Hi, bridal beauties! Miss Dressed Up in Love here and I can't believe I'm even typing this, but I'm getting married in ONE MONTH! Honestly, where did the past year and a half go? I loved being engaged! It was so fun to say "Fiance" finally and I no longer I had to call Mr. Dressed Up in Love… Read more

This bride and groom got married in Kearney, Nebraska. They perfectly executed a timeless, romantic, country boho wedding. The lavender and grey color combination was definitely the right choice for this small town setting. Read more

We decided to take part in a tree planting ceremony, to symbolize the roots of our relationship, and the continued growth of our love, as we became each other’s family.  We chose to plant a Ginkgo tree as it is an object of veneration, a sacred tree of the East, a symbol of unity of opposite… Read more

Some of our favorite engagement sessions have been of couples on dirt roads and the wide open fields. This engagement session started out at a brewery and then made its way to the couple's adorable countryside home in Broken Bow, Nebraska. Read more

If we listed our top ten most stunning cultural wedding traditions, henna definitely ranks with the best of them.  Read more

Here's a scene you don't see very often in Nebraska engagement sessions. Woodsy waterfall vibes -- yes, please! Secluded. Romantic. Adventurous.  Read more

1. Preserve the memories. If we’re being honest, most of us forget to print our wedding photos. Submitting your wedding for publication makes it easy. Send in your photos to Heidi and if your wedding is selected for print, you’ll be part of a select few to get their images printed in a gloss… Read more

Hey you, you sexy bride, you! Miss Dressed Up In Love here and I can’t believe I’m even typing this, but our wedding is just TWO MONTHS AWAY! Lots of things have been happening and the to-do’s are getting crossed off. Even though I feel productive, I’m worrying that I’m forgetting something.… Read more

How is it that a whole month has gone by since my last post? One thing that has become blatantly obvious is how quickly the engagement period goes by. Read more

HOW WE MET Derek and I met in high school. We first noticed each other while playing our respective sports (volleyball for me and baseball for him) We find it very comical that we are both born and raised in the same town, played sports against each other during elementary school, had mutual… Read more

Cheers! WE were inspired by this couple's modern take on a vintage garden wedding theme. They incorporated flowery china, copious amounts of roses and lace textures -- not to mention a fabulous getaway car! Read more

HOW WE MET Taylor's best friends from college introduced the couple when they all unexpectedly ran into each other one night in downtown Indianapolis. Read more

Shopping for the dress is a big deal. Expectations are high, you only get to wear something this extravagant one time (unless you are, like, Anne Hathaway or something), and you probably have an image in your mind of how this whole thing is gonna go down. I’m sure that there are women in the… Read more

Hi wedding babes! Holy moly, I can't believe I'm saying this aloud, but I'm getting married in less than three months! We're already into the second week of October and it seems like the more I add to my wedding "to-do" list, the faster time is speeding by. Read more

Our countdown is in the single digits! We tie the knot on Saturday, so here’s a sneak peak of the music we’ll be featuring in our Ceremony: Read more

Plum, lavender, white and grey were big players in this destination wedding. This couple's palette creates the perfect contrast and pop of color against the adobe venue. Read more

HOW WE MET His dad opened a sandwich shop where I was hired. We had many opportunities to interact and just hit it off. Read more

HOW WE MET Jason and I both play recreational volleyball league and that’s how we met. It only took one date to know that Jason was the one for me. When we first started dating Jason would get up before me (I leave for work at 6am) brush the snow off my car, start my car, and make my lunch f… Read more

HOW WE MET We had our very first freshman class at Creighton. We started dating about a semester into school, and the rest, as they say, is history. Read more


There's a surprise at the end of this story so you'll want to keep reading. Read more

HANDMADE DETAILS The little details meant the most to me, and boy did we spend time on them! All of our wooden signs were created by my handy husband and my artist of a mother. My dad handmade our “guestbook” which was 7 different woods created into the shape of Nebraska for our guests to si… Read more

Something happened. It was June, then it was September. We were in a wedding planning “holding pattern” where we were too far out to make any hard-and-fast arrangements, and then, somehow, everything needed to be done all at once. Truly, I have no idea how it happened. It’s baffling.   Read more

The threat of rain didn't dampen the day for a beautiful countryside venue. The bride wore the same gown her mother was married in. You can see the amazing mother/daughter relationship they had and what a special moment this day was for them.  Read more

HOW WE MET Zach and I met in high school. We dated for 8 years before we finally became husband and wife! It has been a long journey, but we have truly grown up together and that has made our relationship stronger and sweeter. Read more

In 2012 Laurie and Colin's love story all started in a place most stories stay; Sin City. Laurie was attending a bachelorette party and Colin a bachelor party on the same weekend. Laurie a California girl, and Colin a Pacific Northwest guy, Las Vegas was their matchmaker and it was love at f… Read more

If the essence of romance is what you want your guests to experience, soft color palettes of blush, cream and pink set an elegant tone. Add dimension to the design of the space with a mix of silver stemware, metal vases and silver candelabra. For a very sleek and modern look, add geometric e… Read more

Dr. & Mr. Bourbon and Bouquets wanted to capture their story in a romantic, sophisticated, fashionable, yet fun and and whimsical way. Read: Vogue/GQ editorial style images. They picked a venue to fit their modern vibe. And finding the perfect attire meant adding two new outfits to their… Read more

HOW WE MET David and I met through our mutual friend, Steph. She went to high school with David and put in the good word for him. Read more

Well it's safe to say WE have a soft spot for weddings with a modern vibe. Take this elegant Jewish wedding in a downtown venue for example. Read more

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