Got a room that somehow lacks the charm and character you crave? Don’t just sweep that problem under the rug, as they say — get an actual area rug to add comfort, color and definition to the interior.

Buying a sofa requires a strong knowledge of self, says Amy Rutherford, owner of furniture and home store Red Barn Mercantile in Alexandria, Virginia. "The first question I ask people is 'Where is it going?' Then, 'How do you use your space? What's your lifestyle like?' " If you like enterta…

“Eco chic” is the home color trend of 2017, according to the Sherwin-Williams Company. The paint manufacturer has released the first color collection for the new year, and the 20 tones have a decidedly natural and earthy look.

So-called smart thermostats are becoming more and more common. While there is no consensus on what exactly makes a thermostat “smart,” homeowners should look for two key features: First, smart thermostats contain programming capabilities that go above and beyond the simple time-and-temp prog…

Choosing the right, long-lasting entrance to a home requires more than selecting a favorite look from a Pinterest board. Here’s what any homeowner must consider before buying a new front door

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