- Family activities in Omaha, tips and tricks for local parents

Nickolas Kramer (left) and husband, Jason Cadek, pose with their 3-year-old daughter, Alice. 

Nebraska father in same-sex marriage: 'Today, our family is equal, our family matters'

Today is the second best day of my life. I have had some great days, but having your family recognized in the eyes of the law is validating. We are just like all other families. We deserve love, respect and protection. This emotional journey has been taxing, but rewarding.

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Mini movie review: Will Smith as a con man in 'Focus'

Looking for a movie to see this weekend? World-Herald film critic Bob Fischbach gives a quick rundown of a recent movie. 

John Rosemond: On the various approaches to panic attacks

Having experienced several panic attacks in my younger days, I can attest that they are paralyzing and kick in a strong “flight” response....

A response to Rosemond: Best outcomes in shared-parenting families

John Rosemond recently wrote that when deciding contested custody cases, judges should avoid equal parenting outcomes and instead give one paren...