"The countdown is on to one of the biggest meals of the year – Thanksgiving. And my kids won’t eat anything without a fight."

"We make sure our kids eat their vegetables, but how often do we get the recommended serving? We take our kids to every sports practice known to man, but somehow we can’t manage to squeeze in a 30 minute walk for ourselves."

"The kid whose knee was in my ear a few hours prior because she couldn’t bear to sleep away from me was sharing a Hallmark moment with someone else? And he was getting the good version — she was laughing and sweet for him, not the whining snot monster who’d coughed in my face all night long — which was totally unfair."

Having done a good amount of reading on this issue over the past few years, I fail to see the usefulness, much less the validity, of saying that certain children, while not classically autistic, nonetheless qualify as “sort of” autistic.

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