Grace: Urban agriculture is where vegetables, and cities, thrive

Community gardens or urban farms bring other value besides food. Some offer paying jobs. Others provide kid activities. All involve many hands working outdoors together. You start to know your neighbors.


Lunch with Tom: Replay

Hungry for some sports chat? Join World-Herald sports columnist Tom Shatel at 12:30 p.m. for “Lunch with Tom” to discuss Nebraska’s win over Florida Atlantic, the upcoming game with McNeese State and more.


Brad Dickson's Bottom 10, Sept. 1

Welcome to the inaugural 2014 Bottom 10, where we pay tribute to teams that are refreshingly unconcerned with impressing the college football playoff committee.

From the notebook

Kelly: Responders urge public to pay tribute to heroism on Sept. 11

The First Responders Foundation of Omaha is asking that everyone — at schools, offices, businesses and elsewhere — pause for a minute of silence at 9:11 a.m. on Sept. 11.


Dickson's Week in Review, Aug. 24-30

The only way Jordan Westerkamp tops his behind-the-back catch is if he catches a ball in his mustache.


Shatel: Can new-image Pelini rid Huskers of old foibles?

Nebraska coach Bo Pelini’s P.R. transformation is brilliant, but improvement on field comes down to consistency and execution.

Breaking Brad: Carl Pelini to rebut Bo Pelini's anti-marijuana lecture

At the Big Red Breakfast on Friday, Bo Pelini talked about how marijuana is a problem in society. I understand Carl Pelini will be giving the rebuttal.

Breaking Brad: A much-deserved applause for Omaha drivers!

According to an Allstate Insurance report, Omaha has the 21st best drivers in the nation. If 20 years ago you told me that one day Omaha drivers would be ranked a spot higher than the Nebraska football team, I'd have said you were insane.


Shatel: Caniglia retro setting for sport of future

Long live Caniglia Field. The old ball yard looks spectacular. Different, yes. There are soccer lines down there. Goals in each end zone. Empty space, where the visiting bleachers used to stand.

Breaking Brad: Did Mayor Stothert annex a broken dam?

Omaha has been inundated with rain. During my morning commute, I was passed by Free Willy.

Breaking Brad: Has anyone seen my rain gauge?

I'd tell you exactly how much precipitation Omaha got Wednesday night, but my rain gauge floated away around 4 a.m.

Breaking Brad: Fellow Omahans, let's say hello to monsoon season

As if Omaha weather isn't traditionally bad enough, apparently now there's a monsoon season.

Breaking Brad: That World-Herald Huskers writer really missed his deadline

The World-Herald just published a brief article about the Nebraska football team's 10-0 win over the Omaha YMCA in 1890. And they complain about me missing deadlines.

Breaking Brad: Too conservative for Nebraska voters? Pfft

At the U.S. Senate candidate debate Monday, David Domina tried to portray Ben Sasse as too conservative for Nebraska voters. Is that even possible?

Breaking Brad: But I always go hunting at that Lexus dealership!

Olympic wrestler Dremiel Byers was cited for allegedly hunting deer at a Colorado Springs Lexus dealership. Great. You could be taking the one car that hasn't been recalled for a test drive and have it be pummeled with arrows.


Shatel: Ameer Abdullah blocking punts? It would be bold message

Would Nebraska actually have Ameer Abdullah line up on the punt team to block a punt? The senior I-back played coy on Monday. So did coach Bo Pelini. 

Breaking Brad: Great Nebraska Beerfest secures its place among best beerfests this month

The Great Nebraska Beerfest was held over the weekend. For my money, this is one of the top 400 beerfests in Omaha every year.

Breaking Brad: Weird Al to perform at Super Bowl? Obama, don't fail us now

There is an actual White House petition for Weird Al Yankovic to perform at the Super Bowl. President Obama: “I don’t have time to worry about a jobs plan! I have to decide whether Yankovic has what it takes to entertain at the Super Bowl!”


Video: Tom Shatel talks Huskers on 'The Bottom Line'

World-Herald sports columnist Tom Shatel joined Mike'l Severe on "The Bottom Line" Monday to discuss today's Husker press conference, the season opener and more.

Hansen: Adoptee needed ‘mother’ piece to help 
complete her personal history puzzle

It was 2011, and Nancy had been searching for her birth family for 17 years. Nebraska law and decades-old shame had slowed her progress. But the people waiting at the train station served as proof that her journey was nearly over.

Kelly: Sadie Bankston, mother of 1989 homicide victim, has lent support to grieving families for 25 years

Pat Wright, whose 22-year-old daughter, Raquel Woodruff, was killed in 1995, said she “couldn’t have made it without Sadie.”

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