In the wake of an explosion at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, it's understandable people are nervous about their safety.

"I’m over homework, spelling tests and trying (and mostly failing) to be on time every morning. I’m fed up with projects and permission slips and dress codes. I’m done with school nights and organized activities and anything standardized," wrote Rachel Higginson. "Every single day becomes a stepping stone to what I want most. I want summer. And I want it now!"

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Just because Molly Cavanaugh and her sister were excited about planting and gathering a garden full of colorful vegetables, didn’t mean they were compliant or enthusiastic when it came time to eat the “fruits” of their labor. Well, history is about to repeat itself now that she's growing a garden with her two children, who envision overflowing dishes of fresh strawberry shortcake and jack-o-lanterns the size of trucks come Halloween rather than dishes full of fresh Brussels sprouts, green peppers and tomatoes.

My mom "gave me the greatest of freedoms, in fact — that being the freedom to fail. I took her up on that offer often enough in my younger years, by the way. In the process, I’m sure I caused her more than my rightful share of disappointment, but she loved me steadfastly through thick and thin."

Dear Sassy Housewife: My 2-year-old son has recently started stripping his clothes off wherever he pleases! And it's not just at home either. Whenever he gets the urge, he'll just start taking his clothes off! I have tried to explain this isn't OK, but he still does it. How do I stop him from doing this?

"If I let my love rule, I’d rescue her during every struggle. She wouldn’t learn or develop the skills she needs to become the woman she’s destined to be. Crawl. Walk. Run," wrote Anna Lind Thomas. "I’d be raising another Mariah Carey as she gets carried around on a chaise lounge all day by shirtless men. Not on my watch!"

Everyone has their few services they can’t live without. For Jaime Wyant, the services she can’t live without are things that save her time and/or money. Here are her top four services she requires in her life.

"Fourth grade math is hard. I took calculus in college, so this should not be a struggle," wrote Jenni DeWitt. "But when I’m sitting at our dining room table with my fourth grade son’s big brown eyes staring expectantly at me for help, I get a little flustered."

When your own child is driving, there is a good chance you have taught and influenced the skills involved. So you're less likely to feel nervous when he or she begins driving on their own. When a teenage friend is behind the wheel, on the other hand, that knowledge is rendered useless. Here's how one mom coped.

Motivate you teen by letting them know their privileges are to be earned according to their willingness to meet your expectations. When they meet those expectations, they have access to their privileges. When they do not, the privileges will be lost accordingly.

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