Looking for something fun to do in Omaha this weekend? Check out these family-friendly suggestions, which take place Aug. 17-20.

Lately, the issue of fairness has taken up space as a major theme in Catherine Kraemer's house. "The constant squabbling over fairness feels totally exhausting and paralyzing. I find myself orchestrating our daily lives to avoid conflict. Case in point: the pink plate."

Baby-proofing has taken on an entirely new definition with the addition of Rachel Higginson's fifth. "Outlets no longer stay covered. They’re all ripped open, plastic plugs littering my floors and stairs, waiting to be stepped on. In their place are chargers. Endless chargers. Chargers that are then pulled out by my mobile 8-month-old and put directly in his drooly mouth at the same time his chubby fingers go straight for the open sockets."

"This is me, their mother, moaning the fact that the new school year is beginning and I am so not ready. I’m not ready mentally and very certainly physically. I could use a little more time. A summer extension? How about 'the dog ate my supply list?' or 'I couldn’t find Target?'"

"I keep repeating this in my head: 'You won't be 'only' much longer.' I find myself savoring our alone time together and making snapshot memories of even the simplest things," wrote Omaha mom Lindsay Nolan, who is about to have her second child.

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