The Record: Bankruptcies, April 21

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Posted: Monday, April 21, 2014 12:00 am

Four bankruptcy categories listed are: Chapter 7, bankruptcy involving liquidation of nonexempt assets; Chapter 11, plan permitting reorganization of financial affairs under court supervision for an individual engaged in business or for a company (asset and liability schedules are not always filed with initial petition); Chapter 12, plan permitting farmers and ranchers to reorganize their financial affairs under court supervision (asset and liability schedules are not always filed with initial petition); Chapter 13, bankruptcy that provides a plan for repaying a portion of debts over an extended time.

Jennifer L. Davison, P.O. Box 94, Wilber, Neb., Chapter 7.

Brenda L. Whitton, 409 E. Ashland, Wallace, Neb., Chapter 7.

Connie F. Lyions, 234 East C St., Hastings, Neb., Chapter 7.

Russell A. Homolka Sr., 78995 475 Ave., Loup City, Neb., Chapter 7.

Anthony S. Hayes, 5273 W. Thatcher Lane, Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Vicente Huerta, 1200 N. Adams St., Lexington, Neb., Chapter 7.

Hope R. Ruzicka, 110 E. 13th St., Grand Island, Neb., Chapter 7.

Tracie L. Harris, 1657 N. Linden, Wahoo, Neb., Chapter 7.

Barbara A. Graves, 1711 Stuhr Road, Grand Island, Neb., Chapter 7.

Marci L. Isom, 605 Park St., Harrisburg, Neb., Chapter 7.

Cheryl L. Beed, 112 W. Philip, Norfolk, Neb., Chapter 7.

Natalie M. Ulm, 17101 Davey Road, Greenwood, Neb., Chapter 7.

Jacquelyn R. Flanagan, 2041 E. Eighth St., York, Neb., Chapter 7.

Emily Howerton, 2300 E. Philip, North Platte, Neb., Chapter 7.

Melissa A. Jandera, 7919 Broadview Drive, Lincoln, Chapter 7.

James D. Wolfe, 3126 Orchard St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Jonathan A. Jacobsen, 5330 Drew Place, Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Melinda M. Young, 1520 20th St., Mitchell, Neb., Chapter 7.

Phillip J. Beck, 748 U.S. Highway 6, Friend, Neb., Chapter 7.

Brian A. Browning, 407 S. Pine Ave., Hastings, Neb., Chapter 7.

Mindy M. Kappel, 14540 Eastbourne, Waverly, Neb., Chapter 7.

Ashley B. Hecht, 1600 Boswell Ave., Crete, Neb., Chapter 7.

Debbie R. Wolkins, 104 Yellowstone Ave., Alliance, Neb., Chapter 7.

Jamie S. Holson, 703 S. York, North Platte, Neb., Chapter 7.

Rodrigo B. Ybarra, P.O. Box 1536, Scottsbluff, Neb., Chapter 7.

Renee J. Schwieger, 405 Arapahoe Ave., Grand Island, Neb., Chapter 7.

Retha A. Reagan, 748 N. Elm St., Ainsworth, Neb., Chapter 7.

Carmen L. Groce, 409 N. Spruce, Gordon, Neb., Chapter 7.

Melissa J. Rule, 5244 Myrtle St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

James A. Gibson, P. O. Box 77, Doniphan, Neb., Chapter 7.

Julie A. Engel, 1310 Claude Road, Grand Island, Neb., Chapter 7.

Shelley R. Jensen, 518 Maberly St., Holdrege, Neb., Chapter 7.

Tammy Standage, 803 Toluca, Alliance, Neb., Chapter 7.

Wyatt A. Ellis, 1421 Third St., Columbus, Neb., Chapter 7.

Sharon K. Troxel, 4312 W. 13th St., Grand Island, Neb., Chapter 7.

Nicholas J. Buss, 1009 N. 14th St., Beatrice, Neb., Chapter 7.

Hilary A. Stout, 622 New Hampshire St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Michael L. Sowders, 3911 S. 32nd Place, Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Michelle R. Goodrich, 3751 Spruce St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Michael G. Bierma, 343 S. Nance Ave., Minden, Neb., Chapter 7.

Nicole L. Anderson, 106 W. Fourth, Paxton, Neb., Chapter 7.

Mark A. Sullivan, 1706 Elk St., Beatrice, Neb., Chapter 7.

Christeen M. Garcia, 1900 4th St., Gering, Neb., Chapter 7.

Breyanne K. Montgomery, 4505 19th St., Columbus, Neb., Chapter 7.

Brian G. Vculek, P. O. Box 133, Fairbury, Neb., Chapter 7.

Brian M. Miller Jr., 504 Monroe St., Kimball, Neb., Chapter 7.

Michelle L. Fuentes, 4520 26th St., Columbus, Neb., Chapter 7.

Elizabeth A. Donahue, 3421 N. 63rd St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Bethany D. Goracke, 1302 West B St., Wymore, Neb., Chapter 7.

