A well-planned landing page
creates conversions
when you have the user-experience in mind.
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What is a conversion?


A conversion can mean product sales to some.


For others it refers to registrations, memberships, downloads, subscriptions.


A conversion can be just about any activity beyond simple page browsing that signifies and tracks user-engagement.

The goal...

Is to merge the high interest level of the visitor at the right place and time - your landing page. Then make the conversion as simple and seamless as possible with the least amount of intrusion and resistance.

An effectively designed landing page from The World-Herald can add value to your campaign and create many ways to measure engagement with your audience.

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A picture is worth a thousand words...

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Photo Gallery

A picture is worth a thousand words...

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Do you have a video that best illustrates your message or your company?

Using video in various forms has become a staple in today's digital marketing tactics. The statistics of mobile video viewership continue to grow . Use your landing page to showcase your best video content.


Talk about a clear conversion...

Add downloadable coupons and special offers to the visitors of your landing page. They can also be set up to print for redemption for desktop users. Remember to make it a limited time offer with an expiration date to create a "sense of urgency."

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Contact information is important. But remember, it is even more important to set up your contact information to be mobile-friendly. Two-thirds of the visitors to Omaha.com view the content from a mobile device. The same is true for our e-newsletters and email campaigns.

A bad mobile experience is not an option.

  • Phone numbers are set up click-to-call.
  • Click-to-text can be set up as an option for a mobile-only campaign.
  • Business address is set up to link to google maps.
  • Social media icons are linked to your accounts.
  • Don't forget your website! A link for more information can always link back to your company's website
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