2015 Favorites: Top dishes I ate in Omaha, and elsewhere, via Instagram

Some dishes linger in my mind long after the last bite is gone. Those dishes are also, maybe not coincidentally, the ones that most often appear on my Instagram account. I wanted to take a look back at 2015 through the lens of my iPhone camera, so to speak, and reminisce upon some of the best individual dishes I ate last year.

Best of 2015: Top 6 places to have a cocktail in Omaha

I’m 35 now, and I require three things and three things only from an Omaha drinking establishment: 1. A place to sit. 2. A conversation. 3. A damn fine drink.

2015 Favorites: West of 72nd Street

I first took a look at my favorite west Omaha restaurants at the end of 2013, and two years later, I only have one repeat choice. It's a testament to how west Omaha has grown, and I can only hope that next year I have even more restaurants that are worth venturing to. 

2015 Favorites: Under $10

Today marks the first in my series of year-end top lists; I'm starting with some of the city's best cheap eats. 

Omaha Restaurant Week lets diners rediscover spots they don't frequent often

As this year's Omaha Restaurant Week winds down — tonight is the final night of the 2015 edition — I've been thinking about more than just the incredible deals diners can get during the event. My favorite part of Omaha Restaurant Week is how the event offers diners the chance to rediscover the spots they don't always make it to, and remember what's so great about them in the first place. It also gives diners the chance to support their everyday favorites and experience a new menu at those beloved spots. I did both this weekend.

Summer travel diaries: Chicago

I've been doing a lot of traveling this summer and thought I'd do a quick recap of where I've been -- and what I've eaten -- so far. We drove out to Chicago over the Fourth of July weekend, and I had the plan of crossing a few spots off my list, The Publican among them. (Read more about the Fulton Market gastropub here.)

Omaha is among the next big dining destinations. Here's why

This morning, a Wall Street Journal writer called out Omaha as one of his favorite small dining cities in the country. 

Lincoln's Jill Cockson, craft bartender, earns James Beard semifinalist nod

Last night at The Other Room, the 20-something seat speakeasy in Lincoln's Haymarket district, bartender and co-owner Jill Cockson did her thing like she always does, mixing craft cocktails and talking to customers about the petite bar that's gained a cult following during the past year.

2014 Favorites: the Classics

I'm broadening the "old school" category for the purposes of this list. Generally speaking, the old school steakhouses are the ones who hold this title, but as they wane — don't worry, they also make my list! — I think it's wise to recognize some of the city's other classics. New classics, if you will. Here are my favorites from 2014.

2014 Favorites: Mexican

Here's the second — albeit delayed — entry in my list of 2014 year end favorites. Mexican is probably the style of food I get most asked about, and lucky for you, Omaha has some good offerings. Here are my favorites.

2014 Favorites: Patios

Here are my favorite patios of 2014. (Yes, I realize patio weather is far, far away today. But a girl can dream, right?) Stay tuned for the rest of my year-end series.

Five more food books perfect for giving

This season I've been asked more than once what cookbooks I recommend for beginning cooks, so I decided to do a story about it, and you can see my five favorites in today's paper

Review: Kiss Sticks by Black Iris Botanicals

Yesterday I did a small feature about Omaha-based Black Iris Botanicals, a company whose owners forage local ingredients for a line of beauty products all made right here in town. 

Alton Brown ate the Alton Brown Burger in downtown Omaha today

This morning, Paul Urban and Jessica Joyce Urban, who run Block 16 in downtown Omaha, remembered that Food Network personality Alton Brown was going to be in town today. They wondered what might draw him into their restaurant. 

A weekend suggestion

I've read a lot lately about how brunch is "so over." May I heartily disagree? 

Cherry Bounce, a.k.a. my grandmother's home brew

I didn't learn my grandmother made home brew until I was well into my 20s. One day she pulled out a small glass bottle off a basement shelf in my grandparents' house and handed it to me. "Cherry Bounce," she said.

A look inside Grane, Omaha's newest craft cocktail bar

I think its fair to say Omaha has become a craft cocktail town. 

Archetype Coffee

Archetype is one of the first businesses to open in the new "Blackstone District," in the neighborhood of 40th and Farnam Streets.

The Very Dream of Drinks

Confession time: before today, I’ve never had a mint julep. I’ve wanted to try one since we were in Oxford, visiting William Faulkner’s house, and I saw his julep cup and original recipe. What better time to do it than the weekend of the Kentucky Derby?


