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Chatelain: Wisconsin ties make this game really matter to Husker A.D.

This is a Game That Matters. It matters to a Husker team desperate to preserve meaningful postseason goals. It matters to fans desperate to preserve pride. It most certainly matters to Athletic Director Shawn Eichorst, whose investment isn’t just professional, it’s personal.



Days with Mike Riley at USC lead Keyshawn Johnson to steer prospects toward Nebraska

Keyshawn Johnson didn’t hesitate when asked, nor did he amble through his response. There’s one clear reason why he’s introduced his son and several other highly regarde...

Ndamukong Suh is returning to UNL — as campus retailer

Ndamukong Suh’s development company will buy a portion of the former Nebraska Bookstore property from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Tom Osborne 'fortunate' to witness NU turnaround under Bob Devaney

Tom Osborne had few doubts about his readiness to take over at Nebraska in 1973, but "I realized that the odds of my being a coach very long here were not very good."

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McKewon: Even in a tough stretch, teams can recruit well, and Mike Riley needs to

We interrupt a bad start to Mike Riley’s first season to remind readers: Don’t ignore the long view of roster management, talent acquisition and...

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