Breaking Brad: Court rules that Red Bull does not in fact give you wings

After a class-action lawsuit was settled for fraudulent advertising, Red Bull will pay customers $13 million. Customers were jumping up and down, gang-tackling one another and dancing on tables. And that was before the ruling even came down.

Inmates make the difference

Grace: Dog trained in prison offers solace for girl with disabilities

The process is intense and takes about a year. Inmates spend weekdays with the dogs and have to give up their yard time and wage-earning opportunities to keep their focus on the animals. Some dogs go to nursing homes, schools and courts. And some go to specific people, like 7-year-old Delia Binette, who have trouble with physical mobility or have seizure disorders.

Grace: A backyard find and an obituary brought long-lost wedding ring back home

The wedding ring had been missing for years. Its recent discovery was too late for the owner, an Omaha woman who died earlier this month at 98. But the surprising, recent return of this treasure became a timely gift.

Election 2014

Breaking Brad: Brad Ashford, Lee Terry crack wise

To help voters make the most informed decision possible, World-Herald humor columnist Brad Dickson hit the candidates for Nebraska's 2nd District with the hard questions.


Shatel: Playoff Committee lists won't alter flow of season

I hear the argument that by releasing rankings before the end of the season, the committee is putting itself in a box, that it won’t be able to make any huge adjustments if need be. Not true. We all watch college football. We know when huge adjustments are necessary. Plus, it will be fascinating to watch this first process unfold.

Breaking Brad: New human-like robot expertly neglects to save for retirement

The most human-like robot yet has been created. The challenge was creating a robot that saved nothing for retirement, was hooked on cheesy reality TV shows and couldn’t parallel park to save its life.

Breaking Brad: How not to get candy while trick-or-treating – wear an Ebola hazmat suit

There is a Halloween costume that resembles an Ebola hazmat suit. If any trick-or-treater wears this to my house, you will get a rock from my backyard in your bag.


Lunch with Tom: Replay

Hungry for some sports chat? Join World-Herald columnist Tom Shatel at 10 a.m. for an early edition of “Lunch with Tom” to discuss Nebraska’s win over Rutgers and more.


Brad Dickson's Bottom 10, Oct. 27

I give you this week’s Bottom 10, a collection of teams that aren’t on pins and needles awaiting the first College Football Playoff rankings Tuesday.


Shatel: One to remember as Ameer Abdullah sets Nebraska record

Senior star Ameer Abdullah turned an otherwise forgettable 42-24 rout of Rutgers, a game that felt like a nonconference tilt in October, into one you talk about on the way home. He did that, again, because he made you stand up.

Kelly: ’85 World Series also featured a K.C. Royals team with lots of Omaha ties

I covered the 1985 World Series. Sure enough, a look back shows it was the same as 2014 — 15 former Omaha Triple-A players, including future Hall of Famer George Brett, played on that team.


Dickson's Week in Review, Oct. 19-25

After maybe brushing a sideline photographer, Ameer Abdullah made sure she was OK. If character counted in the Heisman race, he’d be roughly 29,000 points ahead of Jameis Winston.


Shatel: Lowering the boom: No noise off field could have NU poised to make plenty on it

There’s no off-the-field drama. No three-ring circus. There have been six wins and one loss that was no reason to panic, and a lot of press conferences in between that haven’t produced much news. 

Breaking Brad: Sarah Palin endorses Democrat; hell freezes over

In Alaska, Sarah Palin has endorsed a Democrat who's running for lieutenant governor. So, while it's warm in Omaha, hell has just frozen over.

Breaking Brad: Mr. Huckabee, please stop disrespecting roach motels

While campaigning for Joni Ernst in Council Bluffs, Mike Huckabee called the current U.S. Senate "a roach motel of legislation." Mr. Huckabee, I am appalled. That is inappropriate; for that comparison, you owe an apology to roach motels.

Hansen: Adventures from a 15-hour Smart Car drive across Europe

The low point comes at midnight, somewhere near Switzerland.

Breaking Brad: Tom Osborne + donuts = ahhhh!!!

Tom Osborne will appear at a grand-opening event at the Dunkin' Donuts near 72nd and Dodge Streets on Friday as part of a benefit for his TeamMates Mentoring program. I hope they're prepared to handle a crowd of 10 million.

Breaking Brad: Political candidate says he can make a difference. Hah!

In a recent World-Herald interview, Rep. Jeff Fortenberry said he's optimistic he can make a difference. Cynics' response: The last politician to make a difference in Washington, D.C., was John Quincy Adams.


Shatel: Handing out Blackshirts? Bo Pelini made them earn it

It took about 51 days, or seven games, for the fabled Nebraska Blackshirts to make their first appearance in the players’ lockers. Apparently that wasn’t a problem.

Kelly: A courageous drive to life’s end zone for record-setting former UNO quarterback

On a magical night in college against a top-ranked defense, Randy Naran completed a UNO-record 17 consecutive passes. At 52, he is now preparing for an end-game we all face — death. He has throat cancer, and it is terminal.

Breaking Brad: Omahans, be smart and spend your weekend getting snow tires

This Sunday, our predicted high for Omaha is almost 80 degrees. As someone who's lived a good chunk of his life in Omaha, I'm going to take advantage of the nice October weather to get my snow tires put on.

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Nebraska Crossing Outlets
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