Breaking Brad: A Justin Bieber song was helpful. I can't believe it, either.

In Russia, a man fended off a bear attack by blasting a Justin Bieber song until it ran off. This is the first ever constructive use of a Bieber song.

Hansen: A Nebraska farm-girl-turned-war correspondent reported about Vietnam’s 'death zones'

Beverly Deepe, who would become the longest-serving Vietnam War correspondent, was one of the first American reporters to write a story predicting that the United States might lose the conflict.

Breaking Brad: Who's willing to donate to my potato salad fund?

A Columbus, Ohio, man who asked for $10 to make potato salad on Kickstarter has raised over $8,000 so far. This proves what I've always maintained: when it really matters, Americans will step forward.

Breaking Brad: A cow head and 16-foot anaconda on the loose!

A cow head was stolen from a Bellevue Chick-fil-A. It sounds like cost-cutting-obsessed officials in Grand Island were desperate for a symbol for this year's Nebraska State Fair.

Breaking Brad: About that Buffalo Bills championship tattoo...

A Buffalo fan got a "Bills '15 Super Bowl champs" tattoo. If you're gonna be shopping for a Christmas present for this guy, consider a gift certificate for a tattoo-removal doctor.

Breaking Brad: The story of Chick-fil-A and the world's worst interior decorator

Someone stole the cow head from a Bellevue Chick-fil-A. A $250 reward is offered for its return. It's believed to be the work of a big Chick-fil-A fan — or the world's worst interior decorator.


Shatel: Husker hoops commits steal August headlines

Has a kid from Kansas ever transferred to Nebraska? Yes, I mean in basketball. Andrew White III did that on Monday, a big day for Husker hoops, especially for August. How big?

Breaking Brad: How to know your carpool has too many people

There is online video of a man hanging onto the back of a speeding vehicle. OK, this is when you know your carpool has too many people.

Breaking Brad: Another one for the 'Whatta we got to lose?' category

I say let radio hosts run for office. This falls into the “Whatta we got to lose?” category.

Hansen: Don't be sad, but it looks like Nebraska's not the happiest state

I have a new suggestion for a state motto, and this one is backed by years of federal data compiled, studied and mapped by a trio of researchers affiliated with Harvard. ... Sadbraska.


Kelly: Omaha artist recalls Robin Williams as a school pal

As a teenager, Tom Kerr would go to the home of his friend “Rob” and play with tin soldiers.


Shatel: College Football Playoff could sap fun from polls, bowls

College football — and how we view our teams — will never be the same. Is Nebraska nationally relevant? Are the Huskers an elite program? Wrong questions. Are the Huskers a playoff team? Or not a playoff team?


Kelly: Sports history? La Vista man has it covered

Sports Illustrated is celebrating 60 years, and Dean Podoll has every issue — in chronological order in his basement. “It’s an obsession that can only be called crazy,” he says. “Because I have to have all of them.”


Shatel: Milt Tenopir battling cancer with same relentless approach he took in building Husker offensive lines

Uncle Milt is sick. He has leukemia. Specifically, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a disease that plows through bone marrow, preventing it from making red and white blood cells. It’s a cancer more common for children under 15. Milt is 74.

Grace: This weekend, you can see the Beatles live — well, sort of

The Fab Four look-alike band Liverpool Legends is part of 18 tribute acts playing in an Omaha show this weekend.


Shatel: Shawn Eichorst hits right notes; let’s hear the Husker A.D.'s voice often

Eichorst called a media session Wednesday. Five local writers, including Lee Barfknecht and me from The World-Herald, were invited. The idea was to make himself available to whatever.

Grace: House hunting? For $575K, you can buy, breathe new life into historic 1880s funeral home

You could make 1234 S. 10th St. your home, sans the funerals. Owner Bill Johnston is selling the property, which includes the 16-room mansion, a large carriage house and a slice of history. At least one prominent Omaha family once lived there.

Hansen: Scooting all over the city, Omaha owners of sassy little 2-wheelers find plenty to love about their rides

For quick trips and short commutes, scooters — fun, fuel-efficient, inexpensive and easy-to-park — are rising stars. 

School starts today for some

Grace: As classes start up again, so long to a so-short summer

Quick! Somebody get a calendar. August just began, right? It’s still summer, right? Surely it can’t be time yet to load up on No. 2 pencils and think about imposing a bedtime before the sun sets.


Shatel: Gallery honors Husker athletic directors — all of ’em

Steve Pederson’s back in the building! No, not like that. The hallway that leads to Nebraska Athletic Director Shawn Eichorst’s office has a new addition: framed photos of every AD in Nebraska history. There’s a big framed photo of a smiling Pederson, right beneath a smiling Bill Byrne. I like it.

Breaking Brad will return Aug. 18

Brad Dickson's daily column will return Aug. 18.

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