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Cosmetic surgery at 6 years old – yes or no?

Would you let your young child go under the knife? What if they were being bullied at school – would that change your mind? A Utah family recently let their 6-year-old son undergo a cosmetic procedure to get his ears pinned back so other kids would stop making fun of him – and it's stirring up a lot of controversy among parents.

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Why it's important to let kids have fun every day

To get happy, stress-free children, parents need to make sure children take at least one hour to do something special for themselves – every sin...

ADHD and sports: Is it OK to combine the two?

Sports are a great way to get children with ADHD involved with their peers and provide them with opportunities to learn new skills and access po... blogger Jaime Wyant had her baby! blogger, Jaime Wyant, and her husband, Bret, recently welcomed a new bundle of joy to their family!