Here's a huge list of fun things to do this fall.

I love celebrating holidays, it doesn’t matter how big or small the occasion is. From doing community service and visiting the King Center on MLK Day, to wearing a costume on Halloween, I really enjoy finding different ways to celebrate holidays. Adding kids to the equation has made it even …

Humans, like other animals, live to reproduce. And when they can't, they're willing to pay a lot for a helping hand. In America, some use credit cards, 401(k)s, and even loans to pay for in vitro fertilization that can cost as much as $12,000 for each round.

Whether your friend has had a miscarriage, found out her child has autism or is struggling through a spouse’s deployment overseas with a newborn at home, it’s easy to misstep when you are trying to help.

When tension arises between our daughters, I am a horrible referee.

Much of the time, instead of helping them come to a calm agreement wherein lessons are learned and compromises made, I tend to opt for the hug-it-out method. Literally. I just make them hug each other. 

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