Her first john looked like Santa Claus

Grace: A Bellevue teenager is pulled into prostitution overnight

Dawn didn't plan to become a prostitute. She had what she said was a normal childhood. She played basketball and hung out with friends. The trouble started when she experimented with alcohol.

Breaking Brad: Determined to oust Terry, tea party takes to Craigslist

Chip Maxwell dropped out of Nebraska's second-district congressional race. Apparently, he wants to spend more time switching parties.

Breaking Brad: If Nebraska's boring, what does that make Evanston?

Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald called Nebraska "a pretty boring state." He's entitled. His team plays in Evanston, Illinois, aka "the city that never sleeps." Wait, that's not right...

Grace: After all the tears come laughs  for Pilger; Omahan's comedy troupe to take stage at fundraiser

Plenty of tears have been shed for Pilger.

Breaking Brad: Yay for more Omaha water main breaks, GM recalls

The old adage about the only things certain in life being death and taxes has been amended. It now reads, "The only things certain in life are death, taxes and GM recalls."

Breaking Brad: Hey, Randy Gregory, could you sack Pat Fitzgerald, please?

Northwestern football coach Pat Fitzgerald said Nebraska is "a pretty boring state." Hopefully these fighting words will help him fill the school's 47,130-seat stadium with a few fans actually rooting for the Wildcats.

Kelly: Nebraskan, visiting Dublin, jumps in river to help struggling man — and becomes crime victim

Joe Sheehan, 20, took off his shirt and shoes, put down his backpack and other valuables and jumped in the river. While he was in the water, someone ran off with his wallet and phone.

Breaking Brad: Is it time for that Nebraska-Northwestern game yet?

Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald called Nebraska "a pretty boring state." His team plays home games in Evanston, Illinois. Something about those in glass houses throwing stones would be applicable here.

Breaking Brad: A $15 property tax cut? No wai, dood!

Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert's budget includes a proposal for a property tax cut that would save homeowners $15 on a $150,000 house. The number of Omahans seen running through the streets screaming, "I'm rich! I'm rich!" was zero.

Grace: Dearly departed gather to witness the joining of two UNO students in holy matrimony — at cemetery

Deep inside Omaha’s largest cemetery, inside the granite funeral chapel, near the very spot where coffins were once lowered to the crematory below, and before an audience of over 100,000 — if you count all the souls buried around here — stands one woman and one man.

Breaking Brad: If you need an excuse to not clean up your dog's feces...

In New Mexico, a man cleaning up dog poop was mistaken for a burglar by police. That shows you how often people in this nation clean up after their dog. "Hey, what's that guy doing?" "Stealing dog poop? We better arrest him."

Breaking Brad: 'We Don't Coast'? More like, 'We Don't Get It'

The Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce's new slogan for Omaha is "We Don’t Coast." To which a chorus of dazed Omahans replied, "We Don't Get It."

Breaking Brad: Omaha's 'We Don't Coast' slogan will have far-reaching implications

* The new Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce slogan, "We Don't Coast," is being painted on city sidewalks. Great, now when it snows, nobody's gonna want to shovel and see that.

Breaking Brad: It's so hot in Omaha that ...

The heat is back. It’s so hot in Omaha that Paul McCartney returned to eCreamery just to lie across the freezer.

Hansen: Don't let Jeff — the problem worker — slide, workplace guru says

The biggest problem in your workplace is not the fact that you are overworked, even though you are probably overworked. The biggest problem in your workplace has a name. His name is Jeff.

Kelly: Omaha business consultants have gone the distance for their clients

A couple of Omaha business consultants have racked up quite a few frequent-flier miles — including 55 trips to Russia and 20 to China.


Kelly: Navy band’s Jazz on the Green concert irks rep of local musicians

       » “Navy Night” drew a big and appreciative crowd Thursday to Jazz on the Green, but the appearance of a Navy band has caused a protest on behalf of civilian musicians.


Dickson's Week in Review, July 13-19

Husker fans are questioning why Bo Pelini chose Corey Cooper to speak for the defense at Big Ten media days instead of Randy Gregory. If you’re keeping score, the season doesn’t begin for six weeks and Bo’s already being second-guessed.

Breaking Brad: Happy BTN Husker Day!

Friday is Husker Day on BTN. Nothing but Husker sports for 24 consecutive hours. By 4 a.m., you can look for the 1974 cross country dual meet between NU and the Colorado School of Mines.

Breaking Brad: I guess I can't coast, whatever that means

The Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce has introduced a new campaign slogan: "We Don't Coast." After hearing this, five residential districts in favor of being annexed by the city suddenly changed their minds.

Breaking Brad: Husker games might as well air on ESPN 8 The Ocho

Two of the first three Husker football games this fall will air on ESPNU and the CBS Sports Network. Right now, Husker fans are scrolling through their Cox Cable lineup. "Channel 153, HGTV ... no. Channel 154, the Groundhog Cam Channel ... no."

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