Featured Story

Rolly Yost remembers doing search and rescue operations across the county before there was a dedicated team for such work.

Yost, a captain with the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office, now leads the 10-person search and rescue team within the department.

The Gretna Knights of Columbus will sponsor a community blood drive in September.


30 Days

We’re all skilled in the delicate art of comparing ourselves with others to feel better about ourselves. In a sense, it justifies your existence — makes you feel like you deserve to be here.

60 Days

About 60 Gretna Public Schools students attended a weeklong theater program, put on production of "Sleeping Beauty."

90 Days

Journey Church is looking for a place to call home.

Members of the Gretna church have pledged $1.2 million, with about half of that already received, to purchase land that will eventually be the site of their own building.