LBD, LWD, LRD or totally chic pant suit -- seven looks for your wedding eve bash! Read more

If you're looking for a classic, romantic look. This wedding just might be the perfect bit of inspiration for you.  Read more

HOW WE MET We originally met in 2009 playing soccer together, but never really spoke much. Fast forward a few years later, we bumped into each again at Krug Park and the rest is history.  Read more


CAN YOU GIVE ME A LYFT? As Ben was driving from Lincoln to Omaha to pick up Brooke for a blind date, his brakes locked up on the Interstate. He called and asked her to pick him up at a rest stop. Annoyed and nervous, Brooke spent 40 minutes stopping at each exit between the two cities, tryin… Read more




When laughing, loving and romance come naturally in front of the camera. This cute-as-can-be couple, their tandem bicycle and ice cream truly make for a summer engagement session trifecta.   Read more

There are two things we've fallen in love with over the past year: industrial-modern venues (like The Diamond Room) and an overload of greenery (seriously, who doesn't love eucalyptus?). Thus they became the stars in this editorial styled shoot.  Read more

Macrame is making a comeback in home decor and tassels are still on-trend in the fashion world, so we married the two in this modern, relaxed boho styled shoot -- complete with the most beautiful donuts WE have ever laid eyes on.  Read more

PATRIOTIC SPIRITS The couple met during happy hour. “She liked the American flag jean jacket I wore with my boots, and I approved of her sincere appreciation for fine whiskey!” recounts Elliott. “After all, she is a country girl! What isn’t there to like?” As for Brittany, she says, “He is t… Read more

Stephanie and Andrew's country club wedding is the thing that wedding day dreams are made of. Talk about effortlessly classic style done right.  Read more

It was certainly a celebratory weekend -- and not simply for the start of a new year, but for one of our wedding bloggers who tied the knot.  Read more

When this engagement session popped into our inbox, WE decided we simply want to be this couple. It's overflowing with style and romance. And though it was not photographed in Nebraska, we think it would be just as good swapped out for a rural Nebraska setting.  Read more

Hey there fellow planners! Mr. Bliss and I recently put together our wedding registries. I hope some of my fellow brides will have a little chuckle at this somewhat relatable post. I have a mildly unhealthy obsession with Target (don't we all?), so I thought we’d start there.  Read more

So you want to be a wedding blogger? That's fantastic!  Read more

Hi, bridal beauties! Miss Dressed Up in Love here and I can't believe I'm even typing this, but I'm getting married in ONE MONTH! Honestly, where did the past year and a half go? I loved being engaged! It was so fun to say "Fiance" finally and I no longer I had to call Mr. Dressed Up in Love… Read more

This bride and groom got married in Kearney, Nebraska. They perfectly executed a timeless, romantic, country boho wedding. The lavender and grey color combination was definitely the right choice for this small town setting. Read more

We decided to take part in a tree planting ceremony, to symbolize the roots of our relationship, and the continued growth of our love, as we became each other’s family.  We chose to plant a Ginkgo tree as it is an object of veneration, a sacred tree of the East, a symbol of unity of opposite… Read more

Some of our favorite engagement sessions have been of couples on dirt roads and the wide open fields. This engagement session started out at a brewery and then made its way to the couple's adorable countryside home in Broken Bow, Nebraska. Read more

If we listed our top ten most stunning cultural wedding traditions, henna definitely ranks with the best of them.  Read more

Here's a scene you don't see very often in Nebraska engagement sessions. Woodsy waterfall vibes -- yes, please! Secluded. Romantic. Adventurous.  Read more

1. Preserve the memories. If we’re being honest, most of us forget to print our wedding photos. Submitting your wedding for publication makes it easy. Send in your photos to Heidi and if your wedding is selected for print, you’ll be part of a select few to get their images printed in a gloss… Read more

Hey you, you sexy bride, you! Miss Dressed Up In Love here and I can’t believe I’m even typing this, but our wedding is just TWO MONTHS AWAY! Lots of things have been happening and the to-do’s are getting crossed off. Even though I feel productive, I’m worrying that I’m forgetting something.… Read more

How is it that a whole month has gone by since my last post? One thing that has become blatantly obvious is how quickly the engagement period goes by. Read more

HOW WE MET Derek and I met in high school. We first noticed each other while playing our respective sports (volleyball for me and baseball for him) We find it very comical that we are both born and raised in the same town, played sports against each other during elementary school, had mutual… Read more

Cheers! WE were inspired by this couple's modern take on a vintage garden wedding theme. They incorporated flowery china, copious amounts of roses and lace textures -- not to mention a fabulous getaway car! Read more

HOW WE MET Taylor's best friends from college introduced the couple when they all unexpectedly ran into each other one night in downtown Indianapolis. Read more

Shopping for the dress is a big deal. Expectations are high, you only get to wear something this extravagant one time (unless you are, like, Anne Hathaway or something), and you probably have an image in your mind of how this whole thing is gonna go down. I’m sure that there are women in the… Read more

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