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Jonathan and Amanda Teixeira of Denver struggled for a couple of years to conceive before deciding to pursue adoption. After talking to friends who had gone through the process, the staggering price seemed insurmountable. "It's infuriating," Amanda said. "There are probably a lot of children who don't have a home that would have one if it wasn't for this ridiculously insane high cost."

Jaime Wyant's family doesn’t do the Elf on the Shelf; they do an activity Advent calendar instead. It's a way for her kids to do something fun every day while also ensuring her family gets to enjoy the many holiday activities going on. 

Getting teenagers excited for the holidays can be a little like pulling teeth. Unlike when they were little, they aren’t quite as quick to jump into the holiday spirit when Thanksgiving is over. It takes a little coaxing and, sometimes, a lot more effort.

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