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Grace: 'Don’t put spaghetti between your toes'; dad lights up Internet with book of toddler talk

Martin Bruckner, an Omaha graphic designer, was inspired to create a 28-page book documenting the absurdity and humor of life with a 2-year-old. It was intended as just a sweet gift for his wife, Michelle Cartwright-Bruckner, but it has caught fire on the Internet.


Kelly: 'Do you believe in destiny?' First love
 for woman, then love
 for city

» A retired Philadelphia lawyer and I enjoyed lunch this week at the Omaha Press Club, where I learned how he ended up moving to Omaha last year — and now loves it.


Dickson's Week in Review, Dec. 14-20

According to an audiotape obtained by The World-Herald, in his final meeting with players, Bo trashed A.D. Shawn Eichorst and used a lot of vulgar language. I think Carl left Florida Atlantic under better terms, and he was basically escorted off the field by the Coast Guard.

Kelly: In work Dr. Robert L. Perry catered to animals, in his life he catered to people

Bob Perry was so easygoing, quipped his wife, Ione, that if they had a disagreement, “I’d get worn out arguing both sides. He wouldn’t argue.”


Brad Dickson's college football bowl viewing guide

Welcome to my annual TV bowl guide, where I separate the must-views from the impossible-to-watch. With new bowl games sprouting like weeds, there is no shortage of the latter.

Breaking Brad: That Bo Pelini audiotape is all Dave Heineman's fault!

The Bo Pelini tape saga rolls on. Through force of habit, the Nebraska Legislature is blaming Gov. Dave Heineman for the whole mess.

Breaking Brad: Partnerships with Cuba and Oklahoma? Welcome to the Twilight Zone

Nebraska and Oklahoma are joining forces to sue Colorado for declaring marijuana to be legal. This is truly bizarre, and, when I write that, of course I'm referencing Nebraska teaming up with OKLAHOMA?

Breaking Brad: You know, I miss Bill Callahan. OK, I lied.

You know, I'd almost rather have Bill Callahan back. No, never mind.

Breaking Brad: So much for Pelini, Eichorst swapping Christmas cards

Well, I guess Shawn Eichorst can cross Bo Pelini off his Christmas card list.


Hansen: Bo Pelini talks of core values but lacks more than a few

Bo Pelini talked quite a bit about values in his hate-fueled half-hour speech to Nebraska’s football team after he was fired. Pelini has a shockingly incomplete, strangely stunted idea about what values really are, doesn’t he?


Shatel: One more round of drama for Bo Pelini, Husker football

College football should be fun. College football shouldn’t be hard. Bo Pelini, though, made it hard. That’s who he was, what he was about, literally to the bitter end.

Hansen: Grappling with life's big questions during a 9.5-hour 'Hobbit' marathon

At various points during my all-day “Hobbit” movie marathon, I hated the three “Hobbit” movies, and I loved them, and I loved to hate them, and I loved them all over again.

Breaking Brad: I guess I'm not going to see 'The Interview'...

If anyone's looking for me tonight, I'll be busy scratching "The Interview" off my holiday movie list.

Breaking Brad: Hey, Uber, no price-gouging Santa on Christmas Eve!

Santa is preparing to make his around-the-world journey. Instead of a sleigh, this year, he's taking Uber.

Kelly: Life coach rookie? He’s wise beyond his 23 years

Cameron J. Popp hands you his business card, and the tagline under his name stands out: “Your guide to a remarkable life.”

Hansen: Translator had American’s back in Afghanistan, and vice versa in Omaha

It was just another Omaha Thanksgiving, until you remembered that this guest list had been drawn up long ago by Osama bin Laden and two U.S. presidents. Just another Thanksgiving, until you recalled that the 10 people at this dining room table had been tossed together by Sept. 11, the longest war in American history and finally our government’s attempt to help our most loyal Afghan allies escape the sheer terror of their daily existence.

Breaking Brad: OMG! Mike Riley hired a guy NOT from Oregon State!

Mike Riley reportedly will keep current NU defensive backs coach Charlton Warren. I believe Riley took this action after learning Warren once flew over the Oregon State campus.

Breaking Brad: Yes, officer, that dude stole my weed.

In Westlake, Ohio, a man called police to report stolen marijuana in a Taco Bell parking lot. We now have proof that marijuana destroys brain cells.


