Looking for something fun to do in Omaha this weekend? Check out these family-friendly suggestions, which take place July 27-30.

"I dodged a real bullet by being born post-1960s feminist movement because I would’ve been the worst wife ever in 1894," wrote Lynn Kirkle. "The first time my 1894 husband told me to fix him dinner, I would’ve mumbled under my breath and slammed pots and pans in response to his bossiness. He has hands, right? He can’t help?"

"My once smooth, leather-bound lifeline has been entombed in a crack, crash and catastrophe-resistant case that the nice clerk at the local electronics box store told me is the exact same one soldiers use in combat. Except I’m pretty sure the battle-tested tablets the military uses get dropped, dripped on and dragged less than that poor shell of a processor my kids have absconded from my bedside table."

"There is a disconnect somewhere between my daughter’s language skills and her comprehension ability," wrote one mom. "I call this disconnect 'orneriness,' otherwise known as her stubborn unwillingness to understand."

Teachers can be as nervous about the first day of school as their students. We interviewed a few, who told us their first-day stories, what they did on their summer vacation and tips for getting students ready to return to school.

"What more do I have to sacrifice so one of my babies has some small resemblance of me? I waddled around carrying them, bore hemorrhoids for them and drank coconut water for them — and, frankly, coconut water makes me gag a little," wrote Anna Lind Thomas. "And for my sacrifice, I don’t even get an eye color? Eye shape? Hair color? Skin color? ANYTHING?"

"My legs are not my favorite thing. They aren't toned or tan; they're scarred by an ACL repair and ancient mosquito bites, and polka-dotted with bruises that broadcast my general clumsiness," wrote on Omaha mom. "When I was pregnant with Emilia, spider veins accumulated around my ankles, building webs that have only gotten more permanent and complex with each new baby." Still, she's wearing them anyway, and having a ton of fun with her kids while doing so.

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