Find It - Business Directory

Take advantage of the dominance of the search optimization of and have your business listed in our business directory - Find It.

A basic listing includes...

  • Storefront directory
  • Enhanced “Find It” directory listing
  • Local offers listing
  • Social media links
  • Organic SEO with Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • BH Digital Services reporting dashboard
  • Access to “Image Insight”
  • Mirror site with “Call Tracking” for 1 tactic and caller analytics
  • Listing Sync Pro - for business listing correction
  • Reputation intelligence for 1 location
    (additional locations $69/each)
Basic “Find It” Local Package $179.00/month

SEM - Search Engine Marketing

You can even target specific types of people and interests if your business is specialized.

Adding a search engine marketing campaign can help augment organic search results and help you be found in new categories that you might want to grow. Our AdWords Certified experts will help you determine your keywords and ad copy based off your target budget and business goals. Then we monitor and adjust your campaigns on Google, Bing and Yahoo to help you achieve your maximum return on investment.

  • Reach a specific audience
  • Engage customers at decision point
  • Campaigns placed in proximity to organic search listings
  • Placement in search engine

Social Media Services

Posting, creation and engagement.

Social media is crucial to reach and engage your most loyal customers, but planning and executing a social strategy can be time consuming and difficult. Our team of social experts can manage your social presence, engage your fans and grow your reach. With Social Posting Basic, we will work with you each month to develop a calendar of two posts per week on your social accounts to help engage your audience. Want to post more often? Upgrade to Social Posting Plus and we will double the posts each week to four.

Google page set-up $250.00 (one time)
Facebook page set-up $250.00 (one time)
Twitter page set-up $200.00 (one time)
Social Posting Basic (2 per week) $189.00/month
Social Posting Plus (4 per week) $249.00/month
Facebook, Twitter, and Google Partner Logos

Additional Services

These services are in place to enhance your Online presence by monitoring your website performance and reputation, provide results-driven social media content, maintain accurate business listings and track the efforts.

Mirror Site with Call Tracking and Analytics

Call tracking can help you gather important data that will help you optimize the performance of your marketing strategy. We will let you know what calls were generated from your marketing campaign, who called and how they engaged with your business, all in easy-to-understand reporting that you can access at any time.

Four tactics available:

  • Audience extension
  • Facebook
  • SEM
  • Local banner ads
  • $10.00 per month per tactic

Caller Analytics

  • $10.00 per month per tactic

Tracking and Analytics

  • $15.00 per month for 12 months per tactic
  • $30.00 per month for under 12 months per tactic

Additional Call Tracking

  • $3.00 per month for 12 months per tactic
  • $10.00 per month for under 12 months per tactic

Reputation Intelligence

We will monitor your Online reputation, notifying you of any incorrect information on your business across the web.

  • $69.00 per location

Review Response

Have our staff monitor and respond to Online reviews on your behalf - with your input of course!

Less than 20 reviews $125.00/month
More than 20 reviews $225.00/month