Bankruptcies, Sept. 9 - Money

Bankruptcies, Sept. 9

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Posted: Monday, September 9, 2013 12:00 am

Four bankruptcy categories listed are: Chapter 7, bankruptcy involving liquidation of nonexempt assets; Chapter 11, plan permitting reorganization of financial affairs under court supervision for an individual engaged in business or for a company (asset and liability schedules are not always filed with initial petition); Chapter 12, plan permitting farmers and ranchers to reorganize their financial affairs under court supervision (asset and liability schedules are not always filed with initial petition); Chapter 13, bankruptcy that provides a plan for repaying a portion of debts over an extended time.

Jessica L. Hruza, 5320 W. Kingsley St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Joshua N. Sypher, P.O. Box 1072, Norfolk, Neb., Chapter 7.

John R. Schneider, P.O. Box 151, Brule, Neb., Chapter 7.

Angela M. Taylor, 720 L St., Fairbury, Neb., Chapter 7.

Samantha E. Malouf, 1935 W. Eighth St., Hastings, Neb., Chapter 7.

Gary L. Burlison, 907 S. 31st St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Bryan A. Ryder, 700 Blue Sage Blvd., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Shawn A. Combs, 5683 State Highway 27, Gordon, Neb., Chapter 7.

Margaret A. Swiener, 1666 142nd Road, Columbus, Neb., Chapter 7.

Norma L. Long, 2601 S. 58th St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Hunter A. Gray, 415 Colorado, Hastings, Neb., Chapter 7.

Stacy A. Lee, General Delivery, Columbus, Neb., Chapter 7.

Daniel D. Hofmann, 1310 Impala Drive, Norfolk, Neb., Chapter 7.

Mark K. DeSpain, 4 Windsor Drive, Hastings, Neb., Chapter 7.

Edward F. Alves III, 78581 Highway 2, Mason City, Neb., Chapter 7.

Christina L. Crawford, 5901 Palomino Lane, Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Tacie M. Hawkins, P.O. Box 685, Wood Lake, Neb., Chapter 7.

David A. Hibbs Sr., 718 E. Second St., Hastings, Neb., Chapter 7.

Teresa C. Rhods, 929 N. 68th St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

James D. Sell, 2610 Garfield, Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Thomas W. Oyler, 1208 E. 11th St., Cozad, Neb., Chapter 7.

Phyllis A. Ochoa, 936 D St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

TaLaia N. Phillips, 2291 Holdrege St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Nicholas C. Frizzell-Pratt, 5705 Otoe St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Darcie A. Christensen, 410 Brookside Drive, Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Robert J. Wing, 700 W. Allison Court, Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Sarah E. Coble, 408 W. Koenig, Grand Island, Neb., Chapter 7.

Anna L. White, 702 W. Cedar, Sutton, Neb., Chapter 7.

Harold J. Helwick Jr., 621 Tilden St., Holdrege, Neb., Chapter 7.

Travis R. Fullerton, 7531 Road, Bayard, Neb., Chapter 7.

Ronelle L. Steele, 3703 Chadd Court, Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Rebecca M. Warland, 290 S. Third St., David City, Neb., Chapter 7.

Ronald E. Cary, 205 N. Saunders St., Blue Springs, Neb., Chapter 7.

Renell I. Pizarro Jr., 2957 Starr St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Merrie H. Whitaker, 444 N. 32nd St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Michelle J. Egr, 404 A St., Schuyler, Neb., Chapter 7.

Amanda J. Cordova, 1545 Irving St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Tracy L. Arthaloney, 1417 Sumner St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

James E. Dayley, 150302 Spring Creek Road, Mitchell, Neb., Chapter 7.

Mary R. Rowell, P.O. Box 194, Plymouth, Neb., Chapter 7.

Josefina Navarrete, 311 W. Sixth St., Lexington, Neb., Chapter 7.

Marie A. Aumiller, P.O. Box 354, Harvard, Neb., Chapter 7.

William J. Davlin, 726 Seventh St., Fullerton, Neb., Chapter 7.