In case you missed it, Omaha-style pizza came about during my pizza Food Prowl last December, when I prowled for the city’s best with Omaha native and Director Alexander Payne and chef/owner of The Grey Plume Clayton Chapman. From the story:

50 States, 50 Tacos

My pick is featured in the May issue of the magazine. The al pastor taco at South Omaha’s La Choza won the prowl and it’s just as good now as it was then. La Choza (formerly known as Tacos Peligros) slaps a hunk of pineapple on top of its rotisserie, and the juices from the fruit melt down into the meat, making an incredibly tasty melange of sweet and savory.

Happy Hour at M's Pub

One of my Omaha standbys for late night downtown dinners and people watching is — has always been — M’s Pub. The restaurant recently introduced a happy hour, and I checked it out. We tried three of the new menu items (Though I love revisiting the old standbys on the M’s menu, new food at a reliable restaurant is always exciting.)

The B.T.C. Old Fashioned Grocery Cookbook

A friend in Oxford asked me excitedly during my recent trip to the South if I’d heard of or owned the B.T.C. Old Fashioned Grocery Cookbook. I had a copy sitting on my desk way back in Nebraska and I had to admit that I hadn’t even cracked the cover before I left for the Delta (read more about my trip here, here and here.)

Faulkner and the Blues

I started reading William Faulkner’s Absalom Absalom! before we left for Oxford, and what started out as a bit of a slog turned into an absolutely fantastic read as soon as we got on the plane to Mississippi. (If you give it a go, stay strong through chapter 3.) I’m nearly finished with the book now, and the fact that I was in the middle of it when we visited both Faulkner’s home in Oxford and an exhibition of first editions of his work on the Ole Miss campus made both visits all the more special.

More on the Mississippi Delta

, and I feel the same way now. I have the desire to write about it, but I’m simply not sure how to do it. There’s too much to say and even now that I’m back in Nebraska, it still feels a touch dangerous to tackle a bit of writing about my experience. I want to get it right.

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2014 Favorites: Patios

2014 Favorites: Mexican

2014 Favorites: The Classics

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2013 Favorites: Under $10

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2013 Favorites: West of 72nd Street

Food Prowl

Food Prowl is a series of stories in theOmaha World Herald in which we examine what the city's restaurants have to offer and choose our favorite foodss. Find every single prowl and every single dish we've tried at

The 2015 Lineup:

Our favorite Onion Rings: 

The Rustic Inn

Our favorite Sushi: 

Sushi Japan

Our favorite Margarita: coming soon 

Our favorite Diner: coming soon 

What we ate in 2014:

Our favorite Nebraska Brewed Beer: 

Zipline Brewery and Nebraska Brewing Company's Cardinal Pale Ale

Our favorite Ice Cream: 


Our favorite Pad Thai: 

Bangkok Cuisine

Our favorite Barbecue: 

Swine Dining

What we ate in 2013:

Our favorite Steak: 

Brother Sebastian's Ribeye

Our favorite Macaroni and Cheese: 

Marks Bistro

Our favorite Buffalo Wings: 

Buffalo Company's classic wings

Our favorite Crab Cakes: 

M's Pub

Our favorite French Toast: 

Louie M's classic French toast

Our favorite Gourmet Burger: 

The Grey Plume

Our favorite French Fries: 

Tie between Broncos and Dario's Brasserie

Our favorite Bloody Mary: 

The Trap Room

Our favorite Sweet and Sour Pork: 

Tie between Canton House and P.F. Chang

Our favorite Chicken Fried Steak:


Our favorite Coffee


Our favorite Pizza

Tie between Dante Ristorante, La Casa and Frank's Pizzeria

What we ate in 2012:

Our favorite Eggs Benedict: 

Dixie Quicks Public House

Our favorite Chicken Tikka Korma: 

India Garden

Our favorite Old Fashioned cocktail: 

The Boiler Room Restaurant

Our favorite Fried Chicken: 

Time Out Chicken

Our favorite Classic Hamburger: 

Tie between Block 16 and Dinker's Bar

Our favorite Taco: 

La Chosa

Our favorite Cupcake: 

Bliss Old Market Bakery

Our favorite Falafel: 

Amsterdam Falafel and Kabob

Our favorite Spaghetti: 

Dante Ristorante

Our favorite Pho:

Tie between Saigon Restaurant and New Gold Mountain

Our favorite Reuben

Crescent Moon

The Insider's Guide to Omaha & Lincoln

My book, The Insider's Guide to Omaha and Lincoln, is the first nationally published travel guide written about the two cities. It includes my take on more than 150 restaurants, including many you've probably never heard of before.

My "Insider's Picks" throughout the book include favorite thrift stores, dive bars and hangouts. It also has practical sections: one on where to stay when you're visiting and a second perfect for students or people relocating to Nebraska.

Pick up your own copy here.


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