Hansen: Boxer Ray Domenge took on a string of contenders, but always as just The Other Guy

Domenge started a long but mostly anonymous career in 1974 that took him all over the world and in numerous fights with champions. But though he took on boxing's best, he said he was merely "the best of the nobodies."

Grace: Easy-to-miss 'Dodge Street Subway' in Dundee — built in 1930s — isn’t 6 feet under yet

The "subway," Dundee’s pedestrian tunnel, is the only such structure left in Omaha’s neighborhoods, and many people don't even know it exists. But one man, Dave Schinzel, hopes to change that. 

Breaking Brad: Chuck Hagel stole Hillary Clinton's thunder

Brad Dickson's humor column, "Breaking Brad," appears daily on and in The World-Herald.

Breaking Brad: Who needs family time? Let's go to Kohl's

Brad Dickson's humor column, "Breaking Brad," appears daily on and in The World-Herald.

Grace: Immigrant students aim to make path they walked smoother for next ones

Thrive Club, an after-school group at five Omaha public high schools, is aimed at migrant students who are either new to Omaha or who work or have parents working in an agricultural field such as meatpacking. Once they get to America, the learning curve is steep.


Shatel: First Osborne award is a no-brainer

What do you give a man who’s done it all, won it all and been awarded every honor a coach can receive? His own award.

Breaking Brad: Dogs over 50 pounds welcome; football player keeps pet wolf in apartment

Washington State receiver Tyler Baker keeps a pet wolf in his apartment. I was once evicted from an apartment for having a goldfish.

Breaking Brad: Everyone but Eichorst weighs in on Bo Pelini's future

After the loss to Minnesota, everyone in the state pretty much weighed in on Bo Pelini’s future. Well, everyone except for Shawn Eichorst.


Lunch with Tom: Replay

Hungry for some sports chat? Replay the “Lunch with Tom” chat to get World-Herald columnist Tom Shatel's thoughts on Nebraska’s loss to Minnesota, the upcoming Iowa game and more.


Brad Dickson's Bottom 10, Nov. 24

This is the busy time of year at the U.S. Postal Service, in part because of all the Bottom 10 teams who are mailing it in.


Shatel: Writing's on the wall for Husker coach Bo Pelini

The feeling in the air right now isn’t panic or loud noises. It’s ambivalence, with a hope for change.


Kelly: With their union at Union Station, couple keep train-car wedding on track

Cate Kratville of Omaha married Jim Wrinn of Milwaukee last Saturday night on the back platform of a passenger car at the Durham Museum, the former Union Station.


Dickson's Week in Review, Nov. 16-22

Because of heavy snow in Buffalo, the Bills-Jets game has been moved to Monday in Detroit, for safety reasons. This is the first time anyone’s ever gone to Detroit to feel safer.

Kelly: Serving up the first course in Omaha's unique Tri-Faith Initiative

Christians, Muslims and Jews attended a Sunday evening “Neighbor to Neighbor Celebration Dinner” of Omaha's interfaith effort. The event at Temple Israel culminated an autumn of house dinners throughout Omaha at which couples from the three religions connected.

Breaking Brad: Bo Pelini tells Tommy Armstrong that HE'S GOT TO RELAX!!

According to a World-Herald article, Bo Pelini has talked to Tommy Armstrong about relaxing during games. "YOU MUST RELAX! HAVE FUN OUT THERE! THERE IS NO PRESSURE AT ALL. DO YOU HEAR ME, SON?"

Breaking Brad: Is Gov. Heineman now gunning for Bo Pelini's job?

Speculation continues about Bo Pelini's job security. Late Thursday, Gov. Dave Heineman applied for the position. He thinks he's qualified.


Shatel: You — yes, you, Husker fans — must bounce back, too

Hey, good morning. Yes, you with the Nebraska football tickets. You getting up at 7 a.m. to load up the car? Got the heavy coat, the gloves, the hat. Gonna sit in game day traffic at 9 a.m. Take in the atmosphere, the Saturday morning walk to the stadium, the chilled air thick with ambivalence. You are going, right?

Breaking Brad: I guess I'll have to cancel that picnic in Buffalo

If you're a fan of the Keystone XL pipeline, the Oakland Raiders and were planning a picnic in Buffalo, New York, it has not been a good week.

Breaking Brad: That 8th-grader with a full ride to UNL has every reason to coast

An Omaha eighth-grader named Joshua Gromowsky has received a full-tuition, four-year scholarship to UNL based on academic excellence. Geesh. I could see it if he was an outstanding running back or point guard.


Shatel: NewJays find identity, prove they can be clutch without Doug McDermott

Doug who? Just kidding. But, no kidding, Creighton won a big game without ol’ what’s-his-name. Call them the NewJays. The McBuckets. Whatever. They have an identity now, tied to a breathless 65-63 win over No. 18 Oklahoma.

Breaking Brad: Has Bo Pelini's cat turned on him?

Bo Pelini continues to be criticized. When it rains, it pours. Bo's cat is even sitting with his back to Pelini. The cat's dissing him.

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