My best friend is marrying the wrong guy! Should I speak up?

The Sassy Housewife is a weekly advice column on by Danielle Herzog, a married mother of two. She’ll cover adventures in housewifery — parenting, entertaining and the interests of a been-there-done-that and somewhat-know-it-all wife.


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'Spaghetti Toes' leads to success for Omaha graphic designer

Martin Bruckner was lost in thought until he heard his wife, Michelle, advise their then-2-year-old daughter, Harper, not to put spaghetti betwe...

Celebrate the Sassy Housewife's 100th blog, win $200 of MAC makeup

Today published the 100th Sassy Housewife blog.

How low will fuel prices drop?

Fuel prices across the country continue their downward trend, reports AAA Nebraska.