A state senator surveyed corrections employees and found widespread dissatisfaction with recent pay increases ordered by Gov. Pete Ricketts. As a result, State Sen. Anna Wishart, whose Lincoln district includes four state prisons, said she is planning to introduce a bill to improve salaries across the board for state prison workers.

Nebraska’s methamphetamine problem that erupted in the early 2000s subsided for a time but never went away. The problem remains daunting. Law enforcement, courts, medical facilities and substance abuse counselors all carry a heavy load in working to address it.

The personal misery, loss of life and community harm stemming from the opioid (prescription painkiller) crisis continue to mount. Although the Midlands commendably have taken important proactive steps, our area has not been spared from harm.

Nebraska lawmakers created the position of inspector general for child welfare in 2012 to receive complaints, conduct investigations and provide the public with information about problems and successes in how the state handles cases involving vulnerable children.

Sen. Curt Friesen announced Monday he will run for re-election to the Legislature. Friesen was elected in 2014 to represent Legislative District 34 in central Nebraska, including all of Hamilton, Merrick and Nance Counties and a portion of Hall County.

Illegal drugs continue to make their way into prisons. They’re hard to keep out, even in heavily monitored, controlled environments. The most effective prisons gather solid intelligence about inmate drug dealers and use prison guards to sweep cells and common areas to find and confiscate drugs.

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