Huyennga T. Nguyen, 2927 N. 65th St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Susan F. Husa, 418 11th St., Pawnee City, Neb., Chapter 7.

Britany T. Williams, 1003 Pennsylvania Ave., Norfolk, Neb., Chapter 7.

Martha L. Burgess, P.O. Box 22, Benkelman, Neb., Chapter 7.

Leola B. Jones, 5224 Bedford Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Renate E. Smith, 712 Willow Ave., Bellevue, Chapter 7.

Jeffrey E. Reese, 2048 N. 66th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Colene M. Bushon, 9155 Ogden St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Edward Bauer, P.O. Box 421, Valley, Neb., Chapter 7.

John J. Segobia, 5411 Seward St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Wendy A. Roberts, 1504 F St., Tekamah, Neb., Chapter 7.

John J. Romano, 607 N. 40th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Kathleen A. Falk, 532 S. 50th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Martha L. Carter, 3045 Ida St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Charelle J. Marion, 5421 S. 29th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Clifton W. Jackson, 2218 Mid Lake Drive, Union, Neb., Chapter 7.

Sarah J. Borgelt, 720 N. 18th St., Blair, Neb., Chapter 7.

Thomas H. Franssen Jr., 1110 Olivia Drive, Eagle, Neb., Chapter 7.

Danette M. Wilds, 8620 N. 31st St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Tracy C. Hall, 9137 Ames Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Juan Mario Guzman Rios, 2417 K St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Gwendolyn M. Dodge, 15010 Giles Road, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Chynna C. Dean, 113 N. 87th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Sally A. Perkins, 4327 Shirley St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Teri P. Spence, 5027 S. 150th Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Henrietta M. Joseph, 14844 Giles Road, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Hannah M. Dobler, 2037 N. 67th, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Ramon M. Martinez, 2703 Emiline, Bellevue, Chapter 7.

Cheryl L. Seals, 4903 N. 60th Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Maria E. Cruz-Delgado, 2901 S. 60th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Renee M. Harder, P.O. Box 111, North Bend, Neb., Chapter 7.

Sandra K. Michael, 1742 Victoria Lane, Fremont, Neb., Chapter 7.

Kimberley A. Harlan, 2008 N. 69th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Devin L. Morris, 3489 W. 72nd Ave., Westminster, Colo., Chapter 7.

Leslie L. Ryan, 111 S. 39th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Steven A. Koch II, 2955 S. 120th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Jennifer M. Hames, 159 Buckeye Road, Niobrara, Neb., Chapter 7.

Sasha C. Whitelaw, 2901 N. 45th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Brian D. Stratman, 8165 Hascall St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Michael L. Clark, 8348 Hanover St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Danny T. Miller, 10862 Mary St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Brianne N. Bushlow, 236 S. William Ave., Fremont, Neb., Chapter 7.

Alissa J. Hackett, 7436 Blondo St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Charles Mehalik Jr., 8626 S. Glenview Drive, La Vista, Chapter 7.

Morgan L. Dwyer, 1715 N. 84th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Elizabeth S. Krueger, 22417 Tipton St. NW, Elk River, Minn., Chapter 7.

Douglas Landon, 5316 St. Richards Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Christopher L. Tracy, 706 S. 10th St., Tekamah, Neb., Chapter 7.

Darlene A. Gardner, 1029 South St., Blair, Neb., Chapter 7.

Carole L. Rosenbluth, 2407 S. 12th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

John R. James III, 6121 Frederick St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Daniel R. Salazar, 3508 Montrovia Blvd., Bellevue, Chapter 7.

Holly D. Christensen, 2801 S. 179th Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 7.

James J. Andresen, 7512 Poppleton Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Lesley E. Graham, 8903 S. 67th St., Papillion, Chapter 7.

Lillian T. Armstrong, 2734 Bauman Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

James L. Travis, 6363 Grover St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Alberta M. Cleveland, c/o Shereece Dendy 1904 Farnam St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Karl D. Rohling, 108 Heavenly Drive, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Gregory L. Jones, 6525 N. 64th Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Paul V. Bartholome, 3710 Marcy St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Jesus E. Yanez, 3205 W St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Terry A. Stillman, 406 N. 13th St., Tekamah, Neb., Chapter 7.

