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Real Wedding // Matt & Maddie

JUMP IN Matt and I met at Iowa State University. It was the summer of 2009 and all of our coworkers were meeting at the pool for some relaxation and fun. Little did I know that I would meet the man of my dreams and 6 years later marry him. LAKESIDE PROPOSAL He proposed at Grays Lake in Des Moines, IA on December 26, 2014. We had just finished dinner with his family and he suggested we go downtown for a walk. At this lake, there is a stained glass bridge and at night, they have lights shining on the glass to make the bridge covered in color. It’s beautiful. At the end of our walk on the bridge, Matt handed me a card (side note cards are kind of my thing. I think there is a card for every occasion! ) Once I got to the end of the card it said” With that being said I have one thing to ask you” I looked up and Matt was on one knee and he said “ Madalyn Luedtke will you marry me? -- Of course, I said yes! The moment (and ring) was perfect. DRESS DISPLAY My mom and sister had a manikin brought to the church to have my dress on before the wedding. No one had seen my dress before besides my sisters and mom so, the bridesmaids were able to do a walk around of the dress before they say me in it. The dress was placed in a breathtaking stain glass chapel where the colors reflected from the crystals from my dress. OFF WITH THE VEIL When I was giving peace during mass everyone was hugging me and my veil got caught on the back of my dress. My head was titled all the way back and I couldn’t move it. Thank goodness for my maid of honor who rushed to help me -- the veil came off after a few pictures and for the reception. SPEAKING OF DESSERT Cake forks that said I do on one and me too on the other one. We also had a groom’s cake for Iowa State University. Our guest book was a photo book showcasing some of our engagement photos that no one got to see and allowed guests to write a personalized message. It’s now our favorite coffee table book now!  FRESH SNOW For the décor, I wanted to recreate a beautiful December day where the snow had just fallen and with the sun reflecting off of it. Mulhall’s brought in tree branches with “snow” on them in mercury vases for a few tables and four different size candles to set on the rest. The candles created a wonderful romantic reception vibe. We also had lilac-colored uplighting to bring color and warmth to the room. The back drop was simple sheer drapes with white lights behind it. It added more of the wintery feel while still brightening the room. HEAD TABLE STEAL For our head table instead of all being on one side, we have a two-sided head table. It was great getting to talk with everyone in the wedding party throughout the dinner and created a relaxed, personable, family-style setting verses having the spotlight on just the two of us. WHAT HE SAYS ABOUT HER Maddie is the most kind, caring and beautiful person!I couldn’t imagine my life without her.WHAT SHE SAYS ABOUT HIM Matt is the most caring, confident and handsome man. Best of all he makes me unbelievably happy. BEST ADVICE Have a wedding planner! It was amazing to be able to focus on the wedding day and not worry at all what’s going on behind the scenes. It’s inevitable that something may go wrong on your wedding day. The truth is that your wedding planner will probably be the only person that will know! Enjoy this day with your family, friends and most importantly your future husband! LET IT GO You won’t be able to do everything! There are so many good ideas out there it’s hard to try and incorporate all of them. Always remember that your wedding pictures and videos will be with you the rest of your life so pick things that you’ll love years down the road. FINISH THIS SENTENCE: Before marriage, I never knew that my spouse…could literally watch sports 24/7. STANDOUT GIFT One of our groomsmen had Michael Jordan sweatpants embroidered with Iowa State Logo and Mr. & Mrs. Craigmile. It was so special to us because Iowa State meant a lot to us and it was very creative - and we wear them more than we like to say!


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Happily Ever After Hours

In January, we hosted Bridal University at the Mid-America Center. And, as you may already know, our next big bridal show (Idea Show) doesn't happen until October -- and that's a long way away if you're newly engaged and are ready to get planning! So, we've created a solution for those of you who get engaged between now and then. 

We're tying the knot with Girls Night Events and Rhylan Lang to bring you newly engaged brides a must-go bridal event. 

