Outsider gets her shot

Hansen: Inclusion in Crystal Bridges biennial is budding Omaha artist's 'golden ticket'

Angela Drakeford’s inclusion in the first Crystal Bridges biennial — a national show at the stunning new Arkansas art museum built by a heiress to the Walmart fortune — feels a bit, shall we say, unlikely.

Brad Dickson's Bottom 10, Sept. 15

After a wild, wacky, frustrating, downright weird week in sports, it’s nice to reflect on the one constant: Bottom 10 teams that mostly continue to lose.


Kelly: 2 Omaha boys in hot water after doing ice bucket challenge in their bedroom

“The water and ice were all over the carpet and the bunk bed,” said the youths' dismayed mother. “I was initially quite mad. I’m glad the water didn’t go through the ceiling.”


Shatel: On trip to Twilight Zone, Huskers sap the drama, create feel-good ending

The Fresno State trip is over, and Nebraska not only survived, but was able to breathe easy most of the night. That is, as easy as you can breathe in the open-air sauna that is Fresno. No worries. The only thing the Huskers lost on Saturday night was a lot of weight.

Grace: Journeys of discovery on the Platte River, 300 years apart

Photojournalist Doug Meigs takes the same journey down the river as a Frenchman who explored the waterway three centuries ago. 


Dickson's Week in Review, Sept. 7-13

Saturday night’s Nebraska-Fresno State game began at 9:30 p.m. Welcome to Midnight Madness, college football edition.

Grace: Ray Rice punch video is proof of much bigger problem — that society needs to see domestic abuse to believe it

Domestic violence usually occurs behind closed doors. Rarely do we get this kind of hard look, and the video carries believability.

Grace: 13 years after 9/11, next generation sees optimism in the rubble

A group of local students didn’t see the smoldering steel ruins of the World Trade Center as they looked at a twisted metal sculpture in downtown Omaha. Instead, they thought about what now stands on that Manhattan site — a glimmering memorial. Instead, they dealt with a more philosophical, hopeful theme: transformation. 


Shatel: After 30 years, it’s a homecoming for Steve Taylor

Congrats, Steve. This must be the return trip that Tom Osborne promised back in 1984, when he recruited you to play quarterback at Nebraska. You know how it goes: If you come here, we’ll schedule a game in your hometown 30 years later, when you’re doing the postgame call-in show.

Breaking Brad: This weekend at Werner Park, lieutenant governors get in free!

A big Storm Chasers playoff promotion at Werner Park: At the next home game, all former Nebraska lieutenant governors get in free.

Breaking Brad: McDonald's knows to give me multiple napkins

A man is suing McDonald's for $1.5 million because he only received one napkin. The fact this wasn't thrown out of court in the first three seconds proves how bad of a court system we have.

Breaking Brad: State of Nebraska should post Lt. Gov. ad on Craigslist

With the kind of luck we have with lieutenant governors, we should just put an ad on Craigslist.

Breaking Brad: In Omaha, you still can't pay for parking with pot

At Septemberfest, a man tried to pay for parking at the CenturyLink Center lot with marijuana. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess his license plate read "Colorado."


Shatel: Big Ten can succeed without selling out

Here’s something to remember as you hear everyone chime in with suggestions to get Big Ten football up to speed (literally). Recruiting, scheduling and hiring great coaches are all top items. But first, you have to care. The Big Ten, I believe, cares about being the Big Ten.

Breaking Brad: LeSean McCoy is a bad tipper

Philadelphia Eagles RB LeSean McCoy left a $0.20 tip on a $60 restaurant bill. In the NFL, we have Megatron and Mini Tip.

Breaking Brad: Nebraska voters, say no to an Ebola pipeline!

I keep having a recurring nightmare that Nebraska gets a pipeline with the Ebola virus running through it.

Breaking Brad: The real reason Nebraska's unemployment rate is up

Unemployment in Nebraska is up due to all the Lieutenant Governors who've resigned the past couple of years.

Breaking Brad: Apple will take the selfie to a whole new level

I hear the new Apple iPhones will have water-resistant exteriors. This means if a passenger topples off a cruise ship into the ocean he can take a selfie as he sinks.

Kelly: Celebrating Omaha's small but vital Jewish community

The first Omaha Jewish Reunion this weekend will include lots of “mazel tovs” to celebrate a community that has helped shape Omaha.


Shatel: Dropping unfair ban is good for 
Nittany kids

Lords of the NCAA, James Franklin thanks you. So does Jim Delany. How’s that for a change of narrative? And a change of luck.

Breaking Brad: If you're feeling ill, it's probably not the flu

I was sick to my stomach this morning. I'm pretty sure it's not the flu and I'm just nauseous at the thought of looking at hundreds of new royal family baby photos.

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