21 things Millennials can tell their kids about someday

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Posted: Wednesday, October 2, 2013 12:00 am

The '90s/early '00s were an exciting and entirely unique time to grow up in. And a confusing one in hindsight.

What are we to make of Zubaz, flip phones or Jaleel White? How will we explain ourselves to future generations? How will convey what a good economy felt like?

1. Signing onto AOL with dial-up Internet

2. Renting movies at a brick-and-mortar store

3. Longbox CD packaging

Image credit: Daniel R. Tobias/Wikimedia Commons

4. CD visors, binders, changers

5. Ripping your friends' CD collections

6. Remembering phone numbers

7. Paper maps

Not exclusive to us, of course. But we might be the last generation to use one.

The Theatre and Empire of Great Britain

8. Not being able to use the phone and the Internet at the same time

9. When illegally downloading music was a really big deal

10. Voicemail

11. Encyclopedias

12. Alarm clocks

13. Crank on a car window

Image credit: Wesha/Wikimedia Commons

14. Balancing your checkbook

15. Rewinding

16. Pogs

17. VHS/DVD combos

18. The awkwardness of jogging with a portable CD player

19. Blowing into video game cartridges to make them work

20. What being a homeowner was like

21. Sisqo

(AP Photo/Suzanne Plunkett)

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