6 tips to help parents-to-be design a beautiful room that keeps in mind baby’s health and safety

There’s something about a light-filled space that’s comfortable and welcoming and makes you want to spend time there. Subconsciously or not, it feels healing to be surrounded by light. But if you’ve got a dark home where shadows overtake sunshine, the environment may seem gloomy and unfriend…

Almost everyone knows great curb appeal is a major selling point for a house, but some of the projects that inspire the biggest oohs and aahs in a yard can add up quickly.

Until recently, I didn't pay much attention to window treatments. My dad, who builds houses, doesn't care for them, so we always had bare windows growing up. When I set out on my own, moving from apartment to apartment, I adopted whatever shades or blinds came with the place. It felt silly t…

How to choose the right lighting for a vanity, dressing room or bathroom

What to consider before beginning a home improvement project

A kitchen peninsula. That’s what Bill and Nisi Wax jokingly dubbed the long counter that divided their kitchen and made for a cramped space. Dark overhead cabinets made the kitchen seem even smaller. 

After taking up the hobby, Mike Williams noticed work-related stress fade away. His diet improved, and the garden sanctuary became a source of entertainment.

Add this year’s hot color to your home with plants.

Jim and Claudia Fowler’s home holds a story of loss and resilience. After Claudia's cancer diagnosis, a devastating fire and her decline, “It was much more than just getting home,” Jim said. “It became a sacred place.”

Make no mistake: whether it’s a smokestack-belching industrial park down the street or the unkempt yard of a lazy neighbor, a window that reveals a less-than-desirable landscape can degrade the look and feel of your interiors. Thankfully, experts can provide homeowners with options to pretty…

When David Klitz gave his partner a Christmas present in 2014, he packaged it with extra care and even more creativity. Inside were paint swatches, fabric samples and decorating ideas galore.

As more people opt to return to sit-down meals and conversation, 
designers offer suggestions for giving dining spaces new life. 

There’s no single right answer for all homeowners. Local real estate agents, flooring retailers and homeowners who have replaced living- or family-room flooring say you must consider several factors when determining what will be the best choice for resale value and salability.

The metamorphosis — in two major expansions — has been a passion for the now-retired couple, who initially knew little about construction and carpentry, had a family to raise and an auto-body repair business to run.

What started out as a fairly conventional split-entry home in Maenner Meadows nearly 40 years ago now sprawls 90 feet across two lots on a quiet block near 90th Street and Western Avenue. The metamorphosis — in two major expansions — has been a passion for Omahans Frank and Nancy Metzler, no…

Porcelain is the tile of the moment. Manufacturers are rolling out large-format panels, planks and squares that have architects, interior designers and landscapers abuzz and skilled installers solidly booked for months.

Eat your vegetables? As a child, Cedric Fichepain didn’t have to be told twice. He grew up in France, where seasonal produce is cherished for its full flavor.

A drop ceiling, dull paneling and a battered linoleum floor. The basement in a couple’s 100-year-old Field Club home was anything but inviting. But if owners Dot Stovall and Craig Lee wanted to transform the dark, dingy, dated room into a light, airy space, they would need to get creative. F…

Name the amenity, and these homes probably have it. 

In a season of transitions, contemporary looks pull from days gone by. Here, we share the looks that will turn heads this season. Scroll through the slideshow for these breath-of-fresh-air looks.

It was 4 o’clock on an unusually warm winter morning in 2008, and Hal Holoun couldn’t sleep.

Julia Child said, “The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.”

Midcentury home in the Oakdale neighborhood — being renovated for a fifth time — is a showcase for large-scale tile, some as large as 10 feet wide.

Paige and Mike Lewis credit much of their enlightenment to Restoration Exchange Omaha’s Restore Omaha conference. To be held this weekend, the conference brings old-home craftsmen and owners of old homes together to make connections and share tips.

Travel blogger and author Sara Bliss discusses her new book and how to achieve a luxurious, global look in your own space

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