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Behind the Scenes // Styled Shoot

We love pulling together a super creative team to create wedding-inspired styled shoot magic. Here's a peek behind the scenes at our latest styled shoot for our Spring/Summer 2015 issue.

A special thanks goes out to Tin Box Weddings, Rachel Richards, Stories Coffeehouse, Rhylan Lang, Develop Model Management, Linea Mae, Kate Luchsinger, Events in Bloom, 14 Karat, GC Gems, Tip Top Tux, Borsheims, Dillard's and Alotta Brownies for helping to make this shoot possible.

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PREVIEW // Bonus Issue

Every issue we get loads of beautiful real weddings submitted for print (yay!) but the bummer thing is that due to limited space, we can't fit every one into the magazine. The solution? A totally rad, completely inspirational, ad-free bonus issue with an unlimited page-count! *happy dance*

Right now we're putting the finishing touches on this bonus issue beauty -- so stay tuned! For now, here's a little sneak peek. 

If you haven't seen our Spring/Summer 2015 issue, flip through the pages here.

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Omaha Wedding Professionals

We know that finding the right vendors for your wedding can be half the challenge of planning your big day. It's important to pull together the perfect creative team. Luckily, we've got all of our preferred vendors all in one place. This is one resource you'll want to bookmark!

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Floral // 5 Basic Vases

Doing your own flowers? Start with the right vase for your arrangements to look their best.


An hourglass that is narrow at the neck and full on the bottom. Good for mixed bouquets or a large bunch of the same kind of flower, preferably in the same color.

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Chatty Brides

So you want to be a bride blogger? That's fantastic! 

The Wedding Essentials Team loves talking to brides-to-be in the Greater Omaha area. We’d love to hear your story and be able to share your wedding inspiration and connect our brides with the planning tools they need to make their dream wedding happen.

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12 Times You Need to Step Away From Pinterest

We know. The "Pin It" button is like crack to brides. We're addicted, too. However, there are times when you just need to take a break from the site of inspiration overload, which probably sounds easier that it is. If you fall into even one of these categories, you know what you need to do.

1. You have more than one wedding pin board.

2. Your pin boards have more than 300 pins.

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Inspiration // Blooming Beauties


An all-white bouquet in a tight, rounded shape is the most traditional and classic. Look to roses, lily of the valley, ranunculus and stephanotis for an elegant mix. Generally, the overall look is monochromatic, but you might consider pale green foliage for a contrast against your white dress.


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'Must List'

If you're even the slightest bit creative, we highly recommend adding a few D.I.Y. touches to your wedding. In addition to being a great way to customize your day, they typically can save you a little money. 

Where else can you save? Your guest list is the easiest place to start.

As you browse the names (for the 100th time), try this trick: Cross off anyone you don’t know well enough to hug when they come through the receiving line. You’ll be surprised by how much that exercise will impact your bottom line.

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Events // Happy Hours + Open Houses

Bridal Happy Hour -- TONIGHT!

March 19th | 4 p.m. - 8 p.m. | 110 N. 9th Street 

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Inspiration // Winter Engagement Photos

We do love an engagement session surrounded by evergreens & snow. Dappen Tree Farm sure delivered on this one. Can you tell this couple's winter 2015 wedding is going to be absolutely stunning? 


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The Social Wedding

People and their phones can’t be parted for long.

While you may wish to ask guests to refrain from taking photos during your ceremony, the reception is a different story. Social media posts will add a fun dimension to an already memorable day.

Create a hashtag and make signage that encourages guests to post images related to your wedding. Here are 3 reasons you should use a hashtag.

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Inspiration // Winter D.I.Y. Wedding

Sometimes it's those late fall and early winter weddings are seriously under-rated. We know it's because of the cold, unpredictable weather, dead-looking landscape and total lack of color. Here's some inspiration from Samantha McFarlen that might just change your mind:

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Registry // Beyond the Table

It may be difficult to visualize beautiful place settings when your reality consists of takeout on paper plates right now, but Adrienne Fay, director of marketing and advertising at Borsheims, suggests looking toward the future when registering for tableware.

“We hear time and time again that couples are thankful that they registered for tabletop accessories as they approach their five- and seven-year anniversaries,” she says. “They are established at that time and they may have children. And they have started to create their own traditions.”

So think of your registry as an opportunity to ask for what you really want. “If you love it, then you will use it,” she says.

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Inspiration // Destination Wedding

It’s economical

Local weddings cost 40 percent more than destination weddings, says Wanderlust Travel’s Nicole Gessler.

It's easy

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Miss Head Over Heels // Postal Precautions

Lesson number one: Before deciding on your save-the-dates and invitations, think about the size and weight. It will affect the cost. If your envelope is too thick or if it is "ridged" then your envelope must be mailed as a parcel, which is more expensive. Ours fell into the "ridged" category and had to be mailed as a parcel because they were wood slices made into magnets.

Lesson number two: Go to an actual post office location to have your envelopes weighed. We first went to a contracted site and were quoted $1.20 per envelope. When we went to mail our save-the-dates, the cost was about $2.32 per envelope to mail. Yikes!

If your plan is to mail your invitations at the rate of a letter, keep the following in mind:

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Submission Information



1. 50-60 images -- think 90% details, 10% bride/groom/wedding party. For print, photos must be 300 dpi, CMYK, at least 9x12 inches, JPEG. For online, photos must be 150 dpi, RGB, at least 9x12 inches, JPEG. Dropbox or other downloadable online gallery is preferred.

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Budget Basics

We all know that money matters. Here's a few tips for making the most of your money.

How much does a wedding cost?

The latest surveys put the average spend between $25,000 and $26,000. But in the Midwest, where families and circles of friends tend to be larger, it’s not uncommon to see $40,000 weddings. “And that’s not for anything over the top,” says Candace Kalasky of Weddings + Events in Omaha.

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Real Wedding // Submission Details


1. 30-40 images -- think 90% details, 10% bride/groom/wedding party. For print, photos must be 300 dpi, CMYK, at least 9x12 inches, JPEG. For online, photos must be 150 dpi, RGB, at least 9x12 inches, JPEG.

2. A vendor list. The more the merrier.

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Inspiration // Paper Trends

Far from the land of commercial stationery books comes custom stationery so gorgeous it will steal your heart – at any price.

“We’ve seen some changes in what couples are spending,” says Kaleigh Wiese, custom stationery designer and founder of Méldeen, which has locations in Omaha and Austin.

Previously, a couple’s stationery represented about 4 percent of the total wedding budget, Wiese says. Today, 7 to 10 percent is more typical for couples wanting highly customized pieces.

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Inspiration // Tabletop Florals


Place small round cakes at individual tables and let guests serve themselves when it’s time for dessert. Keep the icing simple (to save a little money), but top each cake with a large, texture-rich fresh bloom for drama. Elevate each cake on a vintage cake stand surrounded by candles in glass votives. The golden wash of candlelight will make even the dullest room look stunning after dark.


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