- Family activities in Omaha, tips and tricks for local parents

The Tangier Clown Unit boasts 50 to 60 members, each of whom first attends Clown College and works with a mentor.

Clowns from all walks of life gear up for annual Tangier Shrine Circus

The circus will feature high-flying acrobats, animal acts, a human cannonball, the Shriners’ Keystone Kops and, of course, clowns. While the Shrine hires a Texas-based producer to arrange the circus acts, the clowns are all local — members of the Tangier Shrine, 2823 S. 84th St.

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Near Virginia Tech, a 13-year-old's online fantasies turn fatal

Before she was slain, Nicole Madison Lovell used the Web to escape health problems, bullies and being 13.