Annie, my husband of 10 years suddenly doesn't want sex.

Dear Annie: I’ve asked him why this is happening, and he simply says, “That was never me. I’m not the passionate person you think.” I love my husband and want to be close to him.

Hansen: Adventures from a 15-hour Smart Car drive across Europe

The low point comes at midnight, somewhere near Switzerland.

Posted: October 23, 2014


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Performance Ford

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An Omahan's guide on where to find, how to prepare pretzel bread

First came buttery brioche buns, then pretzel buns — lots of restaurants now serve both and give diners options — and now it seems the twisted knot of salty bread has become a staple at restaurants and in home kitchens.

What's up with the pretend-to-be wasabi?

What sushi restaurants actually serve alongside spicy tuna rolls is a horseradish-based concoction that is injected with green food coloring and infused with various types of mustard and a bunch of other chemicals.

Annie, my sister is a straight up pathetic cook.

Dear Annie: I usually eat lunch before going so I won’t be hungry. When my sister asks why I’m not eating, I make some excuse. What should I do? I don’t want to say her cooking is horrible. Should I just put up with it?

Tips for creative family Halloween costumes that won't break the bank

With a little creativity, the whole family can celebrate, have fun and save some cash.

Omaha Public Library has tons of Halloween events planned

Halloween can be a frighteningly frenzied time of year.

Review: Dave Chappelle funny as ever despite years away from mike

After “Chappelle’s Show” and nearly a decade out of the spotlight, Chappelle is finally back on the road and connecting with audiences once again.

Map: Where to find local haunted houses, pumpkin patches, more

Included are maps (and lists) of Omaha-area haunted houses, pumpkin patches, corn mazes and more.

Annie, everyone puts tape of their belly buttons to cure seasickness, right?

Dear Annie: Years ago, I read about a cure for seasickness. It said to put an aspirin in your belly button and Scotch tape over it. Some said the cure worked even without the aspirin. I’ve tried it both ways and haven’t been seasick in 20 years. I even started using duct tape because when I sweat, the Scotch tape comes off. It works great. Before this, I had tried pills, bracelets and a patch, and nothing worked.

So much to fear this TV season

The kids don’t have to go trick or treating to summon a fun-filled Halloween. Television has conjured up their spookiest adventures to usher in that creepiest time of the year. Parents can suffer their own chills and far fewer calories in front of the tube.

Archives: Check out cool Omaha photos

We're in the process of digitizing our photo archive, and we're continually finding strange, spectacular and interesting stuff.

Overjoyed, overawed and oh-so-overwhelmed at Wedding Essentials Idea Show

Darlene Collier was “looking for everything” related to her coming nuptials as she walked the exhibit floor at Sunday’s Wedding Essentials Idea Show at the Mid-America Center.

New path for building skilled workforce

Ak-Sar-Ben Foundation unveils program to fund community college training for hundreds

The Knights of Ak-Sar-Ben Foundation is creating an ambitious scholarship program aimed at awarding as many as 1,000 two-year scholarships to community college students each year.

Add these to the list: 5 things you should never do at the grocery store

Some seem to abandon etiquette as quickly as they abandon those unwanted eggs in the middle of an unrefrigerated aisle. They can be rude, obnoxious and oblivious, when all you want is to grab a gallon of milk and get out.

Omaha designer cleans up at American Sewing Expo

Omaha designer Ruth Ciemnoczolowski was recognized late last month as the winner of a sewing competition featuring contestants from across the nation.

Ak-Sar-Ben ball: New honorees and a new initiative to expand education

The Ak-Sar-Ben coronation and scholarship ball roared into the CenturyLink Center Saturday with the gusto and glamour of the 1920s.


John Rosemond: Blame shared for ongoing unruliness

A first-grade teacher asks what she can do about a girl in her class who is completely undisciplined. After nearly two months of this teacher’s best efforts, the child’s behavior is no better.


5 easy steps to write a good grocery list

Do you have a pantry full of food but you still need necessities?

Annie, I'm scared to leave my husband. He's never hit me.

Dear Annie: I’ve been in an abusive marriage for nearly 15 years, and I can’t take another day. My husband has never hit me. It’s all mental and emotional abuse. He calls me horrible names in front of our children.

Annie, this woman in my condo won't stop texting me.

Dear Annie: I live in a large condo building. Most of the occupants are lovely, but one woman is extremely bossy and always involved in projects. For some reason, she expects me to do all of her legwork.

Bookends: National Book Award finalists named

Fiction finalists include: “All the Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr, “An Unnecessary Woman” by Rabih Alameddine, “Lila” by Marilynne Robinson, “Redeployment” by Phil Klay and “Station Eleven” by Emily St. John Mandel.


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