Omahan Tammy Yttri has always loved to garden. She started about 10 years ago with a puny plot, a handful of seed packets and high hopes. Her first garden was small success and every year she kept building on that. When she and partner Bill Schmit were looking to move in 2016, one of the "mu…

In J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings,” a band of heroes sets out on a dangerous quest; early on, the heroes survive a killer blizzard and monstrous pursuers only to be stopped cold when they can’t open a magic door hidden in the side of a mountain.

Homeowners are embracing prefabricated shower walls with open arms. And why not? They offer an affordable way to improve a bathroom shower’s look and functionality. Available in DIY-friendly kits and sold at home-improvement retailers, the factory-produced walls can even be customized to suit your taste or needs. Here are six reasons why you’ll want to check out these good-looking units.

One of the best ways to increase your comfort and satisfaction as a homeowner — and help ensure a higher resale value when it’s time to sell — is to invest improvement dollars in your home’s most important room: the kitchen. Problem is, it’s also commonly the most expensive space in your abode to upgrade.

You may not change your window treatments that often but once you hear about the trends in the world of drapes and shades, you may decide now is the perfect time for an update.

If you want a garden full of gorgeous spring flowers but don’t want maintaining them to be another time- consuming chore, plant flowers that don’t take much effort to grow.

Whether it floats on the wall or is part of a built-in or freestanding bookcase or storage cabinet, a display shelf deserves more attention in your home as a platform for displaying your décor, say the pro

Nebraskans like the fabrics in their homes to be long-lasting as well as sophisticated. As a textile store owner with seven grandchildren and three dogs, Sharron Roncka Haas understands.

Living in Madagascar and riding a motorcycle meant several intriguing food-riding seasons. Mango season meant city streets littered with gnawed pits. I will just say that mango pits are to motorcycles as banana peels are to cartoon characters.

We’re on a theme kick. This issue, it’s color, a perennial favorite. We also carve out a little space for pets and the color and fun they bring to our lives. All four of our featured homeowners are "pet people" by design.

If you're looking for a sure-fire winner for your garden or flowers beds, search for the All-America Selection seal on plants and seeds before you buy. It's the equivalent of the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. Only this one is for plants.

Fashion blogger and stylist Sara Sabaliauskas loves the energy that comes from wearing a bright palette. She shows how playful pops of color can elevate a classic look, give you a jolt of confidence and send your spirits soaring. Bonus points if you snap and share a photo of yourself against…

Remember playing musical chairs? For many eager first-time buyers, house hunting will remind them of that childhood game where everyone was scrambling to secure a place, but someone invariably lost out.

There’s something about a bountiful bowl of fruit or vegetables on a kitchen counter that’s incredibly inviting. It’s colorful and familiar and, for most people, easily gotten by a quick trip to a store’s produce aisle or a couple of clicks at an online grocer. But eventually, the apples (or bananas, broccoli or other fruit or vegetable you choose) will announce their expiration date with serious brown spots or wrinkly skin.

It’s what’s inside that counts, we’re often told. And that’s as true of a wall in your home as it is your personality. Because behind that drywall is a secret space that you can carve out and creatively adorn — the ideal spot for storing items on shelving, displaying décor or adding extra light to a living space. Welcome to the wonderful world of wall niches, where rigid design rules take a recess and hollowed space can be hallowed space.

I often look up at a passing commercial airliner and wonder whether any of the passengers are gazing out the window and thinking about the people down below. I know the passengers can’t see individuals who are going about their daily lives. The plane is so high that I can’t hear the jet engines. In fact, I can barely see the plane. With the sun reflecting off it, the plane resembles a florescent dart as it leaves a contrail across the sky.

I had no idea what I was hearing the first time the hollow booming of ready-to-mate prairie chickens reached my ears. I was on a houseboat on South Dakota’s Lake Francis Case when I heard those awesome sounds before daybreak.

After church one Sunday, Ruth and I ate lunch at a Chinese restaurant. While in the U.S. Army, I spent 13 months in South Korea. I tried, but I never mastered the art of eating with chopsticks. As we ate, I noticed with envy a young couple a few tables away. They were exhibiting great dexterity while eating with chopsticks.

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