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Huskers Armstrong and Westerkamp share bond that extends beyond playing field

The city boy from the Chicago suburbs and the southern kid who loves to hunt and fish — yes, they are best friends. They have forged an unbreakable bond, a brotherhood s...


Big Ten Media Days: Sights and sounds

With the conclusion of Big Ten media days, The World-Herald shares its best interviews with the coaches and players who will be making news this fall.


Huskers hire NBA D-League assistant Phil Beckner to fill open coaching spot

NU announced Saturday that coach Tim Miles has hired Phil Beckner, filling the spot left open when Rashon Burno resigned to take a job with Arizona State.

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Shatel: Excelling at basics is job one for Nebraska in 2015

It’s time for Nebraska football to get back to basics. It’s time for Nebraska football to get back to Nebraska football. Fundamentals. Efficienc...

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