Throws and pillows have such a (well-deserved) reputation for adding pops of color and style to a living room. And nothing’s better than cozying up to a cashmere or faux fur throw with a soft pillow supporting your back while binge-watching Netflix.

Heron Haven Nature Center and Mulhall’s are teaming up to help young “future scientists” and their families participate in the City Nature Challenge 2018, which is presented by Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium and Omaha STEM Ecosystem. The event will be held from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday at the Heron Haven Nature Center at 11809 Old Maple Road.

There’s something to be said for vinyl flooring. Now, carpet still has its place — especially in bedrooms — but today’s luxury homes have a place for luxury vinyl flooring. “It’s about the maintenance,” said Andre Knutson, president of Lifetime Structures Luxury Homes. “They’re easy to care for and durable with animals.”

You don’t want to step down in quality when taking those steps down to the basement. Hence, it’s crucial to select the right flooring material for your lower level, where conditions can be a bit more unpredictable and underlying problems can present themselves unpredictably.

Happy Earth Day! It's a great time to teach kids the wonders of recycling and how fun and valuable it can be. Rhianna Miller, Rubber Mulch’s home and landscaping design expert, offers some tips that will get your children excited about recycling.

That organic label on your produce doesn’t mean no pesticides. That’s why John Porter, the urban agriculture program coordinator for the Nebraska Extension in Douglas-Sarpy Counties, cautions grocery shoppers about abandoning produce listed on the Environmental Working Group’s dirty dozen. Strawberries and spinach hold the top two spots, with more than 98 percent of samples testing positive for pesticide residue. Instead, Porter offers another option: local produce.

Ever think about what goes down your kitchen sink drain? When you consider all the food scraps and grease alone, it’s enough to make you shudder — and worry about clogged pipes somewhere down the road.

It’s more than a home base for your grill and garden hose. It’s beyond an elevated stage for eating and entertaining. It’s a principal platform for al fresco enjoyment and an extension of your living space into the great outdoors. And it deserves greater priority, say the pros.

In basketball, every position on your starting five plays a major role. Your point guard sets up the offense. Your center serves as a pivot and low post threat. And your power forward is often a key defender and rebounder. But it’s your go-to scorer whom you typically rely on to rack up the points and win the contest.

Dawn Thrapp plans to bring some of her favorite four-legged friends to the Omaha Home Show this weekend. Thrapp is a behavior specialist for the Nebraska Humane Society, and she’ll be sharing some training tips at the event Friday thought Sunday at CenturyLink Center Omaha.

The next exciting bird display will soon be underway. Every spring, male sharp-tailed grouse and greater prairie-chickens perform a mating “dance” to attract their respective females. The areas where the birds perform this ritual is called a lek.

If you think climate change and extreme weather conditions have been tough on human beings, just imagine being stuck outdoors, naked to the elements 24/7. Such has been the lot of landscaping staples like grass, trees, shrubs, plants and flowers, which have had to withstand the fury of Harvey, Maria, La Niña and other bullies in recent years.

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