"I’ve officially decided to make fitness a priority again. I’m tired (who isn’t?), but I’m also tired of envying the parents who make it to the gym. I’m tired of feeling sluggish, squishy and foggy-brained," said Catherine Kraemer. "Calling my sister and asking her to describe her latest Shred class in detail isn’t cutting it anymore."

As a dog behaviorist, David Codr frequently hears from parents who are concerned about how their new dog and young children will get along. While these concerns are well-founded, dogs and kids can get along famously when the proper rules and structure are in place. Read on for Codr's tips.

"I can still see it 20 years later. Over-sized t-shirts and backwards baseball caps. Jean shorts I wish I could burn in effigy. And hair. Hair that was on the brink of turning curly thanks to the magic of puberty, but not quite there," said Rachel Higginson. "It was tragic. It was my awkward phase."

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Q: Our 17-year-old son is an unmotivated student. A junior in high school, he is clearly capable of making straight A’s, but typically makes B’s and C’s. He plays on both the football and tennis teams, but is a standout at neither. He thinks kids who use drugs and play video games are “stupi…

Dear Sassy Housewife: I am seven months pregnant with my first child. I am so excited, but also scared to death. Mostly just about the whole labor and birth part. I've heard so many good stories, but so many terrifying stories as well. I decided I want to get an epidural but my mom and sister are both chastising me about my decision. Am I just a wuss for wanting to use drugs?

"The same debilitating fear I’ll have when handing my girls their first set of keys will be similar to when I hand them their first smart phone. When they’re 30 years old, obviously," said Anna Lind Thomas.

Jaime Wyant's family has been gone every two to three weeks for just a few days at a time since the beginning of February. "While the trips are great, the packing and unpacking can get old," she said. "I keep a master packing list for every type of trip before making an actual trip-specific list. Using this list saves me a ton of time and makes it so I don’t have to pack until the day before a trip."

"Even though my boys are only in first and fourth grade, already I’m seeing that each year the consequences for their choices continue to escalate," wrote Jenni DeWitt. "As that trend continues, it only drives home the importance of embracing opportunities for learning now, while the stakes are still relatively low for them."

Dog Gone Problems: Our dog, Kramer, always loved the car and was wonderful on road trips. About three weeks ago we went for a hike and Kramer was with us. The car was full, and Kramer was in the back along with all the equipment. It wasn't too crowded, but it was tight enough. Ever since that trip he refuses to get into the car. Would you be able to offer some suggestion on how we can re introduce him to “happy trails” in the car?

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