The Record: Bankruptcies, April 22

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Posted: Tuesday, April 22, 2014 12:00 am

Four bankruptcy categories listed are: Chapter 7, bankruptcy involving liquidation of nonexempt assets; Chapter 11, plan permitting reorganization of financial affairs under court supervision for an individual engaged in business or for a company (asset and liability schedules are not always filed with initial petition); Chapter 12, plan permitting farmers and ranchers to reorganize their financial affairs under court supervision (asset and liability schedules are not always filed with initial petition); Chapter 13, bankruptcy that provides a plan for repaying a portion of debts over an extended time.

John L. and Helen M. Feeney, 2745 Vane St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Guadalupe Briceno and Irma Lara de Briceno, 2215 H St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Alex Jr. and Isabella D. Johnson, 1104 Horseshoe Circle, Papillion, Chapter 13.

Neil M. and Jackie L. Chambers, 501 West P St., Weeping Water, Neb., Chapter 13.

Ryan M. and Jennifer R. Magnuson, 17554 Parker Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 13.

Robert J. and Jessicca L. Adamson, 5068 S. 159th St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Donald O. and Jill E. Heine, 15508 Windsor Drive, Omaha, Chapter 13.

Christopher P. and Kallen R. Cannon, 14212 Monroe Circle, Omaha, Chapter 13.

Lavern E. Jr. and Karen A. Cline, 2407 N. Sheridan, Grand Island, Neb., Chapter 13.

Gary P. and Lana Svoboda, 2011 Harwood St., Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Erick D. and Latrina L. Abernathy, 6747 Florence Blvd., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Christopher L. and Laurie E. Willman, 12317 B St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Dennis R. and Linda K. Morris, 8312 N. 36th St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Herbert P. II and Lora L. Stahl, 1668 Nebraska St., Blair, Neb., Chapter 13.

John A. and Melody A. Albertsen, 4807 Glasgow Ave., Bellevue, Chapter 13.

Alan G. and Melody L. Gagner, 300 C St., Eagle, Neb., Chapter 13.

Aaron M. and Nicole R. Hanson, 1926 Bateman, Hastings, Neb., Chapter 13.

Douglas D. and Paula K. Dormer, 3001 S. 51st St., Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Carl B. and Peggy L. Evans, 17460 Dayton St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Timothy M. and Rebecca L. Hellbusch, 2213 W. Eugene Ave., North Platte, Neb., Chapter 13.

Patrick E. and Ronda L. Distin, 13928 Washington Circle, Omaha, Chapter 13.

Roy M. and Tamara L. Medbery, 705 W. 24th St., Scottsbluff, Neb., Chapter 13.

Christopher P. and Tanya M. Palmquist, 217 N. 49th, Omaha, Chapter 13.

Pedro D. and Taylor L. Flores, 8810 Spaulding Circle, Omaha, Chapter 13.

Robert E. and Tracy L. Johnson, 421 N. High St., Wilber, Neb., Chapter 13.

Gale G. and Tylene R. Garner, 720 James St., Tryon, Neb., Chapter 13.

Donald A. and Valerie J. Case, 12713 Deborah Circle, Omaha, Chapter 13.

Delbert E. and Waunita L. Hansen, 519 N. Osborn Ave., Oakland, Neb., Chapter 13.

Ronald L. Rairden Jr., 927 N. 21st, Beatrice, Neb., Chapter 13.

Richard E. Wade Jr., 1115 O St., Auburn, Neb., Chapter 13.

John C. Brazau, 3411 Cascade Circle, Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Nicole M. Nordhues, 703 W. Eighth St., Grand Island, Neb., Chapter 13.

David A. DeYong, 601 S. 29th St., Lincoln, Chapter 13.

James E. Koci, 1267 41st Ave., Columbus, Neb., Chapter 13.

Beth A. Coon, P.O. Box 105, Otoe, Neb., Chapter 13.

Nit Wang, 9058 Allison Court, Westminster, Colo., Chapter 13.

Jamie E. Longwell, 300 G St., Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Maureen G. Beltran, 2521 N. 46th St., Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Pamela Mick, 2741 S. 39th St., Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Mary L. Swanson, 741 N. Hastings, Hastings, Neb., Chapter 13.

