Looking for something fun to do in Omaha this weekend? Check out these family-friendly suggestions.

Some kids have an easy time making new friends. Some kids have a very large circle of friends, and others are content with one or two close friends. But for others, meeting new people and developing friendships can seem like an impossible task. Here are some tips you can offer to help your child make new friends.

The Omaha Girls Who Code club started last year at Abrahams Library. Since then, it's grown into three clubs, including one at Do Space. Interested in signing up for it? You have until Sunday!

Dog Gone Problems: I have two dogs. Maggie is a high energy, 15-pound therapy dog who stays with my grandmother most of the day. The other dog, Ruby, who weighs 45 pounds, stays with us all the time. They play with one another daily in my dad’s back yard, and are not aggressive to other dogs or people. When both dogs are in my apartment, however, they go crazy. Maggie gets so excited that Ruby is there and she plays so rough. Do you have any advice?

It seems the older our children grow, the busier our lives become. Balancing work, school, extracurricular activities, errands and chores can make it difficult to eat dinner as a family. Here are some tips to help you make family dinners a priority.

Dear Sassy Housewife: My husband and I rarely go out on dates, so we rarely get babysitters. But when we do, we have one we absolutely love. Sometimes, if she's not available, we'll ask my husband's brother and sister-in-law. The only problem is they expect to be paid. We don't really know how to address this, so we have just paid them. All of our other family members don't want to be paid – and we don't expect to be paid when we watch nieces and nephews. What are your thoughts?

"As I sat poring over said emails, I saw the usual reminders from Pinterest about how to make a memorably crafty scrapbook-worthy photo capture of that first day back," writes Molly Cavanaugh. "But then I noticed one email in particular that gave me pause – a link to a list of 'great back-to-school gifts.' Gifts?"

Q: We are looking for a private school for our 4-year-old. Regardless of the school we ultimately choose, we want to keep him there through eighth grade at least. We live in a suburban area, so we have a lot of options. Our son is intelligent, creative and very imaginative. Do you have a rec…

Dr. Jane M. Carnazzo of Children’s Physicians will be leading a discussion on how to understand your picky eater’s nutritional needs and how to take the stress out of mealtime Tuesday, Aug. 23, at 6 p.m. Watch it live and join the chat to get your questions answered.

There's no need to go shopping for distinctive ready-made pencils when you can decorate plain yellow ones in just a few minutes with one item: washi tape. So pick up a few rolls, follow the simple steps and fill your backpack with colorful pencils that have your identity written all over them.

"Pregnancy is beautiful, but this crap can get bleak," writes Anna Lind Thomas. "But I don’t want to complain. Sure, begging my husband to help me when I first got hemorrhoids like I was in cardiac arrest was a bad moment, but really, there are some great perks to pregnancy if you’re interested in silver linings. Here are a few of my favorite."

Have you noticed how many amazing children’s movies have been released this summer? From "Finding Dory" to "The Secret Life of Pets," "The BFG" and "Ice Age," there are too many to list. You could go broke taking your kids to all of them. Still, who could choose just one from such an amazing list? Luckily, in our small town of 1,600 people, we don’t have to.

There's nothing in this world that compares to having a sister. There are times it's like having built-in best friends, writes momaha.com blogger Amanda Smith. And she can tell by watching her two teen daughters there are times they feel the same way.

Many parents are concerned. They want to know how they can raise their children in today’s culture of violence and fear. When parents are scared and uncertain about people from other cultures, these feelings certainly affect their children.

For kids, the end of summer means getting back into the swing of learning and sitting in the classroom. For parents, it’s getting kids back on a morning, bedtime and school routine, and juggling hectic schedules. Here are some tips to help get learning on track for families.

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