Benjamin J. Kadner, 716 N. Bailey Ave., North Platte, Neb., Chapter 7.

Valerie Williams, 3411 Granger Parkway, Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Denise M. Hager, 4151 Normal Blvd., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Brittney J. Siebels, 739 S. 21st St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Ivette F. Tirado, 3418 DeAnn Road, Grand Island, Neb., Chapter 7.

Melanie J. Hooks, 4626 Eden Circle, Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Harold D. Robbins, 31686 Old 34, Haigler, Neb., Chapter 7.

Lisa A. Biancalana, P.O. Box 131, Roseland, Neb., Chapter 7.

Shirley Van Metre, 1229 Hackberry St., Wahoo, Neb., Chapter 7.

Marcella A. Smalley, 9020 W. Denton Road, Denton, Neb., Chapter 7.

Shantell M. Robinson, 3644 Hartman Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Travis A. Spencer, 610 W. 23rd, Fremont, Neb., Chapter 7.

Kris A. Hanson, 7706 Bondesson St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Sean K. Cahow, 10916 N. 61st St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Elizabeth L. Guthrie, 530 S. Lewis, Pierce, Neb., Chapter 7.

Brenda R. Dusek, 9825 Centennial Plaza, La Vista, Chapter 7.

Johnathan J. Durfey, 11811 Amerado Blvd., Bellevue, Chapter 7.

George Viramontes, 14624 Pratt Court, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Jasmine N. Nero, 6708 Florence Blvd., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Kiaqunta M. Clayton, 3730 Laurel Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Shellena Tretheway, 3543 N. 57th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Mary J. Zuhlke, P.O. Box 114, Crofton, Neb., Chapter 7.

Joshua J. Paulson, 1120 E. First St., Fremont, Neb., Chapter 7.

Marielle D. Rone, 5553 Mayberry St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

James P. O’Rourke, 17008 Hawthorne Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Tawny A. Bradley, 6003 Laurel Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Karen M. Wermers, 612 N. 46th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Harvey R. Rider, 901 North I St., Fremont, Neb., Chapter 7.

Marilyn R. Martinez, 240 South L St., Fremont, Neb., Chapter 7.

Judith A. Mercier, 1725 Bellevue Blvd. North, Bellevue, Chapter 7.

Ronny L. Armitage, 403 S. Spencer, Hoskins, Neb., Chapter 7.

Monika M. Bailey, 3112 S. 69th Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Peggy A. Fisher, 1290 Creekview Court, St. Cloud, Fla., Chapter 7.

Nicholas R. Swanson, 2631 N. 157th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Nicholas J. Harmel, 2037 E. Seventh St., Fremont, Neb., Chapter 7.

Bryan D. Zimmer, 9726 Ohern Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Horst A. Pikschus, 824 N. 46th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Justin A. Johnson, 1502 Mark St., Plattsmouth, Neb., Chapter 7.

Dennis Fritz, 9721 Linden Ave., Bellevue, Chapter 7.

Gene E. Bergstrom, 216 Bryan St., Gretna, Chapter 7.

Terri A. Arrison, P.O. Box 1093, Bellevue, Chapter 7.

James A. Washington Jr., 6111 S. 194th Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Travis R. Johnson, 8113 S. 87th St., La Vista, Chapter 7.

John E. Edwards, 4223 N. 94th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Karyl E. Rammel, 503 Chateau Drive, Bellevue, Chapter 7.

Kendra F. Johnson, 10059 Armstrong Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Lindsay J. Bockert, 4049 N. 81st Ave. Circle, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Joshua W. Banks, 402 E. Broadway St., Randolph, Neb., Chapter 7.

Adrienne R. Keys, P.O. Box 11151, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Molly A. Christianson, 1031 Turner Blvd., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Silvia I. Santiago, 411 E. 16th Ave., Bellevue, Chapter 7.

Matthew L. Thomas, 5776 W. Highway 30, Fremont, Neb., Chapter 7.

Sarah E. Van Horn, 1735 E. First St., Fremont, Neb., Chapter 7.

Bruce V. Main, 214 N. 10th St., Plattsmouth, Neb., Chapter 7.

Kristen M. Gilbert, 1403 Bluff St., Bellevue, Chapter 7.

Earl E. Wunderlich, 10903 Paul Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Roland D. Schlaht II, 7057 Binney St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Timothy E. Smith, 9509 S Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Shoshann D. Lyncook, 3609 S. 121st St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Jennifer D. Ginn, 19020 R St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Dale A. Ulmer, 819 Avenue C, Plattsmouth, Neb., Chapter 7.

Trevor L. Bissell, 1514 N. 56th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Misty R. Costello, 7414 S. 41st St., Bellevue, Chapter 7.

Stephanie J. Sheridan, 9314 Spring St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Aaron J. Geiger, 401 Elm St., Uehling, Neb., Chapter 7.

