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My sister hands out Christmas gift requests, but I can't afford them

Dear Sassy Housewife: Every year before Thanksgiving, my sister gives everyone a list of things for her, her husband and their children for Christmas. My husband and I have both have somewhat large families – and therefore lots of people to buy for. Is it wrong to give out elaborate Christmas lists without anyone asking? Should I tell my sister that I can't afford any of her requested gifts and that I'll be getting her something from my own list for her and her family?

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Why I don't monitor my kids' texts anymore

Remember how you used to talk on the phone with friends and your mom didn't listen in? Yeah, same with texts.

Arm knitting: Follow this tutorial for an easy DIY holiday gift

Interested in learning how to knit but aren't sure where to start? Try arm knitting – a quick, easy way to create beautiful scarves. Follow this...

Boys Town Pediatrics to host Parent Talk classes, Fiesta De Navidad Party

December is fast approaching and Boys Town Pediatrics is wrapping up 2015 with a special Christmas party and two more free Parent Talk classes f...