Christopher W. Snover, 1015 W. 21st St., Kearney, Neb., Chapter 13.

Scott J. Schneider, 5501 S. 42nd St. Court, Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Nancy A. Anderson, 219 Coates, Crawford, Neb., Chapter 13.

Kathy L. Abbott, 1319 S. 6th St., Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Jeffrey D. Badorek, 2701 N. 65th St., Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Mark A. Hall, 1015 W. Anna St., Grand Island, Neb., Chapter 13.

Elizabeth M. Patterson, 2721 E St., Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Kathleen M. Sheridan, 918 Sumner St., Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Anna Lysenko, 2635 S. 11th St., Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Jessica J. McHugh, 4973 Starr, Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Greg L Duncan, 1020 W. Anna St., Grand Island, Neb., Chapter 13.

Jo`Dell West, 1910 Blake St., Grand Island, Neb., Chapter 13.

Trina D. McCall, 622 N. 14th St., Ashland, Neb., Chapter 13.

Teng Santino Teng, 640 N. 26th St., Lincoln, Chapter 13.

James M. Manternach, 703 E. Eighth St., Chadron, Neb., Chapter 13.

Michael G. Mills, 1509 Elk St., Beatrice, Neb., Chapter 13.

Elizabeth R. Flink, 1540 N. 23rd St., Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Cindra L. Bigley, 9006 Burt St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Jennifer A. Johnson, 14878 Giles Road, Omaha, Chapter 13.

Brandon S. Edwards, 6723 Vernon Ave., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Deborah L. Leedom, 1215 W. Linden Ave., Fremont, Neb., Chapter 13.

Matthew S. Horstman, 14535 Seward St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Christine Holmes, 6036 S. 36th Ave., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Patrick T. MacDonald, 9223 Maplewood Blvd., Omaha, Chapter 13.

DeShawndra C. Boatman, 7352 N. 28th Ave., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Julia R. Belt, 6640 Crown Point Ave., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Kenneth B. Cera, 1711 S. 138th St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Roxanne M. Koci, 12005 Williams Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 13.

Carol P. Packard, 2008 N. 70th Ave., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Terri L. Russell-Dosseh, 5833 N. 24th St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Richard D. Abell, 5651 Grant St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Margaret C. Kearney, 14924 Manderson Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 13.

Kimberly A. Schrader, 2518 S. 62nd St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Rebecca L. Tsuji, 4140 N. 65th St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Carl J. Swiener, 4846 Boyd St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Nichole R. Plum, 2862 Crown Point Ave., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Joy L. Safford, 5024 Pratt St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Mary C. Gallagher, 5106 Grover St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Patricia A. Olmstead, 4515 Grand Ave., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Cornelia Watson, 3919 Miami St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Brian D. Schmoldt, 12746 C St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Jarrod L. Ashmore, 13414 Schirra St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Mary L. Larsen, 10932 Curtis Ave., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Raylyn M. Ramsgard, 8603 N. 30th St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Connie L. Thomas, 4515 Ridgeway Road, Omaha, Chapter 13.

Martha J. Jankoski, 3903 Arbor St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Tina M. Youngblood, 4207 Ohio St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Debra M. Anderson, 3536 N. 175th Court, Omaha, Chapter 13.

Dwayne L. Ross, 5029 N. 57th St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Anthony F. Marion, 2002 N. 40th St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Melissa M. Daffer, 5381 S. 194th St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Shawntrese D. Simmons, 5713 Camden Ave., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Nancy J. Boyles, 547 E. Second St., Fremont, Neb., Chapter 13.

Jacqueline R. Johnson, 3735 N. 40th Ave., Omaha, Chapter 13.

David M. Stack, 10708 Borman Circle, Omaha, Chapter 13.

Margaret M. Brandt, 1304 N. 112th Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 13.

Grenoda S. Shannon, 4417 N. 60th Ave., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Wendy L. Korene, 5435 Bay Meadows Road, Ralston, Chapter 13.

Harry Hoch, 6264 Pine St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Paula A. Pogge, 2115 S. 48th Ave., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Tracey L. Marsh, 4932 Evans St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Roxanne M. Betts, 306 S. William St., Fremont, Neb., Chapter 13.

