Grace: Immigrant students aim to make path they walked smoother for next ones

Thrive Club, an after-school group at five Omaha public high schools, is aimed at migrant students who are either new to Omaha or who work or have parents working in an agricultural field such as meatpacking. Once they get to America, the learning curve is steep.

Breaking Brad: Bo Pelini tells Tommy Armstrong that HE'S GOT TO RELAX!!

According to a World-Herald article, Bo Pelini has talked to Tommy Armstrong about relaxing during games. "YOU MUST RELAX! HAVE FUN OUT THERE! THERE IS NO PRESSURE AT ALL. DO YOU HEAR ME, SON?"

Breaking Brad: Is Gov. Heineman now gunning for Bo Pelini's job?

Speculation continues about Bo Pelini's job security. Late Thursday, Gov. Dave Heineman applied for the position. He thinks he's qualified.


Shatel: You — yes, you, Husker fans — must bounce back, too

Hey, good morning. Yes, you with the Nebraska football tickets. You getting up at 7 a.m. to load up the car? Got the heavy coat, the gloves, the hat. Gonna sit in game day traffic at 9 a.m. Take in the atmosphere, the Saturday morning walk to the stadium, the chilled air thick with ambivalence. You are going, right?

Breaking Brad: I guess I'll have to cancel that picnic in Buffalo

If you're a fan of the Keystone XL pipeline, the Oakland Raiders and were planning a picnic in Buffalo, New York, it has not been a good week.

Breaking Brad: That 8th-grader with a full ride to UNL has every reason to coast

An Omaha eighth-grader named Joshua Gromowsky has received a full-tuition, four-year scholarship to UNL based on academic excellence. Geesh. I could see it if he was an outstanding running back or point guard.


Shatel: NewJays find identity, prove they can be clutch without Doug McDermott

Doug who? Just kidding. But, no kidding, Creighton won a big game without ol’ what’s-his-name. Call them the NewJays. The McBuckets. Whatever. They have an identity now, tied to a breathless 65-63 win over No. 18 Oklahoma.

Breaking Brad: Has Bo Pelini's cat turned on him?

Bo Pelini continues to be criticized. When it rains, it pours. Bo's cat is even sitting with his back to Pelini. The cat's dissing him.

Breaking Brad: How in the world would Omaha handle 90 inches of snow?

The forecast calls for parts of the Buffalo, New York, area to receive 90 inches of snow over three days. It would take Omaha Public Works 14 years to remove all of that.

Kelly: Year after year, they head north to Pine Ridge Reservation with a truck full of generosity

For a dozen years, Jack and Fran Berg, both 80, have led a caravan that includes a truckload of donated food and clothing for the Indian reservation in South Dakota. 

Breaking Brad: Oklahoma travels to Nebraska in November ... for a big-time basketball game?

Oklahoma's men's basketball team plays at Creighton on Wednesday. You know things have changed when Oklahoma is in Nebraska for a big game in November and we're talking basketball.

Breaking Brad: What do Charlie Brown and Husker fans have in common?

The "Charlie Brown" Thanksgiving special is airing around the country. Even though Lucy pulls the football away as Charlie Brown's about to kick it for the 10,000th time, even he's not as frustrated as Husker football fans.

Bringing history in from the cold

Kelly: SAC mainstay 'Looking Glass' on course for place of honor in museum

The old "Looking Glass" is looking lonely and forlorn. The airplane, its wings clipped and lying off to the side, sits outdoors on the back lot of the Strategic Air & Space Museum near Ashland. Few ever see it. But officials say that will change.


Shatel: NCAA basketball regional finals may be Omaha's most elite event

Boston. Atlanta. Los Angeles. Omaha. Which of those four doesn’t belong? None. They all do. Omaha earned its way onto the line of hosts for the 2018 NCAA men’s basketball regional finals. We built a big-time arena, bid on big-time sporting events and then hosted them in a big-time way.

Breaking Brad: Was Lloyd Christmas the Husker D coordinator Saturday?

"Dumb & Dumber To" is the No. 1 movie at the box office. My favorite moment was when the guys devise the Husker defensive scheme for the Wisconsin game.

Breaking Brad: So cold today, Bo Pelini's hot seat feels good

The high temperature in Omaha on Monday is expected to reach only 18 degrees. Another loss this season like the one on Saturday and Bo Pelini will be glad he’s on the hot seat.


Brad Dickson's Bottom 10, Nov. 17

It’s sad when the Bottom 10 contains two local references among others receiving votes. Sure you could skip to the bottom of the Bottom 10, but then you’d miss the actual bad teams.


Kelly: Funny event held in Hollywood for a serious cause — Alzheimer’s disease — had Omaha tie

Last month, comic actor Seth Rogen and his wife, Laura, who organize the annual fundraiser Hilarity for Charity, announced a partnership with Home Instead Senior Care of Omaha, founded by Paul and Lori Hogan.


Shatel: Latest embarrassment adds to the suspicion that Bo doesn’t know

Here came the snow. It fell like confetti on Wisconsin fans, who celebrated a decisive, blowout victory that seemed to fall out of the sky. For Nebraska, the snow fell like teardrops. This is sad now.


Dickson's Week in Review, Nov. 9-15

Saturday, Nebraska lost to Wisconsin after NU built a solid early lead in a big game on national TV. Fool me once, Huskers, shame on you. Fool me 25 times, shame on me.


Shatel: Don’t overthink; let talent shine or NU could again get the yips

It’s Throwback Saturday. If you’re of a certain age, you might giggle at the thought of Nebraska-Wisconsin as a biggee, the kind of game you circle, the kind of event that makes your throat tight. But for a generation of younger Corn heads, this is the new definition of a big game.

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Parenting Classes
Heartland Family Service Central Office
6:30 am
Parenting Classes
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Smiling Turtle
10:00 am
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Omaha area recreation centers
3:00 pm
This free program offers activities like crafts, sports and field trips for ages 6-12. Locations and times vary each week.
Nebraska Brewing Company Tap Room
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