Real Wedding // Margaret + Adam

PROPOSAL IN WRITING After Margaret graduated from business school, she and Adam traveled to Maine for a weekend getaway. They went for a drive, played mini golf and ate fresh lobster. On the way home from the trip, Adam pulled the car over unexpectedly and gave Margaret a handwritten letter – and a ring. SENTIMENTAL SITE The Joslyn Art Museum was chosen as the wedding and reception site because Margaret grew up visiting the museum every Saturday with her favorite art teacher. UNFORGETTABLE ANNIVERSARY DATE The couple got married on July 5. “This way, we will always have fireworks on our anniversary,” the bride says. ALL IN THE FAMILY The bride’s and groom’s siblings were their attendants, while the groom’s father officiated. MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT The couple’s last dance for the evening to “We Are Young.” Adam picked Margaret up and twirled her around, and as the song’s lyrics say, “... carry me home tonight.” JUICE, ANYONE? Adam’s 4-year-old nephew, Owen, was called up by the best man (his dad) to toast and congratulate the couple. IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS Margaret’s “something blue” was her sister’s ombre hair, dyed for the wedding. The cake toppers were miniature replicas of the armchairs in “Up” – one of the couple’s favorite movies. FAMILY HEIRLOOMS Margaret’s wedding band once belonged to her great-grandmother, Margaret, while Adam’s ring was his grandfather, Elvin’s. GROOM’S ONE REQUEST That Kentucky bourbon be served at the reception rather than Tennessee whiskey. Adam’s family is from Kentucky. BEST ADVICE “It’s corny, but we were told over and over again to treasure the day itself and savor it,” the bride says. “And we did.” INSTEAD OF GIFTS … The couple gave each other “the best day of our lives.”


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Real Wedding // Laura + Dave

FROM ANGER TO AMAZEMENT Dave asked Laura to walk across the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge to look at Christmas lights. As they were walking, he stumbled and jokingly tossed something over the bridge to make Laura think it was her ring. It made her mad, and the ride home was silent. Then Laura stormed into her house to find that more than 250 candles had been lit (with her mom’s help). She turned around and Dave was on one knee. TOUGH GIRLS There was an all-female arm wrestling tournament at the reception. THE PERFECT LOCATION The atmosphere was a huge plus, but the large deck won them over, Laura says. “One of our favorite things to do is sit on a deck around a bonfire with friends, so why not have the same feeling at our wedding?” NOT JUST ANY DATE The couple chose this particular date because it was the only one available that preceded the Nebraska Cornhusker’s football season. ‘SHADY' PALETTE The bride chose shades of blue, green, grey and white for her wedding colors. CALMING EFFECT Laura grabbed Dave’s hand after she walked down the aisle. “I was so nervous and it completely calmed me,” she says. SAY IT IN SONG The bride sang “Regulators” with the band and her girlfriends at the reception, while Dave’s group of friends and family members surrounded her when the reception ended to sing “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” “Top Gun”-style. AN UNFORGETTABLE MOMENT … Dave inconspicuously reached into his pocket to turn off his cell phone – at the altar. AND UNFORGETTABLE FOOD The couple served their favorite foods and desserts at the reception, including cheeseburgers, pulled pork, mac and cheese, sweet potato fries and a breakfast-themed dessert bar. Pop-Tart, anyone? BEST ADVICE “It’s a party, not a performance.” 


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New Opportunity!

Yep! We're hiring! And we're looking for a fantastic individual to represent our brands as an Account Executive.

If you didn't already know, we're part of the Custom Publishing division at the Omaha World-Herald. So what does that mean? It means we're more than just Wedding Essentials. Our team also publishes Inspired Living Omaha and Momaha Magazine, as well as hosting some totally rad events. 

Now we're on the hunt for a confident, motivated, performance-oriented sales professional to join our happy little 10-man team.

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Engaged // Dollie + Janusz

There's nothing like a hot chocolate and flannel engagement shoot to warm our hearts on a cool winter day. And this elementary school art teacher's D.I.Y. charm has us hooked on this local e-sesh.

Photography: Ashley Nicole Photography

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Quiz // DIY Reality Check

Because sometimes a little wake-up call is necessary. Time to get real, ladies.

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Miss Ever After // Why I Chose A Wedding Planner

I don’t know who is happier having chosen to hire a wedding planner; my mother or myself. We knew right from the start that we wanted to hire a wedding planner because my mother lives two hours from where the wedding and reception will be held. My mother and I ended up choosing Tracey Fricke from Special Occasions by Design because of her “can do” attitude. I found Tracey through word of mouth, and after our initial consultation my mother and I knew we had to add her to our wedding team. Tracey has been an extremely valuable resource for all the tiny details and tools such as a wedding planning timeline and a custom wedding invite spreadsheet. She has helped us with everything from choosing a cake vendor to assembling our save the dates. Tracey has even helped us save money in different aspects by proposing different rehearsal dinner layouts to cut down the cost on a total reset of T.D. Ameritrade Club Lounge.

Personally, I feel so comforted that Tracey will be there not only on our big day but the rehearsal too. It is nice to know that someone other than yourself will help coordinate the wedding.

Since we are having a sit-down meal where guests can choose from three different entrees, Tracey will also tally the RSVPs as they come in and communicate with the reception venue as to which guest will have what entrée.

