We are a short 30 days away from the wedding! I'd like to share what I'm up to now, with just a month to go. I try to accomplish the bulk of wedding stuff on Wednesdays (#weddingwednesday), to keep some semblance of balance in my life. So I'm sitting at home on a Wednesday evening, catching … Read more

HOW WE MET Connor and I met for the first time in preschool at the age of four. We even stood next to each other at preschool graduation! We became friends in high school through mutual friends and mutual classes. Connor started helping me with my advanced algebra homework and we started dat… Read more

A wedding coordinator can be the glue that holds everything together, not just on a couple’s wedding day but throughout the planning process. Chances are you’ll tap a planner for help with at least one meticulous element of your wedding. Here’s what you can expect. Read more

Do ask the couple if it’s OK to Snapchat the wedding ceremony. They may want to keep their ceremony unplugged, or they might not want phones getting in photos. Once they give you the thumbs-up, Snap away! Read more

Snapchatters everywhere are capturing and sharing memories as they happen. Create your own wedding geofilter and invite your Snapchatting guests to post, save and share their Snap Stories as your special day unfolds. Creating a personalized overlay is as easy as uploading your own .png file. Read more

CUP OF JOE After meeting through friends at church, their first date was at Starbucks. “We are coffee addicts for sure,’’ Jordyn says. “We sat for three hours and just talked and talked. We both will remember that date forever.’’ Read more

Pantone’s Pink Yarrow tantalizes on its own. But combined with shimmering golds, classic creams and lush greens, it takes on an irresistible rosy glow. Seasonless. Ageless. Classically sophisticated yet modern. Best of all, the blushing pinks in this inspirational shoot will never lose their… Read more

Nothing stirs things up on the party front quite like a drink station with an interactive theme. This one stays summer sweet with delicately scented herbs as garnish. Simply dress a table with a breezy theme, select a few base spirits and mixers, prepare your garden-fresh snippets, and you’r… Read more

NEW YORK, NEW YORK They had been together for almost eight years and hadn’t taken a trip in a while. Alyssa had never been to New York, and they planned a December trip. “Nearly all of our flights were either canceled or delayed, and we ended up going through security checkpoints four times … Read more

GO BLUE DEVILS “We knew it was the real deal when we discovered we both had a Duke basketball game at Cameron Indoor Stadium on our bucket list. We checked it off one year later." Read more

It's the little things that make your wedding day special. WE love the details from this real Nebraska wedding: family reception space, personalized bouquet charms, a moment with the fur baby and a romantic firework show. Read more

There's a way to have a lovely wedding day without going to excess. This styled shoot with a minimalist approach to a romantic, clean, modern downtown wedding be your guide.  Read more

LOVE FLOATS While paddleboarding at her parents' lake house, Lane spotted a box floating in the water and told Leah to nab it. She fished it out of the water and casually opened the box on her paddleboard. “Lane looked like he was about to have a heart attack. When I saw a glimpse of a ring … Read more

1 + 1 = 2 The couple met in a high school math class when Kait, as a middle schooler, skipped ahead two grades to take geometry. Brady, a sophomore, sat behind her in class, but they didn’t talk much. Secretly, he told his friends that he thought the shy eighth-grader was cute. “At the same … Read more

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