Shatel: Forecast is bright for UNO hockey but a little foggy for CU and NU basketball

The local weather gurus have their winter forecast. I have mine. The difference: My six-inches-of-snow/65-degrees line runs through the middle of the CenturyLink Center. My forecast.

Gospel of gratitude

Grace: Omaha officer and boy find common bond that links them

Alex was a good boy, but, like a lot of 7-year-olds, he was very curious. So a few weeks ago, when he saw a pair of shiny metal handcuffs lying there, practically screaming to be flicked open and clicked shut on his right wrist, well, what's a curious 7-year-old to do?

Breaking Brad: Johnny Manziel roughed up Sunday – and then he faced the Bengal D

A rough first NFL start for Johnny Manziel. During the game Sunday, Manziel was sacked twice. And that was just by Brian Hoyer.

Breaking Brad: Worst ... excuse ... ever – Russian hockey player says dog ate his passport

A Russian hockey player said his dog ate his passport. This would be the worst reason ever for your team losing an Olympic gold medal. “We would’ve won but one best player stayed home. Dog ate his passport.”


Lunch with Tom: Replay

Hungry for some sports chat? Join the “Lunch with Tom” chat at 10 a.m. as World-Herald columnist Tom Shatel discusses the future of Husker football and more.

Hansen: Afghan interpreters risked all for U.S., struggle in Omaha

The Terps are bound by a single, fateful decision: At some point in the past 13 years, they signed contracts to become interpreters for the U.S. military in Afghanistan. That decision forced these men to flee their hometowns. It led them to live in fear. And it led them to a government program that in the past year has brought 45 endangered Afghan interpreters and family members to Omaha.


Kelly: Lace up — Omaha is No. 1 for active lifestyle

"Omaha doesn't jump to a lot of people's minds as the No. 1 spot for active lifestyle," said WalletHub spokeswoman Jill Gonzalez, "but it excelled in a lot of categories."


Dickson's Week in Review, Dec. 7-13

Barney Cotton released a prepared statement that the Huskers were thrilled to be going to the Holiday Bowl. I think it was prepared in 2010.


Shatel: After two nights with college football's best, some clarity on Huskers' place

Some want to win the Heisman or the Masters. I’ve always wanted to be a bowl scout for a day.

Grace: Giraffe toys — dozens of them — helped girl through cancer; now zoo baby bears her nickname, ‘Lolo’

Lauren "Lolo" Hacker was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer two years ago. Her favorite animal is the giraffe, and during her cancer fight, friends and strangers sent her toy giraffes.

Breaking Brad: Sources say Mike Riley bringing Oregon State student chef to Lincoln

An out-of-control Mike Riley just hired the Oregon State ombudsman, librarian and student union chef to come to UNL.

Breaking Brad: Omaha forecast promises windbreaker-on-your-sheep type of weekend

High temperatures near 60 are predicted for Omaha on Saturday and Sunday. In December. It's the "pinch me, I must be dreaming" forecast.

Hansen: In massive hepatitis C outbreak in Fremont, the victims’ voices went unheard

Emil Mueller was one of 99 Fremont residents — most of them middle-aged or elderly cancer patients — that Dr. Tahir Ali Javed and his nurses infected with hepatitis C in their clinic during what became the worst outbreak of its kind in American medical history. Here's Emil's story.

Breaking Brad: Wait, what's an Incarnate Word?

Nebraska's men's basketball team lost to Division I newcomer Incarnate Word. Even the sheep in a sweater wandering Omaha's streets said, "Well, that's weird."

Breaking Brad: On a sweater-wearing sheep and Husker bitten by a raccoon

I had the worst experience the other night. I walked into a Christmas party in Omaha and saw a sheep that was better dressed.

Breaking Brad: And the Oregon State assistants keep coming ... and coming

Will the last Oregon State assistant coach to leave for Nebraska please turn out the lights?

Breaking Brad: As the great Harvey Perlman would tweet, YOLO!

Harvey Perlman tweeted what some are calling smack about "doubters" upset with Mike Riley's hiring and added "YOLO." Oh, no. Now Perlman can speed up his tuition increases by tweeting them.

Breaking Brad: How much Taylor Swift is too much Taylor Swift?

The finalists for Time magazine's "Person of the Year" include Tim Cook, the CEO of Alibaba, Roger Goodell, the Iraqi Kurdistan president and Taylor Swift. At the current rate, Taylor Swift will be elected president in 2032.

