Published Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 12:01 am / Updated at 12:55 am
Creighton's Wragge makes Cosmo's 'March Hotness' list

The inclusion of Creighton forward Ethan Wragge on Cosmopolitan magazine's list of the hottest guys of March Madness has teammate Grant Gibbs steamed.

“First of all, for him to be on that list out of anybody on our team is ridiculous,” Gibbs said. “But the thing that got me was the list.

“The goons that are on it made me think that the whole thing is a joke.”

Needless to say, the Bluejays have had a lot of fun teasing Wragge after he showed up along with 25 other players in a feature Cosmo called “March Hotness.”

The magazine's description of Wragge: “Ethan has great aim. He's awesome at 3-pointers. That's hot.”

A 6-foot-7 junior from Eden Prairie, Minn., Wragge shares the team lead for 3-point baskets with Doug McDermott. They each have 74 this season for a Bluejay team that will make its second straight appearance in the NCAA tournament when it squares off Friday against Cincinnati.

Wragge said he first learned that he had made the Cosmo feature after Monday's practice.

“I'm not sure what the criteria was,” Wragge said. “I think they picked me when my beard was at its longest.”

Wragge grew a beard this season for the first time in his four seasons at Creighton. He eventually shaved it off when he went through a midseason shooting slump, but is now sporting a new growth of facial hair.

Among other players on the list are Jeff Withey of Kansas, Mike McCall Jr. of Saint Louis, Christien Sager of Oklahoma State and Mike Bruesewitz of Wisconsin. Perhaps it was the inclusion of Bruesewitz — who looks like a basketball version of the comedian Carrot Top, that led Gibbs to question the list.

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Then again, Wragge said, maybe it's just a case of envy.

“I know Grant's a little hurt he didn't make it,” said Wragge, who was struggling to keep a straight face.

Wragge said he's received plenty of abuse from his teammates, his teachers and even coach Greg McDermott.

“He was in my ear about it this morning,” Wragge said.

McDermott just shook his head when asked Tuesday what it's like to be coaching one of the hottest guys in the NCAA tournament.

“There are a lot of things in life that aren't accurate,” he said, “but that has to be close to the top of them.”

McDermott's son, Doug, is Creighton's star player, a two-time All-American capable of scoring anywhere on the court. When it comes to Cosmo, though, Doug couldn't make the cut.

Wragge did, to the shock of his teammates.

“Maybe he is a good-looking guy,” Doug McDermott said, “and we just don't know it.”

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