Inspired Living Omaha

Inspired Living Omaha


Min | Day architecture firm is ‘a real place’ for dream projects

The buildings designed at the Min |  Day architecture firm are vivid, calculated and pristine. The office where those designs are birthed is, well, not so much.

Sweet and Savory

Whip up these easy chocolate covered waffles for a sweet Valentine's Day weekend breakfast


Sealed with a Kiss Lip Balm is an Easy Valentine's Craft to Give - and Use

Bold Strokes

Five mood-changing interiors.

Clutch It!

Bags you need to keep close

A Sweet Treat to Love

Warm a heart "just because" with these easy macaroons.

Paradise Found

Island hopping in Tahiti is a feast for the senses.

Color Is Key

Realtor: Right hue sells

'I want my home to make me smile': Council Bluffs woman uses 'nervy hues' to evoke retro vibe of 1970s Palm Springs

Palm Springs - Shag and all!

Here's how Min | Day architects use color to pump up their award-winning designs

When you walk into any room designed by Min | Day, you don’t just see color; you experience it. Ranging from soothing neutrals to riotous primaries, color surrounds you, defining and refining how you experience a given space.

$8.2M conversion to upscale apartments hopes to restore Colonial Hotel to former glory

The conversion, producing 40 upscale apartments, would continue the revival of the Blackstone District, but it also would leave the area with fewer low-rent options.

Stocked and Stored

Makeshift storage tames kitchen clutter.

8 storage hacks for the not-so-roomy kitchen in your house

Makeshift storage tames kitchen clutter.