Breaking Brad: I'm so ready to bookmark Ernie Chambers's blog

The World-Herald has reported that Ernie Chambers may start a blog. I just hope this doesn't end up being at all controversial.

Kelly: Two Madonna organizations in Omaha aim  for peaceful coexistence

Madonna School, for children with disabilities, was founded in Omaha in 1960. Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital, founded in Lincoln in 1958, is expanding to the Omaha area. Prepare for a battle royal. ... Ah, but wait.


Shatel: Don’t fault Tom Osborne 
for Big 12's playoff misfortune

There’s bickering, controversy, soul-searching and general contentiousness in the Big 12. And Texas isn’t involved. Huh?

Breaking Brad: Texas Motor Speedway knows answer, still asks: 'Would you like beer and bacon in that shake?'

Texas Motor Speedway concessions now feature a milkshake with beer and bacon. Omahans will be driving to Texas Motor Speedway at higher speeds than the cars are moving around the oval.

Breaking Brad: Nice-guy Mike Riley is a lot like Tom Osborne ... minus the wins

I’ve been reading about Riley. He sounds a lot like Tom Osborne without the winning percentage.


Lunch with Tom: Replay

Hungry for some sports chat? Join the “Lunch with Tom” chat at 10 a.m. as World-Herald columnist Tom Shatel discusses the future of Husker football and more.

Grace: Japanese-American finds his salvation in Nebraska during WWII

The University of Nebraska was his salvation — the only college that would accept a young Californian of Japanese descent who was stuck in the purgatory of a wartime internment camp.


Shatel: Series stays blue as Bluejays again outfox Huskers

New home court. NCAA résumé. This was the year Nebraska was going to paint the winter red. That still looks like blue. Doug McDermott is gone, but Greg McDermott is still around. If the Huskers didn’t know it before, they do now: Creighton has a coach and a program. And a four-game winning streak over NU.


Brad Dickson's Bottom 10, Dec. 8

SMU’s upset of Connecticut this weekend turned the race for No. 1 in the final poll of the season on its head. The season’s final rankings end with just as much confusion, chaos and controversy (the three C’s of college ratings) as most AP top 10 races of the past millennium.

Kelly: War snuffed out football star Nile Kinnick’s light too early

Seventy-five years ago today, Kinnick accepted the 1939 Heisman Trophy with an eloquent speech that ended with a powerful, hopeful line amid the winds of war. “I thank God,” the 21-year-old football star said, “that I was warring on the gridirons of the Midwest, and not on the battlefields of Europe.” That statement remains poignant because Kinnick later died serving in War War II.


Shatel: Mac has had Miles’ number for years, but tonight could be different

Two NCAA programs, two large, sold-out arenas, Omaha vs. Lincoln, red vs. blue, Big East vs. Big Ten, Miles vs. Mac. This is as good as the rivalry’s had it in a long time. And that goes for off the court, too. 


Dickson's Week in Review, Nov. 30-Dec. 6

Just when you think this week in Husker football could not get stranger, defensive end Jack Gangwish, who’s going to be fine, was bitten by a raccoon. I picture Bo Pelini lurking in the shadows: “No, raccoon! Bite Eichorst!”


Shatel: The secret is out, decisive Eichorst really showed us something

Eichorst stepped out from behind the curtain this week. And how. The Visible Man. He’s been here more than two years, and nobody knew much about him. He appeared to be an introvert. A man of few words and excruciatingly careful about the ones he said.

Breaking Brad: asks, who is Mike Riley? Seriously, does anyone know?

An article asks, "Who Is Mike Riley?" That's not rhetorical. If anyone knows who he is, please email the newsroom.

Tomorrow's Events
Holiday Lights Festival / ConAgra Foods Ice Rink
ConAgra Foods Campus
1:00 pm
The ConAgra Foods Ice Rink, located on the ConAgra campus at 10th and Harney streets, will return for an eighth year to entertain families and…
Rec's Kids Club
Omaha area recreation centers
3:00 pm
This free program offers activities like crafts, sports and field trips for ages 6-12. Locations and times vary each week.
Piano Hour with Emily Bass
Zoo Bar, 136 N. 14th St., Lincoln
5:00 pm
Genre: Piano.
Mike Gurciullo and His Las Vegas Lab Band
Ozone Lounge, 7220 F St.
6:30 pm
Genre: Big band.
Zoo Bar House Band
Zoo Bar, 136 N. 14th St., Lincoln
7:00 pm
Genre: Rock. Cost: $3.

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