There's a surprise at the end of this story so you'll want to keep reading. Read more

HANDMADE DETAILS The little details meant the most to me, and boy did we spend time on them! All of our wooden signs were created by my handy husband and my artist of a mother. My dad handmade our “guestbook” which was 7 different woods created into the shape of Nebraska for our guests to si… Read more

Something happened. It was June, then it was September. We were in a wedding planning “holding pattern” where we were too far out to make any hard-and-fast arrangements, and then, somehow, everything needed to be done all at once. Truly, I have no idea how it happened. It’s baffling.   Read more

The threat of rain didn't dampen the day for a beautiful countryside venue. The bride wore the same gown her mother was married in. You can see the amazing mother/daughter relationship they had and what a special moment this day was for them.  Read more

HOW WE MET Zach and I met in high school. We dated for 8 years before we finally became husband and wife! It has been a long journey, but we have truly grown up together and that has made our relationship stronger and sweeter. Read more

In 2012 Laurie and Colin's love story all started in a place most stories stay; Sin City. Laurie was attending a bachelorette party and Colin a bachelor party on the same weekend. Laurie a California girl, and Colin a Pacific Northwest guy, Las Vegas was their matchmaker and it was love at f… Read more

If the essence of romance is what you want your guests to experience, soft color palettes of blush, cream and pink set an elegant tone. Add dimension to the design of the space with a mix of silver stemware, metal vases and silver candelabra. For a very sleek and modern look, add geometric e… Read more

Dr. & Mr. Bourbon and Bouquets wanted to capture their story in a romantic, sophisticated, fashionable, yet fun and and whimsical way. Read: Vogue/GQ editorial style images. They picked a venue to fit their modern vibe. And finding the perfect attire meant adding two new outfits to their… Read more

HOW WE MET David and I met through our mutual friend, Steph. She went to high school with David and put in the good word for him. Read more

Well it's safe to say WE have a soft spot for weddings with a modern vibe. Take this elegant Jewish wedding in a downtown venue for example. Read more

HOW WE MET Cody and I met when I filled in for the lead singer of the band he was playing in. I was dating someone at the time and actually thought he was kind of a dork! Fast forward a few years and Cody filled in for my bass player in my band -- at which point I was actually more open to t… Read more

Your wedding is bound to be perfect in its own way -- rain or shine. Read more

When True Cotton Weddings first sent us Tiffany and Ifte's engagement session, we were instantly drawn to the lush green trees that surrounded the couple. Read more

One of the greatest things about a downtown location (in this case, Burlington, Iowa) is that all it takes is a walk down the street to capture an entire engagement session within just a few blocks. Read more

It's time for a little wedding planning update, we’ve gotten a lot of the big things out of the way. Woohoo! I have been trying to tackle a few of the smaller things early to lessen the stress later. One big question I’ve been hearing from other brides, “What shoes should I wear?” Aside from… Read more

HOW WE MET Through mutual friends and love of music our paths thankfully crossed one evening at a live concert. I loved the way he winked at me. We connected instantly and came to discover we were simply on the same page in life. "I was intrigued by her and knew I wanted to get to know her b… Read more

This wedding was 100% glam with no detail left untouched.  Read more

HOW WE MET Jesse and I met at a party thrown by a previous company I worked at for vendors and departments that worked closely with vendors – the kicker neither of us were actually invited to this party. Thankfully we both had friends who were invited to the this event, and took us along! Je… Read more

HOW WE MET I met Derek at the Apple store where he works. I had an appointment to get my phone fixed. We struck up a regular conversation and found so many things in common in the 15 minutes we were standing there. Personally, I think he was taking extra long on purpose. A couple of days lat… Read more

Somehow we just knew the yellow hat would catch your eye. It certainly captured our attention.  Read more

Brides may disagree with me, but the most important part of every wedding is the cake – at least in my opinion anyway. Read more

HOW WE MET We met through a mutual friend. Read more

This couple had an Italian wedding. Read more

HOW WE MET We both attended the University of Nebraska Medical Center for our Doctor of Pharmacy degrees.  Although we spent two years taking classes in the same building and attending the same social events, we never met! Our meeting was thanks to James’ cousin and Anna’s best friend from p… Read more

WEDDING DAY ATMOSPHERE Reem and Tyler wanted a feeling of sophistication but also simplicity. They wanted the venue to speak for itself. The pastel flowers complemented the Joslyns marble with pops of blush, light violet and sage greens. Some of the purple peonies came from the bride's fathe… Read more

Weddings, we all know, can be expensive. According to The Wedding Report, an industry publication that tracks nuptial costs, couples marrying for the first time in the Midwest spend an average of $25,925 with a guest list numbering between 148 and 158. Those heading up the aisle for the seco… Read more

HOW WE MET Nathan and I braved the world of online dating and found each other on Christian Mingle. After emails and eventually speaking on the phone for a month, I determined he wasn't crazy or anything and it would be safe to meet! The first time we met in person he took me to Vincenzo's a… Read more

HOW WE MET Joel and I met while both working at Children’s Hospital. He was a first year resident, and I had just started as a nurse. Our first interactions were just professional (at least Whitney was professional, Joel tried to flirt) but then we ran into each other one night at the Localm… Read more

HOW WE MET Michael and I grew up together. I have known him since we were in elementary school and we have been dating for about 11 years.  Read more

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