It's different from all the other local bridal shows -- you know, the kind where you're the 300th bride to walk through the door, there's a hundred different booths, vendors are all trying to grab your attention and you may or may not have a clue where to start -- as if wedding planning isn't already overwhelming. Happily Ever After Hours is pretty much the exact opposite. 

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Real Wedding // Travis + Erica

TOTALLY HOOKED I met Travis about 4 years ago through a mutual friend. I had invited our mutual friend out with a group of others to dinner and drinks afterwards.  My friend said that he had a buddy (Travis) from his home town with him that night and asked if I cared if he came out with all of us. Of course I said that wasn’t a problem and met up with them early so Travis wouldn't feel completely awkward not knowing anyone. When I was introduced to him, he glanced at me and then hid behind his baseball cap until the rest of our group joined us. He tells me now that he was afraid he would have stared at me too long if he looked at me. As the night progressed Travis finally came out of his shell and it turns out he’s got a great sense of humor!  His gorgeous blue eyes had me in a trance and I was hooked! Little did I know, he had called a friend of his after that night and had told him that he had found the woman he was going to marry. We went out on our first date about 3 weeks later and engaged after 3 years! A ROSY PROPOSAL Travis proposed to me in January 2015.  He had recently decided to quit his job and open up his own business, a lumber and farm supply store in rural Nebraska. In preparation for his opening, he was invited to a conference in Minneapolis, MN. I tagged along and after the first day of conference events we were back in our hotel room deciding what to do for the evening. Travis asked me to go see where the pool was at in the hotel and to also get more towels from the front desk. Naturally, I kept blocking his attempts to get me out of the hotel room because I had already found the pool earlier that day and told him if we needed towels, we could just call the front desk. Eventually I realized there was something going on that I needed to just play along with his plan. As I was checking out the pool Travis was setting up a bottle of wine, 2 wine glasses, and rose petals that spelled out "Marry Me" on the desk in our hotel room.  Once he let me back into the hotel room, I saw the table and turned around to Travis holding the most gorgeous ring in his hand. Both of our hands were shaking so much as I screamed "Yes!" and he put the ring on my finger. REHEARSAL HUMOR Travis did not realize that rehearsal is pretty much a practice run for the wedding day and that the priest will have you say your vows to prepare. Well, Travis is not as comfortable professing his love in front of an audience and he began to get a little bit nervous. He started giggling, which made me giggle (naturally), then his hands started going wild swinging both of our arms side to side and he looked as though he was about to pass out. I still can't help but laugh as I'm writing about it. He was still quite nervous the day of the wedding but he made it through without passing out! HANDMADE DETAILS Travis's family friend, Sue, handmade my necklace, earrings, bracelet and all of the bridesmaid's bracelets and earrings! She spent months working on my necklace to make it perfect. Sue spends her free time making unique one of a kind jewelry for close family and friends. We felt so blessed when she told us that she wanted to make the jewelry for our wedding! As for Travis, his favorite detail was our get-a-way vehicle. He has had his 1969 GMC pickup for 15 years and it is his pride and joy!  We left the ceremony to find his truck decorated with cans, window paint and balloons piled to the top of the cab! That there was no way would have imagined driving away as Mr. and Mrs. Kenny in anything else! WEDDING VIDEO The sweetest moment that we shared on our wedding day would probably have been watching our wedding video for the first time at the reception. Because our interviews were done separately, we had no idea what the one said about the other and watching that video was a very special moment for us.  It provided numerous laughs but it also brought back so many of our favorite memories while dating that it touched both of our hearts to know that we can now keep that video for the rest of our lives to reflect back on our special day. IDEA WORTH STEALING Our "Groom's Cake" was a complete hit!  Travis and I share numerous hobbies together but getting out into the wild and appreciating nature is definitely our favorite time to spend together. I struggled how to create the perfect hunting scene for his cake but finally found "Hunter Dan" and "Hunter Ann" online. Travis helped me cut some branches to create tree stands for our “hunters” to gaze upon the deer. Hy-Vee made the best outdoor scene for our fake deer to graze too!! WHAT HE SAYS ABOUT HER: Erica is warm and kind. She is my best friend and has always been there to support me in all of my en-devours. WHAT SHE SAYS ABOUT HIM Travis is always looking ahead!  He is so good about planning for our future and making sure the he will provide the best future for us. LET THEM HELP!  When someone offers to help you plan…let them help. We could not have been able to get everything done without our parents both of our families and friends! BEST ADVICE Don't be a bride-zilla! I may have had 2 or 3 moments in the 9 months of planning but for the most part I tried not to let the little things bother me. BIGGEST MARRIED LIFE ADJUSTMENT: Owning a business together -- working every day together and going home and living together has definitely been an adjustment. FAVORITE WEDDING GIFT We received many generous monetary gifts which we used to purchase some land where we will build our future home on!


