Video Pre-rolls

Local / Video Pre-roll

  • Engaged audience
  • High viewership
  • High completion rate


  • National network of video
  • Targeted content

Video Pre-Roll Advertising

Your video advertising message appears before The World-Herald’s video content. These “skip-free” commercials can be 10-seconds or 15-seconds in length which means they are more appealing to viewers when compared to 30-second spots. Videos hold the attention of your audience creating a high level of engagement giving your message maximum impact.

Pre-Roll Advertising $35.00 CPM
RMM (silent, short auto-play) $9.00 CPM

Video must be provided by client. File size should not exceed 3 MB. Acceptable formats include WMV, MP4, and VAST tags. Preferred bitrate — 600 kbps. Preferred resolution 640x480. Digital video pre-roll ads are subject for review and approval based on size of media and must adhere to the Omaha World-Herald digital advertising guidelines. Some exclusions apply.

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When viewers click a video, they do so actively engaged in the upcoming topic. But before their video plays, their attention is focused on whatever occupies the player — your message!

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