"My son is 6 and we've just recently starting letting him have friends over. His best friend, who is also 6, is a great kid, but he tends to act up a lot when he's at our house. He doesn't have any siblings, so he steals toys from our youngest and I've seen him hit both my kids. I'm not sure to go about handling this. I don't feel right "reprimanding" him. Do I just talk to his parents? I don't want to stop having him over, but this has to stop."

"The other day, though, when my toddler was having a meltdown in the checkout lane and a very sweet woman said, 'Poor baby. Shopping isn’t fun, is it?,' I felt that statement. That’s not fair," wrote Omaha mom Lynn Kirkle. "I didn’t feel like shopping either, but if I started whining and making grunting noises at other shoppers who dared to look in my direction, would anyone take pity on me? Of course not."

It’s already a few weeks into the new year. Your pants are still too tight — you never made it back to the gym after that first visit. That vow to eat healthier is long forgotten. You aren’t alone. Fewer than 10 percent of the people who make New Year’s resolutions keep them.

Sleep Sheep, FurReal Friend Plays-With-Me Kitty, Twinkle Twinkle Little Scout, My Pal Violet, Zoomer Kitty and a Hatchimal are all toys that have taken up residence in this mom's home thanks to her daughter.

Before you throw out that worn denim jacket, think about upcycling it with embroidery. This simple DIY project is inexpensive and easy for beginners. It’s also trending in teen fashion. Hand-me-downs never seemed so special.

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