My 2-year-old will not close her eyes at night until we’ve read the same four books we read every night. The kid is a creature of habit, so we stick with her favorites until I can manage to rotate new books in and out. The current rotation consists of: pig, train, dog and sheep.

"I want to document it all. I want to remember how the boys looked, what they said, how they behaved. Soon, before I know it, it will all be gone. They'll be older. They'll be grown up."

"Mothers are supposed to know about things like cooking, cleaning and whether you should apply heat or ice to an injury. Mothers are supposed to know how to hem pants, when the eggs in the fridge are too old for consumption and whether or not petunias need direct sunlight or shade. I don’t know any of these things," wrote one Omaha mom. But there are a few important things she does know.

"Parenting is the most deadly serious adventure I’ve ever been on. The love is its own complex, all-encompassing ecosystem. At the same time, is it too much to ask if we all just lighten up a bit? Obviously both my girls are God’s gift to all mankind, but at the same time, one of them is in the naughty chair and the other trying to eat a crayon. It’s not that serious."

To say this mom was concerned about her daughter starting high school would be an understatement. "I feared her public school experience had not adequately prepared her for the environment she was about to face. Between poor study habits, a knack for avoiding homework at all costs and regularly not being held accountable for her intentional avoidance, I wondered if she would actually make it through the first week at all."

Two or three toys will be inducted Nov. 9 into the Strong museum in Rochester, where the hall is located. Anyone can nominate a toy. The inductees are chosen on the advice of historians, educators and others for their longevity and success and ability to inspire creative play.

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