"I have two children who are only about two years apart. I thought they'd be great playmates, but the older one doesn't want anything to do with the younger one. How do I get them to play together?"

"As a parent, I dread absolutely everything about the holiday. I find Halloween horribly stressful — from pre-planning to post-holiday and everything in between."

"Like a bad Cinderella story, I promise myself I can read if I get all the chores on my list done. But lists are never done when you’re a mom, and my reading wasn't getting done when I put it last," wrote Jenni DeWitt. "So I decided to set up a certain time each day when I could read — guilt-free."

Finding time for date night with kids is hard. Deciding what to do once you've found the time can be even harder. To make it easier, we've come up with 10 unique date night ideas this fall. We promise they're better than the same old "dinner and a movie" routine.

It is important to be supportive of your child’s athletics without going overboard, which could jeopardize your child's spot on a team or make your child uninterested in the activity. Here are some tips for the parents of student athletes.

"We spent a lot of time outside taking long walks in spite of the deluge. We found a frog and a snail, and discovered that some mud is so thick that it will pull your rain boots right off your tiny feet. She reminded me it is fun to play in the rain; how could I have ever forgotten?"

Kids can be gross. Take my car for example: Truly ancient Goldfish crackers littered the car seats and the floor. Runaway fruit snacks were stuck in random places. Pristine-looking French fries were scattered about. A sippy cup had gotten wedged upside down and leaked all over the seat.

"There was a time when our weekends would be filled with happy hour drinks with friends, a date night, movies or dinner parties. And now...well...we’re still going to a lot of social events, but they are usually populated by the 4- to 7-year-old range."

"My mother had been a stay-at-home mom, and she had very strong opinions on working mothers," wrote one Omaha mom. "Obviously, times have changed — and her ideas were outdated even then. But those ideas stuck with me, burrowing deep inside of the spongy cortex of my brain where mommy guilt resides."

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