Kelly M. Brown, P.O. Box 376, Eagle, Neb., Chapter 7.

Nancy E. James, 10220 Corby St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Casey C. Caniglia, 5262 N. 110th Ave. Circle, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Ronda L. Thompson, 2508 Seaton, Fremont, Neb., Chapter 7.

Joseph A. Langer, 26604 O St., Elmwood, Neb., Chapter 7.

Richard A. Huber, 808 Janesview St., Papillion, Chapter 7.

Cheryl L. Greene, 2742 S. 41st St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Josephine M. Payne, 10919 Cottonwood Lane, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Joseph R. Calder, 7412 S. 136th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Bryan A. Buckles, 136 N. 33rd St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Raymond A. Schmidt, 4602 Redick Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Matthew A. Larson, 415 W. Sixth St., Fremont, Neb., Chapter 7.

Jason T. Ritzen, 7226 Joseph Ave., La Vista, Chapter 7.

Misti M. Miller, 3319 Manderson St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Jennifer S. Tapp, 2211 Maple St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Jose A. Gonzalez, 5410 S. 33rd St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Lori L. Lustgraaf, 9330 Laurel Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Artholia J. Davis, 3234 Bedford Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Kena A. Kirksey, 3830 N. 50th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Elida M. Carney, 9512 Bedford Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Sherri M. Sides, 5912 N. 69th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Lisa M. Russell, 14917 Spencer St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Debra L. Anthony, 840 N. 77th Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Cynthia A. Kenney, 301 Bellevue Blvd. N, Bellevue, Chapter 7.

Richard L. White, 12324 Charles St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Teniece L. Donald, 3741 Kansas Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Kathleen M. Aburumuh, 12625 Elm Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Melanie A. McLeod, 2834 S. 34th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Dosson Sosthene Auriol Tchedji, 6205 S. 97th Court, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Tammy J. Hardenberger, P.O. Box 27531, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Charlotte M. Calvin, 10466 Manderson Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Jeannie C. Riley, 1615 Dakota St., Fremont, Neb., Chapter 7.

Brian J. Mixan, 2011 Main St., Bellevue, Chapter 7.

Josvee Guerrero, 600 S. 27th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Mary E. Gumataotao, 2805 Nebraska Drive, Bellevue, Chapter 7.

Desi A. Wools-Holman, 13522 Hickory Circle, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Jorge Guadalupe Paz, 601 S. 16th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Wanda M. Bromley, 12555 Krug Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Alison M. Draper, 120 Meadow Lane, Gretna, Chapter 7.

Megan E. Andrews, 7414 S. 155th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Jennifer N. Trieu, 16497 Grant St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Vennetta M. Mitchell, 4008 Binney St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Earl J. and Aleece N. Shaffer, 2211 13th Ave, Kearney, Neb., Chapter 13.

Charles and Anna M. Idigima, 5218 W. Vance Road, Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Jonathon P. and Brooke A. Schrock, 13803 S. 17th St., Bellevue, Chapter 13.

Albert T. and Cherie A. Fuller, 1214 S. 10th St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Leonard P. and Darla M. Baier, 1558 28th Road, Rosalie, Neb., Chapter 13.

Kevin L. and Deaun M. Click, P.O. Box 26, Union, Neb., Chapter 13.

Bruce F. and Denise K. Cramer, 5815 Madison Ave., Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Claude E. and Gwendolyn K. Walden, 8537 Pinkney St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Nickilos L. and Holly R. McCargar, 502 Gaslight Lane, Bellevue, Chapter 13.

Larry G. and Jeanette K. Winslow, 5448 Sugarberry Court, Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Troy B. and Jennifer A. Appleton, 3633 N. 112th Ave., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Louis P. and Jennifer L. Ferrin, 4228 N. 163rd St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Alfredo Sr. and Julia A. Barrientos, 3218 Duane Ave., Bellevue, Chapter 13.

