Your pets love to spend time outside in the yard, but your garden might not be the friendliest place for them to explore. There are hazards in those gardens, such as poisonous and thorny plants, deep-water areas and a garden that’s sprayed in pesticides.

“People who come here for parties are blown away because it’s so different,” Gerry Sullivan offers. “It’s funky and unique and very ‘Bob.’ He’s an artist, and this is just a continuation of his art.”

Interior designer Susan Hollertz bought the former Huntley schoolhouse in 1997 and has spent 20 years renovating it. This spring she decided to put it up for sale, and the asking price is $229,000. 

Kansas natives Steve and Annette Huff have a lifelong connection to the vibrant college town and the scenic Flint Hills that surround it. The tiny house – in lieu of a hotel room – has allowed them not only to economize on lodging but also truly feel at home when they visit.

I recently talked with an adventurous forty-something husband and father who routinely explores exotic and sometimes dangerous parts of the world. When I asked why, he told me: “Travel is what I do now to broaden my horizons. Vacation is what I will do when I retire.”

Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but deciding where to go can be challenging. Leading cities of the world like London and Paris certainly are worth discovering, but smaller cities should beckon, too.

Last March, I landed with 13 other University of Pennsylvania photography students in Havana, Cuba.

In the official Hallmark list of anniversary gifts, there are some perplexing suggestions. For a sixth anniversary, as a fine example, it recommends giving your eternal love “candy/iron.” One hopes those are mutually exclusive.

Iowa’s up-and-coming capital city, Des Moines, is just a two-hour drive east of Omaha and no stranger to daily and weekend visitors from the 402, 531 and 712 area codes.

Pop culture becomes riotous inspiration for a South Beach-inspired tablescape that’s a maximalist’s dream. How many references can you spot in pattern upon pattern upon pattern? One tribute possibly too obscure to guess: The flamingo vases. They pay homage to the colorful people our stylists…

The Windy City drew 54.1 million visitors in 2016, a 2.9 percent increase from the year before, and there’s every reason to believe those numbers will continue growing in 2017 and beyond.

These destination-inspired looks are ready for adventure. Photography by Heather & Jameson. Art Direction by Heidi Thorson. Merchandise Styling by Jessica Luna. Hair & Makeup by Kali Rahder, Victor Victoria Salon & Spa. Model: Bianca, Develop Model Management.

Leanne Hill Carlson is one of Omaha’s most recognizable stage presences, and unsurprisingly, her home has the kind of elegant glamour you’d associate with a versatile leading lady.

Experts say homeowners should protect their investment with routine inspections

Name the amenity, and these homes probably have it. 

A Papillion couple creates their family's dream home — complete with an indoor slide, a putting green and color-changing mood lighting.

Leanne Hill Carlson is one of Omaha’s most recognizable stage presences, and unsurprisingly, her home has the kind of elegant glamour you’d associate with a versatile leading lady.

It was 2005 and their house at the time needed new carpeting. So Sondra and Jason Gerber starting looking at model homes for the latest ideas in flooring. He teasingly said to her, “You know, a new house comes with new carpet.” With that, their search took a new direction. 

Whether it’s a cuddle of puppies or a poodle on parade, sometimes our chicest — make that cutest — accessories are man’s best friends.

Foxes and owls have their fans, but cats and dogs rule the roost when it comes to home accessories. Dachshunds, in particular, are having a “pawfectly” delightful moment. Click through our slide show for our favorite picks.

Julie Reilly was cleaning a delicate object carved from bone when she hesitated as letters slowly revealed themselves from under more than two centuries’ worth of dirt and grime.

If “Big Cabbage” ever needs a chief lobbyist, it could hardly do better than Cato the Elder (notwithstanding the small matter of his death in 149 BC).

Seattle is a vibrant, eclectic mix of rocky beaches, hipster coffeehouses, majestic mountains and some of the best craft cocktails in the Pacific Northwest. Here’s an insider’s guide to must-see neighborhoods, favorite foodie haunts and some of the best views of the Pacific Northwest, whethe…

You won’t even have to tell Fido to sit. Our dogs practically turned somersaults for these healthy, evidently irresistible, treats.

After taking up the hobby, Mike Williams noticed work-related stress fade away. His diet improved, and the garden sanctuary became a source of entertainment.

Don’t believe the hype: contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of Generation Y, better known as millennials, want to own a home — and most actually do, new data suggests. That’s good news for boomerang parents whose twenty-something-aged offspring moved back home in recent years due t…

There’s something about a light-filled space that’s comfortable and welcoming and makes you want to spend time there. Subconsciously or not, it feels healing to be surrounded by light. But if you’ve got a dark home where shadows overtake sunshine, the environment may seem gloomy and unfriend…

6 tips to help parents-to-be design a beautiful room that keeps in mind baby’s health and safety

How mirrors, paint, and tile can make a bathroom “grow”

You’ve done an amazing job of decorating the inside of your home. Now it’s time to work on the outside

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