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Real Wedding // Carrie + Sanj

WORLD TRAVELERS The couple met at a mutual friend’s wedding in Sydney, Australia. They’re both graduates of Columbia University Business School in Manhattan, and they currently live in New York City. THE DOG WAS THEIR WITNESS To Sanj’s proposal, that is. The couple went out for dinner at a restaurant to celebrate a few recent milestones in Carrie’s life, including a new job. Sanj proposed at home after dinner. WHY OMAHA? The bride grew up in Omaha, and the groom’s father attended graduate school at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. It was the first American city that he lived in after leaving India. TAKE TWO The couple had a Hindu ceremony and a Catholic ceremony. The Catholic priest did a “beautiful job of finding common ground in our cultures and sharing examples of our love for one another,” the groom says. WAIT FOR ME! The bus driver forgot to take Sanj to the Hindu Temple, so he hitched a ride with friends. IT ‘LIGHTENED’ THE MOOD The couple had to dig out the wick with a key in order to light the unity candle. GROOM’S ONE REQUEST To not have a big wedding. He laughs when he says that they did anyway.


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Bride Blogger // Meet Miss Courted

Age: 30

Occupation: Marketing Director & Events Coordinator

Engagement Date: October 15, 2014

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Bridal University // Runway Spotlight

The runway shows at Bridal University are always a fave & this year's line-up didn't disappoint! Here's a photo recap of our faves:


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Bridal University // Little Details

In case you missed Bridal University on Sunday, here are some inspiration details from the show.


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Chatty Brides // How to be a bride blogger

So you want to be a bride blogger? That's fantastic! 

The Wedding Essentials Team loves talking to brides-to-be in the Greater Omaha area. We’d love to hear your story and be able to share your wedding inspiration and connect our brides with the planning tools they need to make their dream wedding happen.


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Wedding Essentials // Before You Book

We know you’re busy flipping through bridal magazines and blogs for inspiration. It’s fun planning your wedding when you can envision yourself walking down the aisle. You can taste the champagne-flavored wedding cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. You can even picture your first dance, which you have been rehearsing for months.But before you daydream another day, answer one question: How’s everything fitting into your budget?

Your venue search can’t begin without knowing your budget, guest count and date.

10. Ceremony site

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Wedding Essentials // Guestivities

Your out-of-town guests are going to have some downtime, so don’t leave them twiddling their thumbs in a hotel room. Send them exploring! We map the way with 10 of our favorite spots.

1. Visit the Old Market

From candy stops and coffee shops, to brewpubs and nightclubs, there’s something for everyone in downtown Omaha’s quaint and historic warehouse district.

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Wedding Essentials // Saying Thanks

Say "thanks" with sincerity and a proper thank-you note.

Texts and emails won’t do. When it comes to thanking your guests for their gifts, a proper acknowledgment starts with  pen and paper. If you have bad handwriting, a typed message on a personalized card is the next best thing. 

  1. If you’re using first names, list the woman’s name first in the note and on the envelope.
  2. Three or four sentences will do.
  3. Always reference the gift and how you plan to use it. When acknowledging gifts of cash, checks or gift cards, the amount of the gift should not be mentioned.
  4. Add something personal about the gift-giver.
  5. End your note by thanking them again, and sign both names.
  6. Try to mail your thank-you notes within two weeks after your wedding.

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Wedding Essentials // Toasting Tips

Toasts are customary at wedding receptions. But the prospect of wishing the bride and groom well can be nerve-racking if you’ve never raised a glass in someone’s honor. Here’s a cheat sheet to minimize the struggle. 

1. Be prepared. Know what you want to say, and rehearse your toast out loud in front of a mirror.

2. Keep it simple and brief; one to two minutes is ideal.

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Wedding Essentials // Flowers by Seasons

Though you can find most floral varieties all year, seasonal blooms are readily available, less expensive and often live longer. Ask your florist for suggestions based on your colors and wedding date.


  • Daffodil -- January-May (Yellow)
  • Delphinium -- April-October (White, Blue)
  • Hyacinth (Purple, Pink or White)
  • Lilacs (Violet or White)
  • Peony -- Late Spring/Early Summer (Pink, White)
  • Tulip -- December-April (Many Colors)

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Theme // Winter Chic

A winter wedding in Nebraska gives you a chance to amp up the cozy ambiance (and maybe score off-season discounts from your vendors). Follow these tips for playing up the positives of the season.


Create a wintry vibe with cherry red (or Pantone's Color of the Year, Marsala), pink, gray and white. Or stick with timeless black white, crimson, forest green, cream and gold, or icy-blue hues and neutral tones.

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Financial-Savvy Newlyweds

Here’s a primer to help you and your fiancé have a frank talk about those tricky money matters. Step 1: Check your ego at the door.


To set up your budget, add your paychecks together plus any other regular sources of income, and then subtract the following expenses: Rent/mortgage, utilities, food, debts (student loans, car payments, credit cards, etc.), insurance, other expenses (child support, gym memberships, etc.)

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Wedding Essentials // Gratuity Guide

Whom to tip, how much and when.


How much: 15 to 25 percent; 30 percent if work done on-site

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Wedding Essentials // Build A Theme

A wedding theme can revolve around much more than just color. Follow these steps to make every detail work together.

{1} MISSION STATEMENT Hold your theme to one word or one short phrase. Make sure every decision reflects that word. {2} RESEARCH RECIPES You will find food and drink recipes for every era and style. We've put together a list of signature drinks here{3} THINK ABOUT SCALE Mix large-scale items with small-scale items for visual impact. Create interesting layers by stacking objects. Stacking also ensures that small items don't get overlooked. {4} GUEST INTERACTION Pay special attention to place settings, glassware and other objects guests will handle throughout your event. {5} THINK OUTSIDE THE MASON JAR  Look for clever ways to use ordinary items. {6} PERSONALIZE IT  It's not just a pretty wedding, it is your wedding. Your décor can showcase what is important to you. Stamp it with "Omaha, NE" to show that this party was for a Nebraska bride.

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