- Family activities in Omaha, tips and tricks for local parents

Megan Hunt, left, and Sarah Lorsung Tvrdik, along with Hugo Tvrdik and Alice Hunt Homan gather around Hunt's laptop at Hello Holiday. Lorsung Tvrdik and Hunt co-own the store. 

Paid parental leave is elusive in Omaha and United States

Unless you’re among the 12 percent of American workers whose employers offer paid parental leave, you’re more likely to cobble together a combination of vacation days, personal days, sick leave and unpaid leave to spend time with a new child.

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Take Your Child to Work Day is every day for some Omaha parents

Aside from formal maternity and paternity leave policies, working parents often have a hard time juggling child care, school pickups, various ac...

Don't let fall's hectic schedule keep you away from family time

With everything going on this fall season – homework, sports, school activities and work – it’s easy to let family time fall by the wayside. For...

Getting sick with kids is a 'special kind of hell'

An alarming consequence of having kids that most of us don’t talk about is that if you do get sick, or say, have to nurse a wicked migraine on t...