"Where do we go from here? How do I make a small mark on this world so that females are supported from the start? So that young girls value themselves and know they have a voice and a right to be treated with respect?"

"So on that snowy Saturday night, my husband showed up on time at the bottom of the stairs with flowers in hand and wearing his best suit — with a tie that matched the color of Mara's dress. He told her how wonderful she looked and how lucky he was to have such a lovely date for the night."

"It's important to me that little girls and and boys see someone that looks like them, talks like them, has the same culture as them, has crazy curly hair and wears it natural, has brown skin included in different things in this world," Jamaican bobsledder Jazmine Fenlator-Victorian said. "When you grow up and you don't see that, you feel like you can't do it and that is not right."

It's easy to forget the importance of self-care, but it's really simple to actually do. After intentionally taking a "me" day, here are some tips from one local mom for parents who need to take time for themselves. 

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