Annie, I can't forgive my boyfriend's porn past

Dear Annie: I am having a hard time forgetting my boyfriend’s past. Before we met, he subscribed to girlie magazines, went to strip clubs, bought lap dances, etc. I have always felt those things are degrading and disrespectful to women. He also has said he fantasizes about other women.

'Annie' staging is terrific

Leapin’ lizards! “Annie” looks and sounds like the best musical Papillion-La Vista Community Theatre has staged …

Breaking Brad: No new Bieber albums for two years

Justin Bieber was charged with a misdemeanor for pelting his neighbor's house with eggs. He'll likely get community service. You know what that means — no new Bieber albums for two years.

Posted: July 10, 2014


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Ponca Smoke Signals

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West Broadway Clinic

Welcome to West Broadway Clinic. Our physicians are Diana Rabadi Marar, MD; Isam Marar, MD Scheduled Appointments Monday - Friday from 8:00 am…

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At PLV theater, 'Annie' cast makes show a family affair

163 people auditioned for Papillion-La Vista Community Theatre's production of "Annie," including 108 little girls who had dreams of singing “Tomorrow,” the show’s signature tune.

David Mamet, 'Our Town' headline Blue Barn's 2014-15 lineup

Unveiling its final season to be staged in its rented space at 614 S. 11th St., the Blue Barn is calling it Year 26: Season of the Dig, in honor of the new Blue Barn being built at 10th and Pacific Streets. 

Annie, if someone's fat, I'm gonna call them fat

Dear Annie: Why in hell do you think pointing out that someone is fat is so rude? They are obese, and they are killing themselves. What’s the big deal in saying so? I am 78 years old and weigh the same as I did in high school.

Palmer museum curator finds Abraham Lincoln campaign artifact

An important piece of Abraham Lincoln memorabilia has found its way into the hands of Curator Kent Bedient at York’s Anna Bemis Palmer Museum.

BBQ pitmasters Tuffy Stone and Moe Cason share their summertime grilling secrets with us

Summertime barbecues are the best. 

At Walmart and Target, his signs ask shoppers to pause before purchase

At Walmart and Target locations throughout the area, dozens of items carry tags that asks shoppers to consider six questions: Why am I here? How do I feel? Do I need this? What if I wait? How will I pay for it? Where will I put it?

Just add salt and a little patience: How to use those preserved lemons

A bite of preserved lemon can do that to you, transport you to a land you have never seen or perhaps back to a land you once called home. It is the secret ingredient to cooking throughout North Africa.

Try a salad with this fringed green from Japan

This week, my Community Supported Agriculture box offered an ingredient I’d never heard of, let alone tried. It turns out the vegetable in question, mizuna, is a leafy Japanese green that is often used in a soup called nabemono.

Annie, when it comes to religion, majority rules!

Dear Annie: The current “fad” of gluten-free products is both beneficial and harmful to those of us who must follow a gluten-free diet because of celiac disease. On one hand, it’s easier to find gluten-free foods. But on the other hand, those of us with celiac disease are looked upon as if we are simply food faddists. Here are some of the problems we face:

Plaque serves as permanent reminder of origin of beloved hymn 'On Eagle’s Wings'

Thirty-eight years after the first performance of “On Eagle’s Wings,” St. Robert Bellarmine Church unveiled a plaque Tuesday commemorating the occasion.

So where did Nebraska's Carhenge finish in Best Quirky Landmark contest?

The strangely memorable attraction, which consists of a series of 38 vintage American cars, painted gray to mimic the monoliths of the famous British attraction Stonehenge, went up against 19 other similarly off-kilter attractions that dot the country.

Annie, my friend of 35 years told our doctor my son's ugly

Dear Annie: Louise told this to the entire office staff with the exception of my youngest daughter, who is the office manager. 

Cleveland Evans: Jaden likely a combination of Jason, Braden

In the Bible’s book of Nehemiah, Jadon the Meronothite is one of many men repairing Jerusalem’s walls. Jadon’s name probably meant “he will judge” in Hebrew. The form Yadon is sometimes used in modern Israel.

Video: The new way to clean your grill

Having trouble cleaning your grill this summer? Rachael Ray demonstrates a tip she learned that will ease your stress and fear! Plus, she's showing you a fun way to brush your food with flavor!

You're cordially invited to finish this Omaha artist's paintings

Laura Carlson's art exhibit, "Social Studies," isn't just about her art. It's a chance for her to reach out and talk about issues that are important to her. She's inviting the community to create the second half of her exhibit.

Short on space? Use these tips to create a garden anyway

Love seat-sized patios, little-to-no access to in-ground space and the fear of throwing away your security deposit make the idea of growing anything seem futile. Here's some tips on how to create a garden with limited space.

Complete list of nominees for the 2013-14 Theatre Arts Guild Awards

Here is a complete list of nominees for the 2013-14 Theatre Arts Guild Awards. Winners will be revealed Aug. 3.

Annie, I'm 68, divorced twice and have been unwise

Dear Annie: I’m currently living with an egotistical, frugal, cold-as-ice 75-year-old man who claims he loves me, yet he dominates every conversation, lacks social skills, ignores etiquette and attempts to control me.

Some ideas for your non-traditional garden

For those with limited space in a house, duplex, apartment or other living arrangements, having a garden can be a hassle. But emerging trends like hydroponics, whiskey barrel planting and themed gardens make gardening easier in tight spaces.

Video: The only ice cream recipe you'll ever need

The only ice cream recipe you'll ever need.

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