Scott R. and Kara K. Clark, 441 S. 50th St., Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Patrick A. and Karen J. Paulson, 5820 Madison Ave., Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Roy J. and Kathy J. Hunter, 10742 Borman Circle, Omaha, Chapter 13.

Aaron J. and Lauran L. O'Connor, 10003 Armstrong Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 13.

Paul G. and Leah R. Gadzikowski, 4150 N. 62nd St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

James J. Jr. and Linda L. Walter, 1610 Frederick St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Richard J. and Mary F. Lanning, 105 S. Ninth St., Wymore, Neb., Chapter 13.

George R. and Mary R. Thorpe, 12627 Spaulding Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 13.

Joseph R. and Megan K. Hardy, 4918 Aspen Drive, Omaha, Chapter 13.

Robert B. McCurry and Melanie A. Haynes- McCurry, 3602 N. 21st St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

James N. and Melanie M. Burton, P.O. Box 452, Geneva, Neb., Chapter 13.

Jaime L. Sr. and Michelle L. Harvey, 1308 High St., Beatrice, Neb., Chapter 13.

Austin C. and Paige M. Anderson, 7103 S. 180th Ave., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Ronald G. and Patricia M. Fetkenher, 2058 County Road H, Hooper, Neb., Chapter 13.

Evelyn K. and Robert L. Gould, 5808 Camden Ave., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Joshua D. and Sabrina L. Cowsky, 690 Dale St., Ashland, Neb., Chapter 13.

Gary M. and Sally J. Klingforth, 13067 Patrick Circle, Omaha, Chapter 13.

John M. and Samantha R. Perez, 14824 Willow Creek Drive, Omaha, Chapter 13.

Donald J. and Sheila R. McCutchen, 4824 S. 92nd Ave., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Brian K. and Shelly L. Rapp, 4171 Iowa Ave., Grand Island, Neb., Chapter 13.

Thomas J. and Tammy Vaughter, 8956 Road 48, Potter, Neb., Chapter 13.

James B. and Tina M. Ayars, 2739 N. 122nd Circle, Omaha, Chapter 13.

Donald K. and Troy L. Dougherty, 2100 Independence Drive, Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Donald F. III and Vanessa A.Yechout, 108 W. Main, Pisgah, Iowa, Chapter 13.

Milton Jr. and Yolanda D. Currington, 2514 Bristol St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Nhu H. Nguyen, 2412 Y St., Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Susan K. Franson, 545 B St., Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Teri E. Bogenhagen, 133 East A St., Hastings, Neb., Chapter 13.

Audrey C. Medina, 1809 Third St., Sidney, Neb., Chapter 13.

Delmar L. Harden, 202 W. Fifth St., Bridgeport, Neb., Chapter 13.

Nannette M. Hynes, 3201 S. Willow, North Platte, Neb., Chapter 13.

Jeffery S. Gans, 2945 R St., Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Jennifer J. Burger, 815 Lincoln St., Beatrice, Neb., Chapter 13.

Barbara L. Sullivan, 3851 Eagle Ridge Road, Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Cindy S. Woldt, 5131 Vine St., Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Charles L. Bruner, 501 First St., Barneston, Neb., Chapter 13.

Teresa R. Reinertson, 205 W. 17th St., Lexington, Neb., Chapter 13.

Stephanie R. McAlister, 2701 N. 70th St., Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Heath A. Klassen, 1800 Knox St., Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Jennifer L. Rathmann, 65846 705th Road, Rulo, Neb., Chapter 13.

Terry L. Cunningham, 5419 Ervin St., Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Joseph W. Gillott, Jr., 2950 Q Road, Cook, Neb., Chapter 13.

Patricia J. Martin, 42530 Highway 23, Elwood, Neb., Chapter 13.

Mary A. Jones, 4617 Grassridge Road, Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Patricia A. O'Neill, 3121 N. Hill Road, Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Evelyn A. Aguilar, 2710 N. First St., Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Jessica M. Durfee, 4426 Sante Cruz Lane, McKinsey, Texas, Chapter 13.

