Breaking Brad: Sarah Palin endorses Democrat; hell freezes over

In Alaska, Sarah Palin has endorsed a Democrat who's running for lieutenant governor. So, while it's warm in Omaha, hell has just frozen over.

Breaking Brad: Omahans, be smart and spend your weekend getting snow tires

This Sunday, our predicted high for Omaha is almost 80 degrees. As someone who's lived a good chunk of his life in Omaha, I'm going to take advantage of the nice October weather to get my snow tires put on.

Breaking Brad: Why is Lee Terry campaigning door-to-door in a cape?

There are 13 days until the election. That's just enough time for the Lee Terry campaign to mention Brad Ashford's record on crime 728 times and for the Ashford campaign to mention Terry’s government shutdown paycheck 692 times.

Breaking Brad: Is Santa gonna ditch Omaha this year?

Work to widen Blondo Street will begin in early December. After hearing the plans, Santa said: "That's the last straw. I'll never make it. Omaha kids, you're on your own this year."

Breaking Brad: What better way to spend $400 than on a toothbrush!

A new toothbrush sells for $400. "Man, I gotta file for bankruptcy." "What happened?" "Oh, I blew my life savings on a toothbrush."

Hansen: When Reaper comes to call, no need to be so grim

We spend enormous amounts of money, time and brainpower — in fact we have created an entire thing called medicine — to try to prevent death. And yet death itself is barely understood, and talking about it is often stigmatized, as if we will all keel over once we breathe the "D" word.


Shatel: Red-faced over seeing Doug McDermott in purple? Silly

People have asked what I thought about Doug McDermott’s video at the Northwestern game. Well, I thought he looked good in purple.

Breaking Brad: Next on Omaha's annexation radar is mythical kingdom of Quivira

Saturday night at the Ak-Sar-Ben coronation ball, a new king and queen of the mythical kingdom of Quivira were crowned. I'm trying to confirm that Mayor Jean Stothert showed up and annexed Quivira.

Breaking Brad: Got a hangnail? Shoe come untied? Blame Brad Ashford

In the 2nd Congressional District race, Lee Terry is now trying to blame Brad Ashford for the hole in the Ozone layer, the price of a loaf of bread and every piece of lost airline luggage in the past decade.


Lunch with Tom: Replay

Hungry for some sports chat? Join World-Herald columnist Tom Shatel at 10 a.m. for an early edition of “Lunch with Tom” to discuss Nebraska’s matchup with Rutgers and more.


Brad Dickson's Bottom 10, Oct. 20

There’s a new No. 1 team in the Bottom 10! Granted, on an excitement scale this isn’t exactly the Kansas City Royals making it to the World Series.


Shatel: In a tale of two halves, Nebraska winds up celebrating — and that’s a good thing

You could ask, is this what it’s come to — celebrating a win over Northwestern? But that would be missing the obvious point. A win is a win is a win for this Nebraska team, now 6-1. With the way the Big Ten West Division is acting week to week, any win is a good win.

From the notebook

Kelly: 1940 escalator ride at Burlington Station aimed to allay kids' fears

From the notebook of World-Herald metro columnist Michael Kelly.


Shatel: McDermott is living his NBA dream in Chicago

There’s a great line from the movie “Broadcast News,” where William Hurt’s character asks, “What do you do when your life exceeds your dreams?” And Albert Brooks’ snarky character replies, “Keep it to yourself.” McDermott is living that life. 


Dickson's Week in Review, Oct. 12-18 named the “Nerdiest Athletes in Sports.” Ameer Abdullah and Kenny Bell are Nos. 1 and 2 after they claimed to be prepared for a zombie invasion of Lincoln. I was gonna say something about being more prepared for zombies than Michigan State, but I won’t even go there.

Kelly: Cuban exile Maria Luisa is moving away — but leaving Omaha a brighter place

Maria Luisa Gaston's name is a familiar one, especially in the Hispanic community of Omaha, where she is praised as having "contributed immensely ... in many capacities of leadership.”


Shatel: Chicago area is first stop on train as Huskers look to pick up steam

All aboard the Red Line. Then the red mass will change trains, jump on the Purple Line, and off they go several more stops until Central. This is the new Nebraska football road trip.

Breaking Brad: Lee Terry finishes final debate, heads home to Bat Cave

The final Lee Terry-Brad Ashford debate was held Thursday. I wouldn't say that Terry is trying to portray himself as a crime-fighter, but he's now referring to his house as the Bat Cave.

Breaking Brad: Of course Heineman's subpoena isn't politically motivated!

After winning the American League pennant, delirious Kansas City Royals players formed a huge dogpile. Wait, those were actually Democratic members of the Nebraska Legislature after subpoenaing Gov. Dave Heineman.

Grace: For UNO student filmmakers, long-closed Peony Park isn’t nostalgia but a discovery

Tonight, “For Us Kids,” a retrospective on Omaha’s beloved former amusement park, premieres at Film Streams. The documentary is among 12 locally produced short films featured this week as part of Film Streams’ annual Local Filmmakers Showcase.


Shatel: Magnetic Miles rules media day, helping build NU’s brand

Nebraska coach Tim Miles is a man on fire. People flock to him. They want his opinion about Big Ten scholarship policies, about John Calipari’s ESPN camp, about the one-and-done situation in college hoops. Writers tell the Twitter world that they love this man. This is marketing you can’t buy, and it’s just Tim Miles playing Tim Miles.

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