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Posted: Friday, February 1, 2013 12:00 am

Sarpy County’s delegation of five state senators introduced 34 legislative bills for the 103rd session of the Nebraska Legislature.

Overall, the Legislature saw 655 bills and six constitutional amendments introduced this session. Last Wednesday, the 10th day of the session, was the final day for bills to be introduced, and hearings have already begun.

The Legislature will consider bills through June 5, unless the speaker revises the session calendar. Senators have until Feb. 16 to identify priority bills.

Here’s a summary of what each of the Sarpy County senators introduced:

John Murante (District 49 – Grenta)

Ÿ LB 61 would prevent the delay of notice required by the Financial Data Protection and Consumer Notification of Data Security Breach Act of 2006 to the attorney general.

Ÿ LB 349 would require write-in candidates for president to file an application and would allow access to the general election ballot for nonpartisan presidential candidates.

Ÿ LB 350 would add two members to the Nebraska Police Standards Advisory Council.

Ÿ LB 509 would change the Learning Community Coordinating Council to have one member elected directly by voters from each school district

Ÿ LB 646 would allow election subdistricts for public power districts serving a majority of rural customers or operating irrigation works to be formed along county or precinct borders if rural users or electricity or users of irrigation would not be prejudiced.

Jim Smith (District 14 – Papillion)

Ÿ LB 175 would allow the chair of the Legislature’s Revenue Committee to represent Nebraska under the streamlined sales and use tax agreement

Ÿ LB 176 would phase out military retirement income from taxable income beginning with a 10 percent exemption in 2014 and resulting in a complete exemption in 2023.

Ÿ LB 177 would authorize the Commission of Labor to investigate and assess fines for employers in violation of the Nebraska Wage Payment and Collection Act.

Ÿ LB 225 would adopt the Newborn Critical Congenial Heart Disease Screening Act to require such screening within 29 days of a child’s birth.

Ÿ LB 226 would require dealers of precious metals and gems to obtain permits and to provide law enforcement with a daily ledger of purchases as well as fingerprints of those from whom they purchase precious items.

Ÿ LB 378 would eliminate the collection of a $5 fee for speciality license plates that goes to the Nebraska Veteran Cemetery System Operation Fund.

Ÿ LB 478 would require at least 25 percent funds from the Access College Early Scholarship Program Act benefit students in skilled and technical sciences programs.

Ÿ LB 584 would adopt disability guidelines published by the Work Loss Data Institute and would require dispute on the reasonableness and necessity of treatments be resolved by an independent medical examiner.

Ÿ LB 585 would reduce the size of the Learning Community Coordinating Council to six members of those school boards of districts and make other changes to the structure of the Learning Community of Douglas and Sarpy Counties.

Bill Kintner (District 2 – Papillion)

Ÿ LB 178 would eliminate the free transportation requirements for school districts for certain students using Open Enrollment through the Learning Community.

Ÿ LB 179 would dissolve the Learning Community of Douglas and Sarpy Counties and distribute its property and records to member school districts.

Ÿ LB 227 would phase out the taxing of retirement income, beginning with a one-third exemption in 2014 and resulting in a complete exemption in 2016.

Ÿ LB 293 would make any information collected by the state on firearm permits and licenses not subject to public disclosure.

Ÿ LB 482 would prohibit the state and local governments from adopting policies that infringe on private property rights without due process.

Ÿ LB 558 would permit challenges to unconstitutional taxes and penalties within 12 months of the tax or penalty being levied or assessed.

Sue Crawford (District 45 – Bellevue)

Ÿ LB 238 would exempt some or all of Social Security and certain retirement income from federal taxes for those making less than certain income thresholds.

Ÿ LB 321 would remove a requirement that disabled police officers use annual or sick leave and similar credits before disability pension benefits are paid.

Ÿ LB 368 would create the Subsidized Employment Pilot Program for dependent children eligible for state aid to provide an incentive for employers to provide work experience.

Ÿ LB 429 would require the disclosure of state contracts online in a searchable website.

Ÿ LB 430 would provide eligibility for dependent children, child care subsidy and Welfare Reform Act benefits to those with liquid assets of no more than $25,000.

Ÿ LB 581 would collect an additional 0.5 percent fee on amounts in excess of $3,000 remitted each month to cover the cost of collecting the use tax on motor vehicles.

Scott Price (District 3 – Bellevue)

Ÿ LB 317 would require the Sarpy, Douglas and Lancaster county assessors to inspect and review real property at least once every three years instead of every six years.

Ÿ LB 432 would appropriate $10,000 to provide funding for the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunities for Military Children.

Ÿ LB 433 would require a report to the secretary of state and written procedures to be created for ballots cast by residents of nursing homes and hospitals.

Ÿ LB 434 would create a registry of persons with special needs by emergency management agencies to plan for assistance and declare such registries to not be subject to public disclosure.

Ÿ LB 594 would place the management of the Nebraska Veterans’ Aid Fund under the Nebraska Investment Council instead of the Board of Educational Lands and Funds.

Ÿ LB 595 would commission a Public Service Commission study of issues surrounding next-generational 911 service using Internet-based technologies.

Ÿ LB 596 would add a $5 fee for license plates for military associations to benefit the Nebraska Veteran Cemetery System Operation Fund while removing such a fee for Purple Heart recipients.

Ÿ LB 623 would require county boards to accept the lowest responsible bidders for those bridge and road projects in excess of $150,000 and for materials in excess of $20,000.

For a complete list of bills introduced, as well as information on hearings and bill status, visit

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