Tonja Wendt, 1233 Sunset Drive, Bellevue, Chapter 13.

Jennifer N. Schimonitz, 16506 Gold St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Sammuel L. Loga, 5445 S. 22nd St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Karen K. Hughes, 530 W. Fifth St., Fremont, Neb., Chapter 13.

Diane M. Borsh, 2871 Potter St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Kayla J. Watson, 3748 N. 54th St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Mary F. Carroll, 6112 N. 56th St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Constance Rose, 17120 Cedar Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 13.

Rodrigo Rodriguez, 3511 S. 135th Circle, Omaha, Chapter 13.

Rhonda L. Albon, 8757 Shamrock Road, Omaha, Chapter 13.

Kim M. Ryals, 12314 Stonegate Drive, Omaha, Chapter 13.

Peggy L. Lang, 5059 S. 134th St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Dawn M. Torres, 2612 N. 137th St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Shana J. Gardner, 5522 N. 61st Ave., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Jennifer Horton, 1268 Golden Gate Drive, Papillion, Chapter 13.

Jerry M. Keefe, 11214 Leavenworth St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Tammy S. Schwaller, 905 E. Military, Fremont, Neb., Chapter 13.

Kathleen J. Zoet, P.O. Box 232, Lyons, Neb., Chapter 13.

Gregory J. Klein, 1837 E. Cuming, Fremont, Neb., Chapter 13.

Thomas C. Hogan, 6901 Pratt St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Marnita L. Smallwood, 11393 Evans St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Robert W. Sweet, 1511 Grandview Ave., Papillion, Chapter 13.

Kathy L. Hunter, 6615 N. 64th Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 13.

Tallina S. Estwick, 4811 N. 66th St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Pollyanna Chamberlain, 6314 N. 40th St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Michelle A. Ewing, 6467 Poppleton Ave., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Tracy A. Bevins, 6970 S. 97th Plaza, La Vista, Chapter 13.

Edith M. Allen, 14808 Giles Road, Omaha, Chapter 13.

Anthony T. Rollins, 6711 N. 32nd St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Timothy J. Eckerman, 11412 Valley Drive, Blair, Neb., Chapter 13.

Beverly A. Snyder, P.O. Box 194, North Bend, Neb., Chapter 13.

Donald J. Rennolet, 7704 Seymour St., Ralston, Chapter 13.

Amy L. Setlak, 12728 Corby St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Dennis N. Lemi, 7330 N. 89th Ave., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Donald D. Carter, 6837 N. 60th St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Romonica M. Hill, 3845 Seward St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Anthony J. Bowman, 1706 N. 206th St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Sarah S. Skerston, 7609 Teal St., La Vista, Chapter 13.

Darlyn L. Allen, 3957 Scott St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Tory J. Wettengel, 640 S. 206 Ave., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Jeremy M. Johnson, 805 N. 78th St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Angela J. Hernandez, 15018 Cedar Circle, Omaha, Chapter 13.

Colorado G. Nordman, 13941 Ohern St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

David L. King Sr., 8718 Wyoming St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Sandra K. Franklin, 8030 Vernon Ave., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Crystal A. Scott, 3084 S. 40th St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Erin E. McGruder-Whitcomb, 2812 Pratt St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Rhonita J. Andrews, 4542 Crown Point Ave., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Lilly M. Tompkins, 4403 N. 60th Ave., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Chrisitne D. Andersen, 7306 S. 81st St., La Vista, Chapter 13.

Kathryn A. Urbauer, 2221½ Ave. D, Plattsmouth, Neb., Chapter 13.

Jacky J. Smith III, 5318 Larimore Ave., Omaha, Chapter 13.

David M. Polan, 5637 S. 52nd St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Cync A. Corby, 3621 Mason St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

John J. Nichols, 419 Hascall St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Monica Melendez, 12023 Parker Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 13.

TCT Turkeys, LLC, P.O. Box 681, Oxford, Neb., Chapter 12.

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