Traveling with the family over the holidays can be hectic, but there are a few things parents can plan for to make the trip easier.

A favorite Friday afternoon tradition for Assistant Editor Marjie Ducey is to window shop at Legacy Art and Frame as she walks home from the bus stop near 49th and Dodge Streets in Dundee.

Barry Burt’s hands dripped with strands of red, green and gold Mardi Gras beads, secondhand finds for less than $10. “Oh, my gosh,’’ he remembers thinking. “That is so pretty.’’

Start with a statement piece that ebbs and flows with the events of the day - from big client presentation to cozy dinner date. The transition will be so effortless, you won’t even notice that winter blew in. Photography Heather & Jameson. Art direction Heidi Thorson. Merchandise styling…

Boomers and modern millennials are learning to co-exist in the workplace, despite very different professional and fashion styles. Suits and a clean shave aren’t necessarily out, but beards and long hair are definitely in. From long hair to burly beards and visible tattoos to tennis shoes, we…

It’s a sibling rivalry in the spirit of the season. Nick and Sarah Newman take markedly different approaches when it comes to decorating their Christmas trees, but the results are the same: glimmering masterpieces that make visitors rejoice, “O, Tannenbaum!”

Holidays create some of our most endearing family traditions. For Lilian Jacobitz, Christmas also sustains a warm connection with her European heritage. Born in German-speaking Switzerland, Lilian found her way to Omaha some 20 years ago, newly married to Nebraska native Andy Jacobitz.

The west Omaha couple approached Rose McCormick a few years ago, disappointed with trees decorated by an interior designer. “They were just too “living room-y. They didn’t capture any of the homeowners’ feeling,” says McCormick, who owns Beyond the Vine and does custom decorating for clients. “They just matched with the wallpaper.”

There are all kinds of leftovers after the holidays. We have some tin toppers to add a little zing to your containers.

My grammy and pap’s house was surrounded by neighbors on three sides. Still, it was a quiet place to spend holiday meals. That was mostly — OK, wholly — because all those neighbors had slipped their mortal coils. The nearly encompassing cemetery also meant that second and third helpings of heavy holiday fare could be worked off by rousing games of tag among the headstones.

Manager Jill Martinez has worked in the Christmas department at Mangelsen’s for 18 years and never tires of the holiday. “We even play music year-round,’’ she says, laughing. It doesn’t have to be difficult to decorate your own masterpiece, she says. 

Though there really isn’t a bad time to visit New York City, I can’t imagine a better time to explore all that the Big Apple offers than during the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday stretch.

Now that Halloween is behind us, the focus has turned to the upcoming winter holidays. Sprucing up the outside of your home can be enjoyable, non-labor intensive and wallet-friendly, says Rhianna Miller, the home and garden design expert at RubberMulch.

Looking for a sweet way to spend your Saturday? The Omaha Public Library is holding its seventh annual read it and eat culinary conference, and this year the focus is on candy. There will be candy demonstrations, samples, prize drawings and the chance to pick treats from an old-fashioned candy bar.

When you think of your home, does it evoke a welcoming, cozy, happy feeling? When we walk through the door, we should feel joy, contentment and peace.

The ground temperature, which you can find at and other websites, needs to be below 60 degrees for tulips and daffodils to flourish until they bloom next spring.

While they haven’t supplanted the traditional orange jack-o’-lanterns, the specialty gourds and pumpkins, which come in all shapes, sizes and colors, have been gaining in popularity with each Halloween.

People are looking for more than functionality when it comes to their closets. They want style, too. Home buyers are looking for that little extra when they visit a home. And even if you’re not in the market to sell your home, a well-designed, well-thought-out closet space for your favorite clothes, shoes and accessories can save time every day.

Rainy weather this week is supplying the perfect conditions for lawn aeration. A downpour also can provide the answer for whether the job is required.

Shane Connolly, who did the flowers for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s 2011 wedding, is all about using seasonal items in arrangements. Nothing was off limits, from the branches of apple trees found at the home of Sheila Fitzgerald to roadside wildflowers.

Is your house-hunting venture beginning to feel like an episode of Love It or List It? You want a home that’s move-in ready. Your spouse wants a fixer-upper. You want a cozy home in the suburbs. Your spouse wants a modern condo in the city.

Kathleen Cue thinks gardeners have it backward. They should be planting flowers, trees and shrubs now, instead of dreaming of what they’ll grow next spring.

A quilting stop in Atlantic, Iowa, has been awarded a Nation of Neighbors grant for expansion of its small business and community outreach.

As fall nights turn chilly, all kinds of creepy-crawlies are looking for a warm place to spend the next few months. Your job is to make sure you aren’t a good host.

Sara Connell loves decorating her two-story bungalow in Dundee. “My house is cute on the inside,’’ she said. But picking an exterior paint? That was different.

It was the lone Nebraska project selected for Interior Design magazine’s latest “Best of Residential” collection.

The next few weeks are prime time to harvest those vegetables bursting from your garden. The plants let you know they’re ready.

A 60-pound stuffed beaver isn’t your usual living room décor. But for outdoorsman Daron Smith, it fits. His 3,700-square-foot home southwest of Beaver Lake, Nebraska, is a blend of his lifelong passion for the outdoors and his fondness for mementos from his family’s past.

My first job out of college was with the newspaper in Red Oak, Iowa. I spent four terrific years there before an opportunity with The World-Herald lured me away.

Shane Connolly’s work as a floral designer has taken him all over the world, propelled by two royal weddings to his credit. In mid-September, the Northern Ireland-born Connolly will travel from London to speak at the Lauritzen Gardens Antique & Garden Show. In a phone interview from his studio in North Kensington, he chats about seasonal harmony in his designs, cow parsley and a vow of silence when it comes to his work for the British royals.

For three months each year, Beth Crichton’s life sounds like a tale best told in an exotic novel. A biologist doing groundbreaking research might not sound so colorful. But throw in a desert kingdom with sheiks and wealth beyond imagination ...

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