Just one good friend can make a huge difference. 

Omaha friends Ethan Preheim, 10, and Lauren Edwards, 8, check out a computer coding problem.

How do I help my child make friends?

Friendships are very important when it comes to emotional health, both for adults and children. Not having friends can have devastating effects on a child.

Children who struggle with making and keeping friends often experience mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.

They are also more likely to get into trouble and drop out of school.

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Is Facebook a place for babies? More parents keeping photos, IDs off Internet

At a time when just about everyone and their mother — father, grandmother and aunt — is intent on publicizing the newest generation’s early years on social media sites, an increasing number of parents are bucking the trend by consciously keeping their children’s photos, names and entire identities off the Internet.

What's happening this weekend?

Oh, yeah! It's Thursday! It's one day closer to the weekend. 

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