The Nebraska State Cheer & Dance Championships were held at the Heartland Event Center in Grand Island, Nebraska, on Feb. 17 and 18.

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Lynn Kirkle's daughter is going to be a flower girl in an upcoming wedding and she's had visions of her "smiley little pumpkin dressed up like a fairy nymph, bringing the wedding crowd to their knees with her impish smile and mad petal-dropping skills." 

"As the wedding quickly approaches, though, I’m growing a wee bit nervous. Realistic. Miss Katherine has grown into a gloriously independent, stubborn little toddler."

Dog Gone Problems: We got a second Yorkie who is now 7 months old and is still not potty trained. We are using the same technique we used with our first Yorkie, who was potty trained very easily. We actually taught him to use a litter box and are doing the same thing with this Yorkie. At times, she does go into the cat litter box with a pee pad on top – because she understands she will get a treat if she does. That being said, she still squats and pees or poops outside of the litter box. I just don’t understand why she uses her box most of the time, but still has accidents.

My son, Declan James Coffey – whose reddish brown hair frames a virtually translucently pale face sprinkled with freckles – told me for the millionth time this afternoon that he does not like potatoes – period. What kid doesn’t like potatoes?! Sure, I can see being 7 and turning your nose up at a nice big loaded baked potato, but French fries? My son will not eat French fries. And he doesn’t care for potato chips.

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