Bankruptcies, Dec. 24 -
Published Monday, December 24, 2012 at 1:00 am / Updated at 2:39 pm
Bankruptcies, Dec. 24

Four bankruptcy categories listed are: Chapter 7, bankruptcy involving liquidation of nonexempt assets; Chapter 11, plan permitting reorganization of financial affairs under court supervision for an individual engaged in business or for a company (asset and liability schedules are not always filed with initial petition); Chapter 12, plan permitting farmers and ranchers to reorganize their financial affairs under court supervision (asset and liability schedules are not always filed with initial petition); Chapter 13, bankruptcy that provides a plan for repaying a portion of debts over an extended time.

Anthony C. and Erika D. Dentler, P.O. Box 31, Sidney, Neb., Chapter 7.

Shaun E. and Erin M. Riley, 2411 Liberty Bell Lane, Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Michael and Esther Jensby, 226 W. 12th St., Crete, Neb., Chapter 7.

Douglas A. and Gayle A. Scott, 3608 15th St., Columbus, Neb., Chapter 7.

Jamie R. and Heather M. Sears, 610 Jeffery Drive, Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Jeremy M. and Heidi A. Hohlen, 6033 Pioneers Blvd., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Andrew T. and Jacquelyn A. Harris, 412 Kennedy Court, Grand Island, Neb., Chapter 7.

Myron D. and Jacquelyn M. Rangeloff, P.O. Box 404, North Bend, Neb., Chapter 7.

Gerardo Zavala-Sandate and Jamie Sandate, 2416 W. State St., Grand Island, Neb., Chapter 7.

Jeffery and Janine Griss, 1515 E. 34th St., Kearney, Neb., Chapter 7.

Oscar Pascacio and Jenny A. Cerrato, 1708 W. Anna St., Grand Island, Neb., Chapter 7.

Shaun A. and Jessica J. Clyde, P.O. Box 268, Pilger, Neb., Chapter 7.

Adam M. and Joy E. Nagengast, 1134 Kingwood, Crete, Neb., Chapter 7.

Miguel A. Doroteo and Juana Jacinto Escobar, 614 N. Walnut, Grand Island, Neb., Chapter 7.

Clarence D. and Julie D. Derby, P.O. Box 118, Palisade, Neb., Chapter 7.

Kenneth D. and Karen J. Callaway, 101 Saunders Ave., Leshara, Neb., Chapter 7.

Roland R. and Karen L. Wimpey, 3210 10th Ave., Kearney, Neb., Chapter 7.

Charles D. and Katherine J. Berg, 2325 S. Ave., Emerson, Neb., Chapter 7.

Joel D. and Kathleen M. Chandler, 554 E. Second St., Superior, Neb., Chapter 7.

Dennis D. and Kathleen M. McCormick, 1115 Highland Drive, Ogallala, Neb., Chapter 7.

Carl M. and Kathy S. Gomez, 3011 S. 21st St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Gary L. and Kay L. Gay, 919 Howard Ave., St. Paul, Neb., Chapter 7.

Kenneth R. and Kim M. Davis, 207 S. HWS Cleveland, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Daniel L. and LaRae M. Poulsen, 2210 Breckenridge Drive, Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Mario Jr. and Laura A. Martinez, 542 W. Third St., Fremont, Neb., Chapter 7.

Erik R. and Laura A. Olson, 909 W. Second St., McCook, Neb., Chapter 7.

Joseph D. and Laura G. Heard, 3217 17th St., Columbus, Neb., Chapter 7.

Troy R. and Leann L. Ohnemus, 1659 23rd Ave., Columbus, Neb., Chapter 7.

Shonny P. and LeRoy D. Carroll, 119 N. Buffalo Bill Ave., North Platte, Neb., Chapter 7.

Frederick A. and Linda L. Brown, P.O. Box 1019, Scottsbluff, Neb., Chapter 7.

James M. and Linda M. Morgan, 1618 Ave. I, Scottsbluff, Neb., Chapter 7.

Richard D. and Linda R. Williams, 1517 Garfield St., Beatrice, Neb., Chapter 7.

Warren D. and Lisa A. Stallbaum, 765 C St., David City, Neb., Chapter 7.

Larry B. and Lola M. Spraling, 10510 Sahler Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Edward W. and Lori L. Hankinson, 216 S. Main St., Hay Springs, Neb., Chapter 7.

Jeffrey K. and Lucinda J. Jones, 2803 W. Ninth, North Platte, Neb., Chapter 7.

Alvin A. Jr. and Margaret M. Zipperlen, 911 N. 148th Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Clifton J. and Marina V. Muller, 202 E. Hamilton, Morrill, Neb., Chapter 7.

Kimball C. and Mary C. Kohout, 186 S. 63rd Road, Nebraska City, Neb., Chapter 7.

Mark J. and Maurene M. Obermeyer, 221 E. Glenmore Drive, Gretna, Chapter 7.

Brian C. and Melissa A. Lee, 1443 Eastview Drive, Coralville, Iowa , Chapter 7.

Christopher G. Cornell and Melissa A. White, 4328 Wakeley St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Nickolas J. and Melissa J. Maschman, 56170 722nd Road, Daykin, Neb., Chapter 7.

Jesse U. and Melissa R. Gerdes, 3211 Spring Blvd., Bellevue, Chapter 7.

Kellie D. and Michael E. Maahs, 6538 S. 190th, Walton, Neb., Chapter 7.

Lydell C. and Michele S. Dietz, P.O. Box 401, Orleans, Neb., Chapter 7.

James M. and Michelle L. Enck, 1909 W. Koenig, Grand Island, Neb., Chapter 7.

Adam M. and Michelle M. Marr, 14626 Josephine St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Kenneth J. and Michelle M. Westenburg, 15427 Adams St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Amy L. Everett and Norman E. Garland, 210 S. 22nd St., Beatrice, Neb., Chapter 7.

John D. and Pamela J. Krause, 1005 Mesa Circle, Papillion, Chapter 7.

Norman E. and Pamela K. Garland, 5510 Shady Creek Court, Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Clinton W. and Patricia A. Smith, 6132 Huntington Ave., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Andrew and Renee Hagemann, 6308 Ave. L Place, Kearney, Neb., Chapter 7.

Paul S. and Rita B. Leibhart, 107 Ninth St., Overton, Neb., Chapter 7.

Toby L. and Sarah D. Johnson, 1319 E. 45th, Kearney, Neb., Chapter 7.

Christopher R. and Sarah J. Longoria, 2519 Bateman, Hastings, Neb., Chapter 7.

Gary D. and Sharon A. Smith, 1904 Virginia Ave., Bellevue, Chapter 7.

Andrew J. and Shawn L. Martin, 5707 NW 12th St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Randy V. and Sherri L. Andrews, 805 E. 13th St., Grand Island, Neb., Chapter 7.

Guy M. Sr. and Shirley A. Schott, 1143 S. Eddy St., Grand Island, Neb., Chapter 7.

John T. Jr. and Starla C. Corder, 407 W. Seventh, Lexington, Neb., Chapter 7.

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