Arthur J. Green, 2724 Newport Ave., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Candida E. Lopez, 6709 N. 35th St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Louis C. Dittmar Jr., 8401 S. 235th St., Gretna, Chapter 13.

Demaris K. Sand, 4247 Mason St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Adora M. Greene, 415 Paxton Blvd., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Kevin R. Wells, 5818 Weir St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Jay D. and Amber T. Jensen, 206 W. Fourth St., Atlantic, Iowa, Chapter 7.

Randall L. Sr. and Barbara S. Dill, 501 Pine St., Atlantic, Iowa, Chapter 7.

Sidney J. and Brenda L. Kibler, 2143 Eighth Ave., Council Bluffs, Chapter 7.

Shawna M. and Christopher J. Hawkins, 220 N. 40th St., Council Bluffs, Chapter 7.

Gary D. Sr. and Collette M. Chambers, 316 S. 26th St., Council Bluffs, Chapter 7.

Lisa M. and Hillary N. Varnes-Rex, 3201 Renner Drive, Council Bluffs, Chapter 7.

Victor A. and India D. Stephens, 104 E. Walnut St., Red Oak, Iowa, Chapter 7.

Keith A. Yeoman and Jami J. Burgess-Yeoman, 2204 Ave. F, Council Bluffs, Chapter 7.

Donald R. Sr. and Jamie R. Ohsner, 3001 Hopi Drive, Council Bluffs, Chapter 7.

Adam L. and Jessica A. Burgess, 3016 Sixth Ave., Council Bluffs, Chapter 7.

Martin E. and Lacey M. Tiarks, 24652 Richfield Loop, Council Bluffs, Chapter 7.

David A. and Lucy L. Govig, 700 S. Fourth St., Red Oak, Iowa, Chapter 7.

Joan F. Ellerbeck, P.O. Box 445, Avoca, Iowa, Chapter 7.

Nicholas C. Rickard, 914 25th Ave., Council Bluffs, Chapter 7.

Ruthalee Osborn, 2545 Ave. M, Council Bluffs, Chapter 7.

Helen M. Dreier, 24 E. Kanesville Blvd., Council Bluffs, Chapter 7.

Jamie L. Gustafson, 223 W. Third St., Logan, Iowa, Chapter 7.

Kimberly M. Miller, 424 Ridge Road North, Council Bluffs, Chapter 7.

Kasie M. Kilibarda, 418 S. Gates St., Oakland, Iowa, Chapter 7.

Crystal R. Madden, 505 Davenport St., Shelby, Iowa, Chapter 7.

Taylor E. Mihalenko, 3320 10th Ave., Council Bluffs, Chapter 7.

Mary M. Cleaver, 3314 Ave. D, Council Bluffs, Chapter 7.

Norberto Z. Solorio, 2511 Third Ave., Council Bluffs, Chapter 7.

Amy J. Petersen, 2216 110th St., Audubon, Iowa, Chapter 7.

Nicholas L. Weatherill, 914 25th Ave., Council Bluffs, Chapter 7.

Carol J. Snipes, 2327 Raymond Ave., Council Bluffs, Chapter 7.

Christopher A. Madsen, 100 Grace St., Council Bluffs, Chapter 7.

Michaelanne M. Morrison, 1854 Pike Trail, Woodbine, Iowa, Chapter 7.

Jill D. Luciano, 109 Park Ave., Council Bluffs, Chapter 7.

Zella P. Pierce, 2310 Sherwood, Council Bluffs, Chapter 7.

Donald A. and Dee A. Slater, 811 Nuckolls, Glenwood, Iowa, Chapter 13.

Dale L. Hurt and Honoree J. McGinnis-Hurt, 3704 Neptune Drive, Carter Lake, Chapter 13.

Jeffrey L. and Teresa L. Osborne, 18388 Sunnydale Road, Council Bluffs, Chapter 13.

William E. Painter Jr., 510 N. Walnut St., Glenwood, Iowa, Chapter 13.

Merlene G. Nordby, 605 E. Market St., Red Oak, Iowa, Chapter 13.

Matthew D. Cross, 1616 Fifth Ave., Council Bluffs, Chapter 13.

Duane A. Lauer, 1950 110th St., Corning, Iowa, Chapter 12.

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