Luke M. Edmonds, 301 Second Ave., Plattsmouth, Neb., Chapter 7.

Stacie J. Newton, 1145 N. Garfield St., Fremont, Neb., Chapter 7.

Roxanne Gonzales, 2522 S. 30th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Chelsey R. Heatherington, 5201 S. 83rd St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Gina A. Vincentini, 6426 N. 105th Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Justin B. Faller, 10537 Pratt Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Stephanie M. Holton, 6132 Pinkney St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Yvonne R. Warren, 8519 Sheffield St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Chadwick A. Paeper, 2168 K Ave., Pender, Neb., Chapter 7.

Trina L. James, 15012 Mormon St., Bennington, Chapter 7.

Nathaniel R. Bullington, 11209 Harney St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Kodjovi Agbenyo Tsogbe, 2868 Titus Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Shatica A. Tealer, 3312 N. 54th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Kevin R. Kaspar, 16111 Shirley St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Jerry Hankins, 6918 N. 39th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Suzan K. Sloan, 4335 S. 26th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

JaVonna N. Gamble, 4150 Davenport St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Jessica M. Foster, 1425 E. Sixth St., Fremont, Neb., Chapter 7.

Kristian M. Kreps, 3476 Ruggles St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Teresa L. McCaul, 1130 Delmar St., Papillion, Chapter 7.

Rosalee Keaton, 5406 St. Richards Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Barbara M. Stoner, 7350 Graceland Drive, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Cory A. Bailes, 6033 Woolworth Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Jennifer M. Schaben, 1730 Hillside Drive, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Laura A. Knight, 14535 L St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Amanda K. Kinsella, 12806 Josephine St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Michele M. Parker, 830 N. 124th Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Mustafa Rakibuddin Ahmed, 11414 Corby Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Mitchell L. Boyer, 2512 S. 152nd Circle, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Kenvi D. Mahone, 9365 Pratt Circle, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Mary F. Nelson, P.O. Box 116, Fort Calhoun, Neb., Chapter 7.

Robbie T. Pigue, 4310 N. 52nd St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Aaron C. Jensen, 8706 Read St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Paula Rost, 903 Dundee Court, Bellevue, Chapter 7.

Judith A. Orendorff, 15551 Adams St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Toni C. Kelsey, 2570 Newport Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Benjamin J. Sieff, 2309 S. 32nd Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Todd M. Porter, P.O. Box 545, Wisner, Neb., Chapter 7.

Bryce T. Olsen, 318 N. Second, Pierce, Neb., Chapter 7.

Jessica R. Eblin, 1104 Surrey Road, Papillion, Chapter 7.

Teresa D. Castillo, 4406 S. 26th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Debra L. McDavid, 4415 N. 60th Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Amanda J. Farrens, 2600 N. Laverna St., Fremont, Neb., Chapter 7.

Ronald J. Wheeler, 122 Park Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Ami Salou, 1214 Applewood Drive, Papillion, Chapter 7.

Gia E. Stevens, 1112 Ironwood Court, Bellevue, Chapter 7.

Wanda N. Hanks, 304 East Woodland Ave., Plainview, Neb., Chapter 7.

Katie M. Taylor, 3763 S. 78th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Lea E. Aragon, 10916 Spaulding Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Bridget M. Coffey, 4907 S. 90th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Melissa D. Stevens, 20210 Clevland Circle, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Alberto Luna, 5450 S. 77th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Mark C. Amidon, 1706 Hillside Drive, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Kelly C. Wendt, 5022 S. 190th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Jillian R. Stucky, 407 N. Osborn Ave., Oakland, Neb., Chapter 7.

Feliciano I. Martinez, 6717 Hillcrest Lane, La Vista, Chapter 7.

Jessica M. Edwards, 6331 Binney St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Cristal E. Perea, 9516 Holmes Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Marcos and Arelhi Vallesillo, 4514 S. 18th St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

David A. and Catherine A. Farrow, 4222 S. 29th St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Kelly R. and Cathrine E. Banning, 7034 N. 113th Court, Omaha, Chapter 13.

Theodore and Cheryl Whited, 1242 Park Wild Ave., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Andrew F. and Christina A. Hempfling, 222 S. East St., Malcolm, Neb., Chapter 13.

Shawn T. and Cynthia Little, 18898 E. Pickrell Road, Crab Orchard, Neb., Chapter 13.

Bruce P. and Debora A. Tagwerker, 4954 Glenmorrie Circle, Bellevue, Chapter 13.

Donald D. and Deborah A. Flessner, 572 Seventh St., Unadilla, Neb., Chapter 13.

Steven L. and Denise Ashby, 5100 M St., Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Douglas S. and Ellen R. Johnson, 5644 S. 111th St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Tanner D. and Faith A. Hanson, 4236 NW 49th St., Lincoln, Chapter 13.

William M. Windom and Gwendolynn L. Hall, 5311 Laurel Ave., Omaha, Chapter 13.

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