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Beauty // Turn on the Juice!

Looking to clean up your complexion, grow out your hair, fight illness, stay stress-free or re-energize before your wedding day? Try a six-month juicing regimen. A two-to-one ratio of vegetables to fruits is a good rule of thumb for concocting recipes. You’ll get the benefit of the nutrients in the veggies and just enough sugar from the fruit to achieve a perfect blend of flavors. Run the ingredients in these recipes through a juicer and starting sipping.


The anti-inflammatory properties of carrot juice can even out skin tone, reduce inflammation, revitalize and hydrate skin. The vitamin C in the citrus helps fight illness while ginger is great for soothing stomachs. 
Ingredients: 2 medium carrots, 2 oranges, 1-inch ginger root


Green juice is hydrating, cleansing and all-around energy boosting. Anything green will help boost your immune system, and ginger has anti-viral properties to keep you healthy. 
Ingredients: 1 bunch kale, 6 medium carrots, 2 cups grapes, 1 apple

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Miss Dressed Up In Love // A Patient Proposal

Hello fellow bridal babes! I am so excited to be sharing my love story with you all and to take you on our 7.5 year journey! Yes, you read that right… I patiently waited (well not so patiently all the time) over seven years for my then “manfriend” to finally pop the question!  And it was certainly worth the wait.  It was the most special, fun, exciting, & joyous moment and it was 1,000x better than anything I could have imagined!


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Inspiration // Popcorn Bar

Happy National Popcorn Day! 

Here's a sweet (and salty) popcorn bar that would be perfect for an engagement party, a bridal shower, a bachelorette gathering, kids table or midnight snack on your big day.

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Inspiration // Kids You Can't Resist

We're not here to bring up a big giant debate on whether or not you should have children attend your wedding or be a part of the wedding party, but it was hard to resist a round-up of our kid faves from the past year -- some of them most certainly stole the show!


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Styled Shoot // Southern Bliss

The “rustic wedding” is re-envisioned in a styled shoot at a plantation-inspired home under a blissful Nebraska sky. Goodbye, burlap, mason jars and muted tones. Hello, raw cotton, textured glass, and bursts of saffron with hints of blue. How very Southern! See it in our latest issue here!


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Advice // Wedding Planning A-Z


Weddings are all about personalization, and that brings infinite possibilities for your big event. The ambiance or mood you set should capture your personalities to a ‘T’. 


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Spring/Summer 2016 Issue

Say hello to our beautiful, brand new issue of Wedding Essentials Magazine!

Cover image: Mae Small Photography

See behind-the-scenes footage of our styled shoot here!

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Miss Courted // Hire An Event Planner

Mr. Courted and I cannot believe we are so close to saying “I do!” We have loved every minute of our engagement and now we are starting to hit some deadlines such as RSVPs, final dress fittings, and thinking about a schedule of events for the week leading up to the wedding day. Since neither of us have planned a wedding before, we thought it was time to call on a professional wedding planner to fill in the final details. STEP Group is now going to be producing and assisting us in planning the rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception. Once I signed a contract with them, I immediately felt a sense of relief and excitement. We really want our day to have a special touch and Rachel and her team will be able to do just that. If you don’t have it in your budget to hire a professional, call on your bridesmaids or a family member to help where you need it.


