is all about NEBRASKA FOOTBALL?! Is there a licensing issue? Has Scott Frost or Bill Moos never heard it? I cannot imagine how loud the stadium would get when the opening few notes start blaring through the loud speakers. This is a song that is all our own, not stolen from the Chicago Bulls or played in any other stadium. Lets get behind this. Thanks! Travis Hedlund, Omaha

Never heard it, Travis. But it sounds like it might be fitting. And if it rocks, all the better for the stadium on game day. I'll pass it on to Husker Vision, thanks. 

* * *

I have always liked Sam McKewon's writing and never had him pegged as biased against the Huskers. Until today. It seems as if taking over for Lee Barfknect included Lee's common slant against the Huskers in favor of all other B1G teams.

Today, in McKewon's justification for the Husker's ranking in his B1G Power Ratings, he said the following:

"Adrian Martinez made some great runs on third down. Take those away, and it may be a different game."

Huh? Nebraska won the game by 25 points... Sam says the fact we made some plays on third down somehow diminishes the impact of that? Doesn't EVERY team who wins, by any score, "make some great runs on third down"?

When we lost to Colorado, Troy, and NW by less than a TD, did you say "Nebraska had some tough penalties on third down. Take those away, and it may be a different game"?

Someone should inform Captain Obvious that making great plays is what winning teams often do.. not some "factoid" to be used to diminish the win. Bad form Sam...

Go Big Red!!

Sincerely, Steve McLaughlin, Omaha

I can't speak for Sam, but I will say that knowing he and Lee B., neither one was slanted against Nebraska. They may have an opinion that goes the other way of Husker fans, but neither had a bias against any team. Just my two cents. As for third downs, it would have been a different game. But you can say the same thing about a lot of plays in a game. Sam is very knowledgeable and opinionated. And I'll pass on your comments. Thanks Steve. By the way, there's only one Capt. Obvious. That's my title. 

* * *

Tom, what’s your prediction on how many wins Nebraska basketball gets this season? Who’s the number one contributor off the bench? Will Tanner Borchardt get the job done down low? Regg Carnes

Overall, I'll say 20. I think they'll have more non-con wins but not as many Big Ten. I expect the league to be better and they'll go after Nebraska. How about 20 and 10? That will get them in the NCAA tourney.