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My 6-year-old keeps me from being the lazy mom I sometimes want to be

Who needs smart phone alerts and email reminders when I have a 6-year-old who has project manager-like focus when it come to keeping me accountable for projects I said I was going to do but now feel less and less like doing.

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'I had so many babies for so long I almost forgot how to not have a baby'

It should be easy to recognize the absence of infant seats and late night feedings in my life. I really do appreciate those six straight hours o...

John Rosemond: If teen can't limit video games, cellphone, then limit them for him

Your son is responsible for homework, team practice and getting himself up for school in the morning. Playing video games and talking/texting on...

No church for the wild: Trying to find a place to worship with a toddler

As we've visited different churches in town, we keep running into the same brick wall: Apparently, children are only "joyful noise" when they're...