  1. Centerpieces: I knew the pieces I wanted to incorporate into our theme, but didn’t know how to pull it together myself. Show your friends your ideas and let them help you gather the pieces you need to make it a reality.
  2. Wedding week itinerary: Put together a plan showing when your wedding party is arriving in town, who needs transportation, nail and hair appointments, final errands, rehearsal and when to be at your ceremony site. This is a huge relief for us since we have a lot of out of town guests and a large wedding party. 
  3. Vendor Communication: When you lay out all of your vendors, it's a lot of communication to manage -- especially as the day gets closer. STEP Group will now be handling all communication with all vendors including payment confirmations, final counts, and final tours of our church and reception sites.
  4. Set up and day-of coordinating: The one thing I couldn’t stop wondering about was who was going to set up our centerpieces, guest book, and favor tables. I knew our families were going to be busy enough and we would want our bridal parties to enjoy the weekend, so it makes us feel so much better knowing we don’t need to allocate our time to set up and making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible the day of the wedding.
  5. Rehearsal Dinner: I had only been thinking about the wedding day and wasn’t focusing much on our rehearsal dinner plans. I booked a caterer, but didn’t really put much effort beyond that. Now we have more of a focus for the timeline of the evening as well as some special décor planned. We are going to focus on an all-white tablescape to make the décor very soft, romantic and simple.

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Five Tips for a Smooth Reception

  1. Build a Timeline.
    Create an event timeline that includes every major detail of the night from the bridal party entrance, to the cake cutting, to your farewell departure, to the dismantling of your decorations. Give a copy of the timeline to your DJ, photographer-videographer, venue coordinator, caterer, and either your personal attendant or wedding planner. Stick to this agenda as much as possible to avoid any awkward gaps during your event. This will also ensure that you accomplish everything before you conclude the day.
  2. Take a Minimal Approach. 
    Less is more when it comes to décor. If it takes two truckloads, 50 boxes and five hours for you to load-in and set up your reception décor, just imagine what that will mean for your friends and family who will have to tear down and haul everything away at the end of a long day. Simplicity is vital for a happy departure at the end of your reception -- unless you've budgeted for a wedding coordinator to help!
  3. Mind the Kids.
    Unless you don’t mind screaming, unsupervised children running around your reception hall, consider activities to keep them occupied or totally skip the stress and have an adults-only event.
  4. Manage Your Expectations.
    Perfection is impossible so as soon as you accept that, you can move forward with your event. Don’t stress out if your napkins aren’t folded a certain way or your photo booth didn’t get set up in the right corner of the room. These details are so miniscule that most guests won’t know they aren’t correct. It’s only when you, the bride or groom, make a big fuss about it that people start to respond in a negative way. Go with the flow and stay happy.
  5. Coordinate With Your Venue.
    Many venues have strict hours for vendor deliveries and decorating. Don’t assume that your venue and its coordinator will be at your disposal without making prior arrangements. Verify your plan before scheduling any deliveries or setup.

Theresa Farrage is a ballroom event specialist with Scoular Ballroom in Omaha.

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Our next bridal show is THIS SUNDAY already! 

Make sure you've marked Sunday, January 10th on your calendars. Bring your maids, you moms, your favorite gal pals or invite your groom to tag along! Bridal University is the perfect opportunity to meet with local vendors and check off some big ticket items on your to-do list. We'll have all the best wedding professionals in one location to make it super easy. 

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Trends // Menswear

When it comes to coordinating your wedding party’s attire, don’t think of your groom as third in line, behind your bridesmaids. Aside from you, he’s the most important person in the picture! So make it a joint venture and go for a doubly stunning knockout look. 

