High Impact Products

Front Page and Section Front Advertising

Includes front page positions on page 1A, Money, Sports, Living and Midlands

This is a great opportunity to brand your business in these prime advertising locations! The front page position is 6 columns by 2 inches and publishes at the bottom of the front page or section front in full color. They also publish on Omaha.com for 7 days.

  1X-5X 6X-12X 13X-25X 26X-51X 52X-77X 78X+
Daily Front Page $1,850 $1,700 $1,550 $1,400 $1,250 $1,250
Sunday Front Page $3,050 $2,900 $2,750 $2,600 $2,450 $2,300
Daily Section Front $1,425 $1,325 $1,225 $1,125 $1,025 $925
Sunday Section Front $2,525 $2,425 $2,325 $2,225 $2,125 $2,025
  • 24-hour advanced space reservation required for 1A.
  • 48-hour advanced space reservation required on Living section fronts, Wednesday through Friday and Sunday.

Subject to rules of acceptance. All front page ads apply toward the fulfillment of front page frequency contract and regular Dollar Volume Contract.

Examples of front page section front ads


Get the reader’s attention first by making your ad pop!

This special feature during the printing process allows the pop-out page to appear a full inch just outside of the rest of the newspaper, directing readers to your message. Yes, this is an exclusive ad type that includes two full page, full color ads and the pop-out stripes.

M-T Single Advertiser $9,500
M-T Multi-Advertiser or Vendor $11,400
W-F Single Advertiser $13,500
M-T Multi-Advertiser or Vendor $16,200
Examples of pop-out ads

An exclusive position… only one available per day!

Mass Impact Section

Available on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Get great exposure and have a huge “impact” with your own stand-alone 2-page section in the Omaha World-Herald. Your personal mass impact section includes two full page broadsheet advertisements with full color on the front and black and white on the back.

Monday–Tuesday $8,000
Wednesday–Thursday–Friday $12,000

One mass impact section available per day, Monday through Friday. Check availability with your account executive, there may be exceptions.

It’s your own personal stand-alone, 2-page section!

Example mass impact ad #1
Example mass impact ad #2


Example spadea ad

The most powerful position in our promotional arsenal.

A spadea wraps around the front page of The World-Herald, which guarantees your message gets read first. As a matter of fact, readers have to open your spadea section before they can read the paper. Their large size provides ample space to talk about multiple products, specials and features. Plus, it’s a great position to include coupons, special discounts or promote events. A spadea is equivalent to the space of 3 full page ads!

Demo layouts of spadea ads.

Spadea Ad Size 4.95" x 20.75"

Readers will see and interact with these innovative pages before they read the newspaper.

Front Page $18,000 $19,500 $24,000
Inside Page $14,000 $15,000 $18,000

*Thanksgiving Day front page spadea receives the Sunday rate plus a 20% premium.