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In Pinnacle Bank Arena, CenturyLink Center battle, concertgoers win

The duo of arenas' presence has meant 43 big-time concerts in the past 15 months.

Desaparecidos (officially) sign to Epitaph

Conor Oberst's punk band, Desaparecidos, has signed to the premier punk label, Epitaph Records.

Rock Candy: Winter tunes to warm up your soul

There’s nothing like keeping up the heat with a good record and a warmth-giving beverage.

Rock Candy: Lineup out for Lincoln festival

Lincoln Exposed has announced its lineup.

Rock Candy: What about AC/DC? Readers react to our rankings of the biggest artists ever

Ranking the biggest artists since the 1950s wasn’t too difficult.

Join us for #musicchat

I like talking about music, and if you’re reading this, I bet that you do, too.


The Vandals rule punk reunion

COUNCIL BLUFFS — Punk isn’t dead, but it is getting older.

Rock Candy: A beach trip with The Sub-Vectors

Surf music feels almost out of place in Nebraska. But The Sub-Vectors can bring the beach to this very sandless and cold place.


The 17 best concert photos of 2014

We took a lot of concert photos in 2014. I shot more than 20 shows (and two festivals) and World-Herald staff photographers did even more.

8 musical resolutions to ensure a rocking 2015

As in the beginning of every year, I offer you some potential musical resolutions to make 2015 a much more rocking year.

The 25 best songs of 2014

The best songs of 2014 were streamed on my Spotify countless times. The albums they came on practically lived in my CD player. 


The best 14 concerts and festivals of 2014

Around here, there is a concert every single night of the entire year. It’s impossible for someone to see them all, and it’s also impossible to see every good show. But I saw a lot, and these are the best among the many I attended.


The top 25 albums of 2014

Good music is what we listen to on the radio or while we’re jogging on a nice day.

Rock Candy: TKO hits us hard with new album

TKO's first three releases — two albums and a mixtape — came out in a little more than a year, and he has built his lighting-fast raps into a prolific output of more than 50 songs.

Rock Candy: Grammy noms leave a lot to be desired

On Friday, the Grammy Awards dragged their nomination announcements out over half a day. Maybe they needed to drum up excitement somehow because it was a such a dull list.

Record Store Day brings vinyl fans out for Black Friday

Record Store Day's Black Friday seemed to be a success once again.

Rock Candy: Get the best releases on Black Friday

Record collectors and music fans love this time of year.

The best parts of Cursive's AMA

Next week, Cursive will reissue it's breakthrough album, "The Ugly Organ." In February and March, it will tour the country with a cello player to revisit that material. And yesterday, Cursive frotnman Tim Kasher took to Reddit to answer questions from fans.

Rock Candy: 311 break lets creative juices flow

When 311 is away, its members get to play.


The New Pornographers rock a sold-out Slowdown

More shows should be like that one.

cd review

Garth Brooks stumbles with latest album

The country music superstar's new album is his first in 13 years. 


Slipknot shakes the floors, rattles rafters at CenturyLink Center

You could feel it in your feet and in your gut as the Iowa-bred rock band chugged through its 90-minute set Thursday at the CenturyLink Center Omaha.

Rock Candy: Taylor Swift pulled her songs, but most other bands can’t

Taylor Swift wants better record sales. That seems to be the main motivator behind Swift and her record label, Big Machine, removing the country-turned-pop singer’s songs from Spotify.

Saddle Creek signs Hop Along, Twinsmith

Phillie band Hop Along will release its next album with Omaha's Saddle Creek Records.

Rock Candy: Big loss set album’s tone

Orenda Fink found herself in “a crazy deep depression.”

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