His style should: Coordinate with yours, fit the formality of the wedding, reflect his personality, and fit his body type. He should also have extras (accessories) that tastefully set him apart from the other men in the wedding party. 

“Some grooms are quite particular and know exactly what they want,” says Noah Peterson, a manager for Tip Top Tux in Omaha. “They’re after an ultra-polished, modern look” in a slim-fit tuxedo with slim notch lapel, crisp white or ivory shirt, and a tie and pocket square with subtle pattern. 

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Inspiration // Grilled Cheese Bar

What’s better than a cheese plate? A grilled cheese bar! Let guests build their own grilled sammies, from sweet to savory to every combo in between. 

Try these combinations

  • Goat cheese, strawberry, avocado
  • Cheddar, apple, bacon
  • Brie, olive tapenade, red onion
  • Brie, strawberry, avocado
  • Goat cheese, cucumber

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Inspiration // Cigar Bar

If you've got a few cigar-lovers in your wedding party, here's an idea for you: a cigar bar! It's a celebratory event, so why not? Make it a special surprise for your groom!

A few helpful tips: 

  • Make sure your venue will allow it
  • Don't forget about the essentials (ash trays, cigar cutters, lighters)
  • Dress it up! Add some floral elements, cute signage, signature drinks, decorative napkins will do the trick. 

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10 Things to Love About Being Engaged


Dani DeJoy was flying high – literally – when she said, “Yes!” to Riley Anderson’s marriage proposal. It came midflight – out of the blue, so to speak – between Omaha and Chicago. “I had an inkling that something was up because he sent a note and flowers to me via courier that morning. The note read, 'Be at my office at 10 a.m. with an overnight bag.'” A weekend getaway to the Windy City on the anniversary of their first date was a tradition with them. They had been celebrating that way since 2012. But instead of taking a commercial flight, Riley really ramped things up, surprising Dani with a deluxe seat on a corporate jet he had arranged with his employer.

Once they were airborne, Riley proposed, offering Dani an engagement ring that he remembered she had loved when they were looking, just for fun.

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Bride Blogger // Meet Miss Starbucks

Age: 22

Occupation: UNO Student / Part-time Teller at First National Bank

Engagement Date: May 31, 2015

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D.I.Y. Wedding Signage

Sometimes it's the little details that can make your day extra special.

Creative director Heidi Thorson was asked by our event manager, Tam Webb, to design some signage for the drink display at the Wedding Essentials Idea Show this past October.

So naturally, we dropped into Hobby Lobby to pick up some things for the job and came out with some stone beads and cardstock-grade scrapbook paper. 

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Miss Love-Struck // Finding THE Dress

Choosing a wedding dress can be an important moment for the bride (no doubt)! However, finding the right dress could be stressful on the mind, body and wallet. After watching countless episodes of “Say Yes to the Dress” and pinning every single wedding dress on Pinterest, I had to figure out how to find the right dress at the right price. Here are some personal tips I would recommend when looking for your dress without the stress.

1. Budget, budget, budget. First off, budgeting is not a bad word when finding your dream dress. Knowing how much you are able to spend on a dress can help budget the cost for other vendors (flowers, food, rentals, etc.) and narrow the number of dresses to try on. This is helpful because it will not lead you to confusion or disappointment when trying on dresses you cannot afford. When I was at Rylan Lang Bridal Boutique, I was completely torn between two beautiful dresses. One was on budget and one was $1500 over budget. I ended up choosing the one on budget because I had to take into account all the alterations: the veil and the train length of the dress. I proudly left the boutique with the dress paid in full with no sacrifices made on either my wedding budget or my wallet.  

2. Functionality of the dress. Being comfortable was the most important factor in finding my dress. Since my wedding will be in August of next year, I knew I had to find a dress that was light and breathable. This helped eliminate dresses that were too form fitting or had too much fabric.

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