"When the instructors told him to line up, he would run around. When they told the kids to run, Gavin wanted to jump on the mats."

"So, what’s the plan this summer? The plan is 'there is no plan,'" wrote Molly Cavanaugh. "That’s right. The kids are going to spend the summer doing what it seems like none of us ever get to do anymore. Nothing at all."

In Case You Missed It

A family road trip is filled with new sights, car games, family time and probably a little too much “mom” or "dad" being called from the back of the van. Organize your car so kids can help themselves. It creates independence and fewer interruptions between stops.

"At 5 years old, I already see my type-A daughter, Marin, get easily disappointed in herself. She can also be really hard on herself. So I'm trying to teach her at an early age that, sometimes, it isn't about her," wrote Jaime Wyant. "As situations come my way — or hers — I’m working hard at using them as an example, and to talk her through the feelings on both sides."

"People are shocked to hear that I have five kids. And even more stunned that their ages are so close together," wrote Rachel Higginson. "When I take them to Target, perfect strangers ask if I meant to have so many of them. Or they volunteer to explain how babies are made. As if I need instructions. Hello, five of them, remember? My husband and I have got this down."

"As I watched the film, I noticed there were many ways it reinforced how I’ve always intended to raise my daughters," wrote one Omaha mom. "As a single mother for much of their youth, I always attempted to raise them with the understanding that they are as capable as any male when choosing their future goals. A strong female such as Wonder Woman could only emphasize that way of thinking."

Tip No. 4: Investigate suspicious smells. "Pull over at a desolate highway exit because your 5-year-old is ranting about a mysterious odor. Check for cows outside the car. Check the baby inside the car," wrote Catherine Kraemer. "(Then) watch in horror as your 3-year-old shows you the poop inside her cowgirl boot. Clean her foot with wet wipes. Gag. Ask, 'How did this happen?' at least 50 times."

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